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  1. IAGREE. The NSFW and the password for it should be better advertised on here.
  2. I doubt any Superscoreboard pundits would come out with such pish bar Derek Johnstone, who at least has the excuse of being paid by Rangers. What else has never occured to Derek Ferguson? That black and white minstrel shows might be offensive to black people? That Holocaust deniers might offensive to Jewish people? Nothing would surprise me.
  3. That was 'unbelievable'. Leanne Crichton being as perceptive cliched as always. Nothing is unbelievable with defences like those.
  4. To be fair they're the second most successful club in the world. If we're going by the Rangers method of judging these things.
  5. My new neighbour was just showing off some holiday pics from Marmaris on his phone the other night. Him and his mates all wearing tops, most with beer guts. Decided this was one more resort I'll never be visiting.
  6. Truly a disgrace. She wasn't allowed to bring her dog into a shop that doesn't allow customers to bring their dogs into. We really do live in a golden era for attention seeking idiots.
  7. I heard they were actually Chelsea fans.
  8. I see Tommy Sheridan's impassioned plea to come out and support the team didn't do the trick then. There's a surprise.
  9. Yesterday, a man shouted white power slogans in a Tesco car park in Slough and slashed a Bulgarian man. The day before, a man originally from Afghanistan went on a stabbing spree two days ago in London wanting to 'kill English people'. I would guess that this kind of hate crime is certainly much more common in England than here even after taking into account the differing sizes of the populations.
  10. Well, that's one sketch for the Only An Excuse guys to work on for their Hogmanay special.
  11. Likely an attention seeker, who thought about that but decided she would prefer the publicity and victim status. Anyway, if anybody's looking for a job as a sandwich 'artist' now's yer big chance ---
  12. The final 15 minutes against Argentina made Lennon's tactics on Tuesday night look like a tactical masterclass. What a joke that some on here thought she should be involved with the men's team.
  13. A wummin across the road from me got a tattoo of her dead dog on her arm. Absolute mess of a portrait. Fortunately she never seems to work so taking time off wasn't a problem.
  14. I needed a week off after my goldfish died, valuable time to contact friends, family and neighbours of the fish to arrange death certificates, funerals etc etc. Oh wait a minute, I didn't have to do any of that as it was only a fucking fish.
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