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  1. Think this is a pretty major misrepresentation to be honest. Its not really as simple as there being a single expert consensus on things and the 'main players' on here bravely standing up to it and flying in the face of science in the process. We're at a point where there isn't an exact consensus on what will happen as we open up and the 'expert opinion' covers a pretty wide range, because this is a really complex problem. In addition there's a messaging issue where the media doesn't accurately translate the science, the assumptions involved in modelling etc. I've seen plenty of articles posted on this thread which have been called out elsewhere by people who would be described as experts on the subject matter. A good example of this are the models predicting waves this summer, there are legitimate questions asked about the assumptions made and wanting to dig into that or question the accuracy of it isn't anti-expert. That's not to say that there aren't posters on here who are primarily opposing things because it isn't what they want to hear or because of who is saying it. But I think that characterising the 'anti Devi/Leitch' viewpoint on this thread as being anti science/experts is pretty simplistic and innacurate.
  2. White and Hendry are in exactly the same situation in terms of their tour card, just a year out of sync. White has been competing on an invitational tour card, same as Hendry, for the last four seasons I think. He just gets a fresh two year invitation every second year when he drops off the tour, don't think there's any realistic prospect of that changing whilst he still wants to play and is capable of remaining vaguely competitive. Hendry will be in the same position this time next year in that he will technically drop off the tour at the end of his two year card barring a wild upturn in results but again if he wants another one he will get it. Ken Doherty and James Wattana have had similar treatment in the past as well.
  3. The idea makes sense I think. Its basically just the concept behind the R number. If your measures cause R to drop below 1 then at some point in the future the virus wouldn't be spreading anymore, assuming you kept those measures in place so that R remained below 1. So you could say that for that particular circumstance you have herd immunity. Where that falls down (at least as a piece of messaging) for me is that that isn't what the public concept of herd immunity is. When I (and I imagine most people) read herd immunity I don't think of 'we have herd immunity in this specific set of circumstances'. I think of 'we have a high enough level of immunity to go back to normal/we have herd immunity regardless of circumstances' as that is how the term has been used consistently for the last year. In essence herd immunity represents the threshold at which we can lift restrictions because they aren't required anymore. Thats how I feel the term has been sold to us for the last year at least. Using that definition, this is a message that says 'we've reached that threshold but we can't lift restrictions because if we did then the threshold would move and we wouldn't have reached it anymore' which even if its correct from a strictly scientific terminology point of view seems like it has the potential to be pretty confusing, especially as a headline.
  4. That's pretty irrelevent to what was actually being discussed though isn't it? The question being discussed wasn't 'are all face masks completely useless in all scenarios'? The only person having that particular discussion was you. There is no realistic scenario in which you get everybody going into a shop/pub/football ground wearing a properly fitted, medically approved face mask. The most useful data when discussing the public use of face masks is surely data which corresponds to the face masks that will actually be used in public? I'll be honest I haven't read into it so I have no idea what that data says but I don't think that how completely different masks which will never be in widespread public use function in a completely different environment is all that relevant.
  5. Doctors and nurses don't tend to be wearing unfitted cloth masks that they bought on Amazon as a general rule.
  6. Given that pretty much every prediction you have made for the past year has been spectacularly wrong you clearly aren't as good at 'reading the mood music' as you think you are.
  7. I think the point is that if we don't win the Scottish Cup then the most likely outcome is that it will be either Celtic or Rangers that do. At that point 3rd inherits the 'guaranteed group stages' path. Whilst the obvious ideal outcome is to win the Scottish Cup, it very much is important to finish 3rd instead of 4th as there's a (probably > 50%) chance that it will come with group stage football attached. I think it would be a pretty foolish approach to take that the difference between 3rd and 4th doesn't matter just because as things stand right now there is no difference between them when we know that the historically most likely outcome of the Scottish Cup will change that picture completely.
  8. It staggers me that anyone who has lived through the last year can call this a 'kiddy on lockdown'. The obsession so many people in this country have with measures having to be agressively enforced by the police for them to count is really weird and concerning. If you were regularly stopping folk just for being outside you would barely catch any actual rule breakers because the vast majority of people who are out and about are either following the rules or can very easily pretend they are in a way you can't disprove (eg. exercise, dropping food off for a relative) so it wouldn't achieve its purpose. And by policing the idea of being outside as something you shouldn't really be doing and need an excuse for you would actively discourage people from going out to exercise. We know at this stage that outdoor transmission is pretty negligible. Its a spectacular failure of messaging that so many people seem to be unaware of this and think that the right to be outside doing something that poses barely any risk should be more strictly policed. Its security theatre, not effective public health policy. So much of the public response to coronavirus in this country seems to have been based on the idea that the more we suffer, the worse things are, the better we are responding. It ties into the whole blitz spirit thing we seem to have a national obsession with. I can understand a pretty much blanket 'don't do anything' at the start whilst we worked things out but one of the first priorities should have been identifying things we could do which don't have a high risk of transmission and communicating this to the public. Instead we've created a culture where leaving the house for any reason is viewed with suspicion, we have regular front page moral panics about people sitting distanced from each other in parks and folk think that we aren't taking it seriously because the police aren't out checking that you're behaving yourself when you go for a walk.
  9. Some level of competition but the 'I'm so much more sensible and calm about this than everyone else' brigade are certainly the most tedious posters on this thread.
  10. One thing that you seem to be missing is that there is no single path out of this lockdown which can be categorised as the view of 'the experts' or as 'THE SCIENCE'. This is a really complex situation and we don't really have a playbook for it - we saw that last spring when public health experts said things which proved with hindsight to be incorrect - thats not me saying we shouldn't listen to experts but its pointing out that in a novel situation where we're learning as we go not everything that every expert says can be corrrect. The complexity of the situation means that there is a pretty wide range of opinion from different experts on how exactly we proceed. Obviously there are things they will agree on like that we don't open everything up tomorrow and hope for best but its overly simplistic to take one expert's view and then say that anyone who disagrees with it in any way is ignoring the experts. That's not me saying that I know better than Devi Sridhar or that I could do a better job at advising the government or that we should ignore what experts are saying. But what it does mean is that things are a bit more complex than seeing people who disagree with a 'Zero Covid' strategy and saying 'you're ignoring the experts, you don't care about the science' because there is no one path which all of 'the experts' agree we should follow next. There are plenty of people far more qualified than you or me who don't agree that 'Zero Covid' is the correct strategy either.
  11. The cup winners/3rd place team start in the Europa League play off round. If they win then they are in the Europa League groups, if they lose then they drop into the Conference League groups.
  12. Nobody is saying that 'its going to switch back like a light' or that 'we will be back to normal by summer'. I certainly haven't so I don't know why you're throwing things like that back at me as if you've really got me there. At this point you're just making up other people's opinions so that you can argue against them rather than actually engaging with what is actually being said. Which makes the whole thing a little bit pointless.
  13. Well that's kind of the point that I'm making. There's no real way to regionalise the Scottish leagues which both works geographically to noticeably cut travel for a large number of teams and also works in terms of not overpromoting teams who happen to be from geographically remote areas. Whatever you do you will either end up balancing out strength of teams which ends up with central belt teams in a northern region making trips to places like Peterhead and Elgin or you' balance things by distance travelled and hence end up with a very small northern region which has to promote teams like Brora in order to be filled.
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