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  1. Any pay for view details available from Cove yet?
  2. Steven McLean tonight’s referee. Dundee one up already.
  3. Thanks will have a look but I suspect that there will be little comfort for me in the content and we will be stuck with what we have for a few seasons yet. Thanks again.
  4. I am surprised by this in that a recent email from the club stated that “ these rules have been reinforced by the Sky deal”. If you know the rules re the streaming of our games, can you steer me in the right direction where I can have a look for myself. Although I have a season ticket, I live in Kent, so the streaming rules are important to me. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know how much it costs to run the floodlights for the duration of a match? Is it £200, £500 or maybe even £1000 or more? If we lose just a 100 fans at £20 a head that’s £2000. Never mind reduced takings at the hub and hospitality. Streaming is unlikely at the earlier time as Sky do show Saturday lunchtime games so, I believe, streaming would be blocked. Current streaming rules remain vague for clubs in our league. Not sure if the club know exactly what they can or can’t do. One thing we can be sure about is that any deal agreed by the SPFL won’t do us any favours.
  6. Not sure but doesn’t the streaming changes apply to the top flight only? Would be great if the club could issue a statement setting out the pay for view rules for us going forward. Can’t find anything helpful in the SPFL statement but not surprised by this as the Championship and below is of no consequence to them.
  7. Will it be possible for away fans, living or holidaying abroad, to be able to purchase a stream for the game. No mention of individual purchases on the day but subscriptions only, on offer.
  8. They have announced signing. Hope he does well for them.
  9. Season tickets now available. Can anyone confirm if ticket includes streaming of home games if you are unable to attend.
  10. Quality of stream is poor. Turned commentators off, talking complete drivel.
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