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  1. I believe the FIA have said that they will be flexible with that requirement if necessary for the next couple of years.
  2. A question shrouded in mystery due to Neil Doncaster's hidden agenda but thanks to our esteemed colleague's username I believe the answer may involve the number 8. Judging by their insistence that these games plus play offs could be played in the space of about a fortnight I assume this means 8 in total across all teams, as clearly completing 8 full rounds of fixtures would be impossible. So my best guess is 1 per team with a couple having 2 left to play. Crazy that we're not playing them right now to be honest. Just think, we could be watching Hearts get relegated live right before our eyes.
  3. If your response to someone saying 'multiple countries have done the same thing as us' is to name multiple countries who have done the same thing as us and then act as if you've somehow proven them wrong you might want to rethink your strategy.
  4. So unique that multiple other countries have done exactly the same thing as us.
  5. Even if that were true, which I don't think it is , that doesn't really mean anything. Its not a defence of a terrible programme to say 'oh yeah well nothing is better than it'. I really like Scottish football, it should be an absolute slam dunk to be able to get me to tune into a show where people talk about scottish football for an hour. The fact that sportsound is so bad that I don't even consider it and haven't for years (and as can be seen from this thread I'm far from an outlier) is an abject failure regardless of the quality of the opposition.
  6. The only person I ever see saying this on this thread is you. You seem to be under the impression that anyone who is happy with any sort of restrictions whatsoever is 'accepting that life will never be the same again' or whatever similar hyperbole you come up with that day. Its not a binary choice between 'do nothing' and 'nothing will ever be the same again for the rest of our lives'. Your constant attempts to paint anyone who is even mildly cautious about lifting restrictions as being in the latter camp doesn't add anything to the discussion other than giving you something to argue against that nobody has actually said.
  7. Presumably because getting mosquitoes to cooperate with lockdown measures has so far proven difficult.
  8. They are though. The BBC News website is currently prominently carrying the story about excess deaths being below the five year average for the first time since March on their front page. I'm not sure what you want the media or bodies like the WHO to do to be honest. The pandemic isn't over, whilst we are hopefully on a positive trend now there will be bad news stories along the way and when those happen they can't just be swept under the carpet. They have to be reported on and responded to. It can't just be a constant stream of happy Covid news in order to lift the mood of the nation from now on, that's not what the function of the media is. The Leicester lockdown story that you are complaining about today, for example, isn't 'if, buts and maybes'. Its a real thing thats happening. It obviously has to be reported on and talked about given that a spike in infections severe enough to lock down a fairly sizeable city is a significant event in the UK's recovery.
  9. Could you explain how any of this will be solved by colt teams exactly? If you're so worried about Scottish players being undervalued can I suggest you start off with your own club's perpetual lowballing whenever they try to sign a Scottish based player.
  10. So just to be clear you've put East Fife, Cowdenbeath and Stirling Albion in a North division and are under the impression you've reduced their travel costs?
  11. Have you missed the push over the past week for more of Britain's colonial/slave trading/generally horrifically racist history to actually be taught in schools? The push being made by exactly the same movement which tore down that statue today? Seems to me that teaching children in schools is probably a more effective method of making sure people know about and learn from history than leaving up a random scattering of statues across the country. Genuinely wild that the line folk are going for with this is 'erasing history' when that history goes completely ignored and unacknowledged every single day in this country. Willing to bet that most of the people opposing it being torn down had never even heard of this guy until today and had no idea this historically crucial statue existed. I know I hadn't which is absolutely shameful both on a personal level and as a comment on how completely absent from life in the UK any acknowledgement of the non sunshine and rainbows elements of our history is.
  12. The thing that gets me about this argument is that people making it seem to be under the impression that having part time clubs in the league structure is somehow unique to Scotland. Our structure is full-time league > couple of leagues with a mixture of full and part time > part time leagues. Pretty much every league structure in the world follows that basic format, just with varying numbers of full time clubs. England is exactly the same just they have more full time clubs so the crossover is lower, same in Spain, France etc. etc. Why does Scotland need a unique structure where the part time and full time clubs aren't allowed to mix? The part time teams in the Championship and League 1 literally have found their level in the structure, what Strachan wants is a system where they aren't allowed to do that any more.
  13. All that bringing up other countries and screaming 'THEY DO IT SO WE NEED TO DO IT' with no understanding of how colt teams work in their league structure or what impact they actually have on the national team does is demonstrate that you have no idea about the issue. Feel free to explain how Celtic and Rangers getting to play their reserves in a part time league will directly result in 'PRODUCING MORE SCOTTISH INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS FOR THE SCOTTISH INTERNATIONAL TEAM'. I suspect you have no idea beyond the Daily Record telling you it was true. The Netherlands, from a quick google, introduced the youth teams to their structure in 2013. By which time they had already reached all 3 of their world cup finals, it seems unlikely that introducing youth teams to the pyramid 7 years ago is what made them a historically strong international team, unless they invented time travel at the same point. You've been able to make multiple tear stained rants on this subject over the last few months and yet apparently not had the time to do even the bare minimum research before coming on here to share your masterplan. The people who disagree with you don't want to see Scottish football fail. Its just that your ideas on how to make Scottish football succeed are poorly researched nonsense.
