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  1. The Gretna 2008 Thread

    A shock to people outside the south of scotland league but that lochar team has numerous players that could play at dalbeattie but they seem to be a close knit group that play for each other rather than chase the money. Lochars current manager is from the Gretna area but I don't think he would tempted by that job just yet. Would Bryan Gilfillan be interested?
  2. Lochmaben vs Abbey Vale

    Completely agree, dalbeattie didn't match lochar anywhere on the pitch and lucky it wasn't a heavier defeat. Will Kerr see out the season after this latest defeat?
  3. Lochmaben vs Abbey Vale

    Dalbeattie vs lochar for myself. Looking forward to the game could go either way but expect dalbeatties quality to shine through in the end
  4. Fixtures

    League are trying there best for stranraer to win it to keep bonnyton from possible lowland league promotion
  5. Poor Referee

    Ref at Heston lochar think it was Currie had a decent game aswell.
  6. Heston rovers

    Thanks for the information. Yes completely agree with all of the above but would also add that the lochar goalie is also a big player for lochar thistle and if both continue there form then lochar should finish top 3
  7. Heston rovers

    Who is current manager of Heston? Went to there match yesterday and was surprised at the lack of coaching from sidelines.
  8. Best striker

    Who is currently the best striker in the south league? For me the top 3 currently are Ian Anderson, Sean McKenzie and young one from stranraer very quick doesn't play right through middle but is very effective
  9. Old firm 29th

    Dickies bar and deja vu both rangers pubs
  10. Gretna job

  11. I didn't mean actually throwing the towel in just going with the term of being on the canvas.
  12. Gretna job

    Rome till end of season then gilfillan
  13. Uppers had a fantastic start. A few teams could be close to throwing the towel in
  14. creetown

    Shambles for getting the game to go ahead? Can't control the weather. You could even say they are giving up an advantage by going to play on 3g when the visitors play on that most weeks