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  1. Cheating

    Watching the snooker last night and saw Yuan Sijun call a foul on himself that the ref missed at a crucial time in one of the biggest games of his life. Immediately thought of Morelos. What a difference in these two young men. Makes me despair of football.
  2. Favourite MILF Thread

    A real pity. Us guys just keep looking better and better as we get older but relatively few women can say the same.
  3. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    Shameful way to behave.
  4. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    Did Stuart Cosgrove interrupt Chick Charnley when Chick began talking about his wife's miscarriage? Guy at work said so but seems unbelievably rude.
  5. Disappointing Live Acts

    The Stroke's first gig at TITP. I thought the crowd were wrecked until Julian Casablancas stepped on the stage. I've also seen Primal Scream in London with Boaby Gilliespie out his face on smack or whatever the drug of his choice was back then and spouting playground political shite onstage about everybody's got to get together and start a revolution, down with the man etc etc when he was supposed to be singing. Truly awful. As for the Singing Kettle, I've also found them a tight live outfit with good banter too between the songs too.
  6. Favourite MILF Thread

    Yeah, there's definitely a lot to be said for the cheap tart look.
  7. Gammon objecting to snowflakes and snowflakes getting offended. Absolutely predictable.
  8. Unpopular opinions.

    The Killie pie is over-priced and over-rated to hell.
  9. Nipper Salmond

    He may be a divisive figure but 15% of Scots couldn't be arsed voting in the referendum and will likely have no big preconceptions about Salmond. I would also like to think that whatever most people's political beliefs are that they could still remain impartial during jury service, albeit obviously some fanatics on both sides might not be able to be trusted. I voted Yes myself but if the evidence against Salmond was persuasive then I'd have no hesitation in finding him guilty.
  10. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Future England goalie surely once he arrives at Ibrox.
  11. I'm away to see what Phil has to say on the subject, he's got a mole in the Ibrox boardroom, so I'll believe whatever he says. I should also visit John James's site, especially after the new claims about Stanley Kubrick faking the first supposed moon landings.
  12. Killie vs the new club

    Couldn't resist a quick listen to the start of Superscoreboard there. Billy fae Erskine didn't disappoint. So scunnered about last night that he had to take a day off work and sickened by Jones's celebration. 'He wants to play for Celtic,' & 'He should have gone over and thanked Stevie G' etc etc. A spectacular seethe.
  13. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Obviously an anti-Irish racist post.
  14. Darts...

    I see of the Lakeside quarter finalists that two of the Q-School entrants gained cards - Durrant and Whitehead while three, Waites, McKinstry and Williams failed to win a card. Doesn't say much for the talent pool in the BDO.
  15. 3 year old seriously injured in acid attack

    How can seven individuals come to the conclusion that plotting an acid attack on a three year old is something they should get involved in. https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/17374271.jurors-told-that-seven-people-plotted-acid-attack-on-worcester-toddler/