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  1. That seems pretty unlikely to me to be honest. If he is still a Mercedes junior then Russell won't be going to a Ferrari powered team. Haas will have at least one Ferrari junior in the car next year, you would imagine the other seat will go to someone who is bringing money which Russell doesn't beyond, presumably, a discount on Mercedes engines.
  2. I struggle to see why Scottish non league clubs would be incapable of pulling off something that similarly sized English non league clubs are currently doing. My local club, Banbury, are operating the exact 'selling tickets online up to a set limit with very limited walk up' model suggested above and it appears to be working fine. I would say they are about the size of a large Highland/Lowland League club, maybe a small League 2 club, so seems perfectly plausible for those leagues to do similar. They are currently limited to 600 fans for any given game and as far as I'm aware they haven't even hit that limit yet, which would suggest there's been no great influx of fans of league clubs over and above your normal level of neutrals. Of course the concerns raised are understanable but they appear to be being mitigated succesfully in England at a similar level so I don't think its crazy to suggest that Scottish non league clubs could manage something similar if allowed.
  3. Big fan of Pep's ability to start a potentially interesting thread and then immediately ruin it by getting needlessly confrontational defending a random no mark player. Imagine getting this angry over Matteo Guendouzi ffs.
  4. Intuitively it feels like they shouldn't be held at fault, I agree. However, the facts are that both clubs have been charged by the SPFL so clearly there is some sort of case for them to answer. Given that we have no idea what the regulations say it seems possible that there is some sort of generic catch all 'controlling your players' clause in there or something like that. I would say it would be harsh if there is but it seems perfectly plausible. I'm not personally saying I think the clubs should be held accountable but if they have been charged by the SPFL with breaking the rules then its blatantly obvious that there is at least the possibility that they have in fact broken the rules. So are the SPFL being 'deliberately obtuse'?
  5. So given that the clubs themselves, in addition to the players, have been charged with breaking the rules are we to assume that the SPFL are being 'deliberately obtuse'?
  6. There's a fairly obvious difference between getting a result against Celtic or Rangers in one off matches (as Kilmarnock for example do pretty regularly so no idea why you're acting as if never happens) and actually being able to compete with them for consistency across a league season. In the 2015/16 season, probably our best chance to win the league, Aberdeen beat Celtic twice at Pittodrie and lost to them twice at Celtic Park. So those four matches cancelled each other out in terms of the league table, it wasn't a failure to beat Celtic which cost us the title. We still finished 15 points behind Celtic because we couldn't match their consistency across a season against all the other teams. It had nothing to do with a 'defeatist attitude' or whatever other 'pashun' based nonsense you want to put it down to and everything to do with the fact that a bigger, better, more expensively assembled squad will in general be less prone to dropping points across a whole season even if your team can match them in individual matches. Its genuinely wild to me that people like you seem to think the only reason Celtic and Rangers are better than everyone else is that they have a better attitude. Its an absolutely incredible level of denial of basic facts.
  7. This is correct based purely on the access list. However it doesn't take into account that there is a space reserved in the Europa League group stage for the winners of the Conference League which isn't being played this season, so that space is guaranteed to be empty for next season. The most likely solution based on how UEFA usually fills this kind of gap appears to be pushing the 7th placed country's Europa League representative up from the play off into the group stage. This then requires moving the representatives of countries 13 and 14 (Scotland) from QR3 to the play off round to balance things out and get the correct number of ties in each round. Starting in the play off round would guarantee group stage football, either in the Europa League if you win or by dropping into the Conference League groups if you lose. Its not guaranteed that that's what UEFA will do but it seems to be the consensus on what is the most likely outcome. Even if not and cup winners/3rd place only puts you in QR3 its still absolutely crucial to get that slot. Starting there means that you only need to win one tie to guarantee group stage football and get two bites at the cherry if you need it. If you win in QR3 you get to the Europa League play off round and are guaranteed a group stage, if you lose QR3 you drop into the play off for the Conference League instead, win that and you are in the group stage.
  8. The way Wilson is playing they'd be pretty foolish too. Especially if he can beat McGill fairly comfortably and leave himself playing only a few frames in his final session whilst O'Sullivan and Selby have every chance of being there late on Friday evening. I'd say with how comfortably he's beaten Gould and Trump combined with how nicely the draw has panned out for him, Wilson has a very decent shot at winning the whole thing now.
  9. Yes the Scottish Government made the decision, I never argued they didn't. But with these 8 idiots there wouldn't have been a decision to make. Startling insight there, cheers for helping us out with that. The discussion in this thread wasn't about who's fault it was however, it was about to what extent postponing the St Johnstone match was a political decision. Your blindingly obvious point is pretty much irrelevent to that discussion.
  10. Willing to be corrected but I don't think that's right. We'll have 5 spots instead of 4 which will be filled by the top 4 plus the Scottish cup winner. With presumably 5th place becoming a European slot if the cup winner is already qualified.
  11. I reckon I'm far more likely to see you moaning about hypothetical people wanting to go back to lockdown than I am to actually see any significant number of people call for a return to lockdown.
  12. For someone who spends so much time preaching about 'football knowledge', Willy sure does show a severe lack of it most of the time.
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