  14. Really think you need to take a step back from this tbh. Claiming that people are 'just itching' for thousands of folk to die because they disagree with you suggests you've lost all perspective on things. Even if it doesn't come to pass being worried about a potential second wave is perfectly rational, its not some stupid opinion that means you've been taken in by the media as you're so desperate to portray it. You and several other posters trying to turn this into some sort of team game where we're either good guys on the side of getting back to normal or sheep who are gagging for a whole load of people to die in a second wave is the strangest behaviour going.
  15. Out of interest what do you expect the SFA to have said about the HL/LL given that they don't run either league and (as has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout the process of creating a pyramid) have fairly limited power to get them to do anything.
  16. To be fair 'we're' not really talking about this in May. One poster who has clearly been set on the conclusion of 'there was no need for a lockdown' since about March is talking about it. Its been very obvious from their posts over this whole period that they were going to come to the same conclusion regardless of what actually happened.
  17. Imagine being so arrogant that you think people not agreeing with your terrible ideas on improving Scottish football means that they hate Scottish football. Anyone who seriously believes that putting colt teams into tier 4 would have a noticeable impact on the quality of the national team or would draw crowds of 20,000 - 30,000 as you claimed in your other thread is completely clueless. We don't hate Scottish football, you just don't know what you're talking about.
  18. There seems to be a group of people like you who are under the impression that because we are in the middle of a pandemic we shouldn't be allowed to think or talk about anything else. As if talking about trivial things means we don't get that this is a serious. That isn't what talking about sport means at all. Nobody is under any illusions that this situation is serious or that restrictions are going to last for a long time. Sport is a distraction from the shit parts of life, for many people a very important distraction, a way to have fun for a few hours a week. That doesn't change just because the shit thing that its distracting us from has gotten worse. Of course I'm worried about my health and the health of my family. Of course I'm concerned about whether my job will still exist in six months time. Does that mean that I've stopped caring about football? Of course not. When this is all over I'm still going to be interested in who is in the Premiership, who won the league this year, what the format is going to be. So what's the problem with spending some time talking and reading about it now? Its possible to care about multiple things at the same time.
  19. This post just proves my point. None of the things you are saying are actual arguments, its just buzzwords. Explain to me why the current structure is unproductive. Explain why regionalising instead would be more productive. Explain why your change is required in order for more emphasis to be placed on facilities, coaching and development. Explain why regionalising earlier will improve the football league structure, what will be better for supporters of, say, Stirling Albion if they are playing regionally instead of nationally? Explain why it would be more attractive to sponsors. You don't do any of this, you just say it would be so as it is obvious, but it isn't. As for 'bringing up the national team argument again' - you are the one who has pushed this as the main thrust of your argument for pages and pages. If you want to change your tune now then fair enough but don't act as if its weird that people are refuting something that until recently was the main point of your argument.
  20. Its not at all no. I haven't seen you make a single argument more complex than 'Croatia/Belgium/whoever else regionalise at tier 3 and got to the world cup final so we need to regionalise at tier 3 too'. That isn't evidence based. Its forcing a correlation where you have absolutely no evidence that the two are linked because you want it to be true. Come back with actual evidence that regionalising early in any way correlates to a more succesful national team, to more youth players from the lower tiers ending up in the national team. Come back with some sort of explanation of where all the money you think clubs will save by playing in a regional set up is coming from and demonstrate that it won't just be cancelled out by lower sponsorship/prize money/gates. Until then your argument remains an irrational failure to understand that correlation doesn't equal causation and that you don't actually have any real evidence from other countries that proves the same thing would work in Scotland.
  21. And your solution to this is appointing the famously innovative and forward thinking Gordon Strachan?
  22. I think this might be your issue tbh. Not one person on this thread is treating him as the 'messiah' or anything close to that. Pretty much every regular poster on this thread this season has had regular criticisms and complaints about him. The only 'over the score' comments here have been yours ramping up how much you think he has failed every time you post, you started off quite reasonable but trying to downplay winning trophies and regularly finishing second is a bit silly. People calling you out on this doesn't equal being part of the 'McInnes can do no wrong' brigade.
  23. Out of interest, who do you want to replace him? There are some managers doing such a disastrous job (McLeish with Scotland for example) that you just need to sack them and then worry about who their replacement is afterwards. Its pretty obvious that McInnes is not an example of this and if we're going to get rid it should be with a clear plan of who we are going to replace him with, someone who will be a clear improvement. Who do you think we could realistically attract to the role who would fit the bill?
  24. What's their average wage though?
  25. It only looks like it isn't a big gulf (although I would argue that halving your earnings is a pretty big gulf in any case) because you've compared his potential earnings over 18 months at Rangers to his earnings over 6 months at Southampton and then assumed that in that scenario he doesn't earn any money for the next year. In reality if he stays at Southampton for 6 months he will then leave and sign for another club (and if that club is in England will likely make quite a bit more than 12k per week) so the real gulf in earnings over those 18 months is quite a bit larger than you are making out.
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