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  1. Season tickets now available. Can anyone confirm if ticket includes streaming of home games if you are unable to attend.
  2. Quality of stream is poor. Turned commentators off, talking complete drivel.
  3. Just got back from the pub with my Charlton supporting friend. Dempsey can play but his game is mainly based in the centre circle and spreading pssses around. Sounds just what we need, in that someone who can put his foot on The ball. But who knows, only time will tell.
  4. Thanks for the update. Happy to come in and pick up ticket. Got some things to pick up for the grandkids. Thanks as always.
  5. Still not received my prebooked ticket for Saturdays game. Are they still being sent or should I call in to the shop tomorrow?
  6. Have the tickets for Saturday been emailed out yet.
  7. >.Anybody considered Graeme Murty? Left Rangers in November with the arrival of Van Bronkhurst. Ayr might be a great fit for him going forward.
  8. What is the situation with Aaron Muirhead? Not listed on preview as injured or sick? Looks like there maybe a fallout somewhere. Could be on his way in January. Anybody know?
  9. Stream not working already! Stop/start now frozen.
  10. Absolute horror show today. Can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel with this squad. Second to everything. Can’t pass a ball to their own team.Complete rebuild required unfortunately it might have to be in league one. By the way, ParsTV is is crap. Might even be worse than Ayr’s!
  11. Salkeld off please. Can’t pass, no control.
  12. Is there anyone from Hamilton or Ayr that can clarify the ppv situation. I have emailed Hamilton direct but haven’t received a reply.
  13. Will this affect Ayr’s home games? I am a season ticket holder so have my code etc.
  14. Just checked PPV link. It says that I cannot access as I live in England.. Can anybody assist please?
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