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  1. There's a whole other thread, started by yourself as it happens, where you can go to discuss the merits of the split if you want to rather than ruining this one. An opportunity for you to actually be on topic for once if you're willing to take it.
  2. Cazoo to sponsor the World Championship going forward. Makes them them the sponsor of pretty much every major UK event other than the Home Nations series. Good news short term I suppose, it's obviously better than no sponsor at all, but I'm starting to feel a bit concerned at how reliant on a single company the health of the circuit is. If Cazoo were to decide to stop for some reason then pretty much every major event on the calendar would suddenly be sponsorless. Different circumstances and different people in charge now but that didn't end well when tobacco sponsorship was banned and took the sport a long time to recover from.
  3. To be fair, if you're going to try to make this a legitimate World Seniors title, which appears to the aim, then you have to have some sort of route for anyone over 40 to qualify regardless of whether they were a top pro in their day or not. Aaron Canavan won the title a couple of years ago and as far as I'm aware he was never a pro. That said, it does leave the whole tournament feeling a bit anti-climactic. Watching guys you've literally never heard of obviously isnt particularly interesting when the standard is low. And even once you get to the final stages its far more likely that this week ends with someone like Michael Holt or Peter Lines winning it, than say Hendry or White, which again doesnt hold a lot interest.
  4. Those two are playing again this evening so they have an earlier cut off time than usual to give them time to get something to eat between sessions. Edit: Beaten to it!
  5. Something tells me you aren't very good at Fantasy Football.
  6. A 7 minute delay from the penalty being awarded to it being overturned seems like a bit more than a 'little niggle which will be ironed out' tbh.
  7. Worth commenting on? Yes. The only thing that has been discussed on this thread all weekend? Probably not. Like @afc_36_0 I don't particularly like Hamilton but this thread is pretty much unusable if you want to talk or read about any other topic. Its not really about Formula 1, its just a support group for people who hate Lewis Hamilton.
  8. It's already in the schedule for 28th November - 4th December, although without a venue attached at the moment. The UK Championship has been moved forward to avoid the World Cup but I imagine that is a BBC thing rather than a World Snooker thing.
  9. Take the pre-World Cup stage for example. Season starts on July 30th, stops on November 12th. That's 16 weekends, the international break is the weekend of 24th September, the other 15 weekends will be used for SPFL fixtures, thats 15 matchdays. November 12th is MD16 so there must be one round of midweek fixtures before the World Cup. We know the dates for the League Cup, European fixtures and the international break. The only free midweek after all those are taken out is, from a quick glance, November 8th/9th. So presumably that will be MD15. There might be a mistake or two in there but that's more or less how its going to work out. I'm sure you can do the same with the post World Cup section, might have to take a guess at Scottish Cup dates but you can predict them with a reasonable degree of confidence based on previous years. Its not like there are a huge number of gaps in the calendar, its safe to assume that every weekend and all but a couple of midweeks during the season will be used for something. The point being that they more or less have been released, you just have to do a bit of working out yourself.
  10. Major flaw in this plan is that it involves Bale actually getting on to the pitch in the CL final.
  11. I think the thing that's really noticeable for me is that whenever the gender 'debate' (such as it is a debate) gets brought up, it immediately gets sidetracked into things that aren't really at the core of the issue. This thread a good example, whether or not you would personally have sex with a transgender person isn't really particularly relevant. What the topic ultimately comes down to is should transgender people have the right to live in this country, or indeed any other country, whilst presenting freely as their true gender without fear of discrimination/violence/having to jump through a million bureucratic hoops and with easy, affordable access to gender affirming healthcare? I would argue, and hope that most others on this thread would too, that the answer to that is 'yes' and that currently the UK achieves none of the items on that list to a satisfactory standard. The real issues in the 'gender debate' are things like that waiting times for access to hormone replacement therapy are frequently measured in years, that the process of legally changing your gender is a nightmare, that bigotry against transgender people is seen as acceptable in the UK media provided that its dressed up as concern about some other issue, that the government are attempting to exclude transgender people from a ban on conversion therapy, the increased risk of being a victim of violence if you are transgender. Now I don't blame you if you don't have too much knowledge on these issues, I know I didn't until relatively recently, I still feel like I have a whole lot more to learn. Ultimately that comes down to the fact that the media portrayal of the 'gender debate' and online discussions feel like they are a long, long way from the reality of the situation. But I don't think the correct response to that is to back away for fear of saying the wrong thing because it doesn't really affect you. I think there is a responsibility there to educate yourself a little and try to help where you can. To come back to the discussion on whether you would have sex with a trans woman. To me saying that trans women are women, or indeed that trans men are men, is simply a statement that you recognise a person as their true gender. In so much as you need to 'commit' to that statement its in treating them with respect and dignity, in advocating for their rights and in standing up against bigotry.
  12. He absolutely knew he was winning the award. He was one of the biggest locks of the whole night, there was precisely 0% chance that anyone other than Will Smith walked out of there last night with the Best Actor trophy.
  13. Smith's acceptance speech for winning Best Actor was in essence just a long, grovelling apology. Given this is almost certainly the only Oscar he will ever win, it seems unlikely that he would agree to effectively ruin that moment in the service of a bit. Its like when they announced the wrong Best Picture winner a couple of years ago. Folk jumped to the idea that its fake straight off the bat, but it doesn't actually serve anyone involved to fake it other than the vague notion that all publicity is good publicity.
  14. I mean I guess. But my point was that if people are coming into your thread and asking what FIRE is, as I was, and one of the first responses begins with 'I think its about recognising that life does, in fact, give us choices' then they're probably more likely to be turned off by what a patronising comment that is than anything else. You don't need to be financially literate to understand that you have free will. You're bringing up stuff now about investments and active fund managers etc. and I can see how that is the kind of thing that would be genuinely useful but it took me asking you multiple times to get us to that point and you only seem to have brought it up to try to imply that I'm looking down on people who don't understand these things. Just to be clear the only thing I was stating was obvious is the concept that 'spend less than you earn, saving money if you can is good' because this is the only thing that is involved in FIRE based on your own posts earlier today.
  15. OK I think this is maybe where I'm having trouble because the whole tone of this thread is wildly preachy. Take even the first couple of sentences of your reply, its got this tone of imparting hidden wisdom that I've missed, when really all you're saying is 'you can choose how to spend your money' which tbh is something I was already aware of, but again doesn't count as a financial philosophy. Just feels to me like this whole thread is people taking pretty standard financial advice but delivering it in as patronising a manner as possible.
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