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  1. Whitburn and co. missed the boat - more than once - that's not the fault of anybody at the EoS.
  2. The format after next season is intended to be Premier-First-Second-Third as far as I'm aware. I don't think there's much appetite to regionalise the lower levels. Sorry - that's what I was meaning! I thought the OP was misleading! Cheers.
  3. That could be fairly accurate apart from the line about further re-structuring after the summer of 2022.
  4. False - in keeping with the Daily Record's usual standard of journalism!!
  5. Since the result of the vote is not confidential - 29 voted for null and void, 11 voted to play half a dozen games in June.
  6. Very briefly: The term elite is irrelevant. All full time and part time players in the Senior pyramid sign 'professional' registration forms. As such, all teams in the pyramid were given dispensation to train and play between October 2020 and January 2021, which was called professional exemption by the SFA. Amateur players in the pyramid are treated the same way. That was revoked by the SFA in the middle of January (possibly with help from the Scottish Government). Leagues One and Two have now been given special dispensation to train and play with weekly PCR testing in place. Finally, there is no special classification for tiers 5-7 at the moment.
  7. The statement released by Petrie on the 11th of January read as follows....... "The Scottish FA Board met last night to discuss the escalating COVID-19 situation across the country and its impact on the national game at all levels. While the updated Scottish Government guidance permits the continuation of professional sport, the board meeting, which followed a Joint Response Group discussion on the matter last Friday, nevertheless considered the implications of doing so at all tiers of the Scottish football professional pyramid, against a backdrop of increased positive cases across the country. In particular, the board gave extensive consideration to making a decision in the interests of public health, taking cognisance of the government’s wish to reduce travel and possible contact with others whilst safeguarding commercial broadcasting contracts that sustain the professional game. Following a meeting between the Scottish FA and the Minister for Public Health Sport and Wellbeing, both parties have agreed to impose a temporary suspension of all football beneath the Scottish Professional Football League Championship, encompassing all predominantly part-time tiers of the Scottish professional pyramid, from midnight tonight." It looks pretty much like the SFA pulled the plug rather than the Government but the statement is [deliberately?] contradictory. Prior to the release of that statement, all tiers of football considered 'professional' (which included teams that were both full time and part time down to level seven plus Juniors) were exempt from the general covid restrictions (provided they adhered to agreed protocols). However, the following day the SFA clearly stated that..... "The suspension will be under continuous review and any future decisions will be taken in line with Scottish Government restrictions." ....... ergo, all tiers below level two no longer fall under the 'professional' exemption. Indeed, today's statement by the SFA read.... "Regrettably, the government has today confirmed that – in cognisance of the current restrictions in place across the country – they cannot currently commit to return dates for those affected leagues in the coming weeks." I hope this post clarifies the current situation and it's certainly not intended to wind up folk on either side of the debate!
  8. St Andrews United v Craigroyston off due to a waterlogged pitch (sorry no photo!).
  9. Good article in today's Sunday Post (and I don't say that very often!). If the play-off is still 'live' I'd love to see Kelty and Brora contest for the right to be called winner, even if Brechin scratch!! Alas, looks like it won't happen because the SPFL just don't care about Scottish football. Also a surprise to read Fraser state that the SPFL tried to bully through a change to the HL/LL boundary when Doncaster says the SPFL don't bully anyone!
  10. I see that SPFL reconstruction talks have fallen through already (surprise, surprise) and Highland League reps are not happy. Can somebody (Burnie?) please clarify, can the SPFL change the League Two entry play-offs without the consent of the LL/HL?
  11. Oh yeah, just realised that third bottom of the Prem definitely comes down!!
  12. Statement just gone on EoS FA facebook.... League structure It's been confirmed, following a membership vote, our league in 2020/21 will again consist of a sixteen team Premier Division with First Division Conferences beneath - clubs will be playing for their places in a fully hierarchical structure from season 2021/22 onwards. The vote only very narrowly favoured this scenario, over the alternative option which would've seen us switch to the hierarchical structure with immediate effect. We recognise that, as in any comparable scenario, there will inevitably be disappointment among those parties in favour of the alternative. It's not unreasonable to state we are all of us contending at present with unprecedented developments in terms of the rational structuring of Scottish football leagues - as such it's inevitable this latest news won't be universally welcomed. Such is the way of things when matters of significance are put to the vote - of course some will argue the whole process ought to have been handled otherwise; we aim to operate on as democratic a basis as possible, and recognise fully the validity of the argument hierarchical structure with immediate effect is desirable - the bottom line however is that a majority of member clubs, however slim, preferred the Conference option. We're of the view that, when all valid points are taken into consideration, the path we're on is the right one. It's understood some might prefer a slightly different route to the ideal we're all seeking, we hope they likewise understand the background to the situation we now have.
  13. So now we wait to see how many new teams apply/are accepted ahead of next season. I must say, I’m slightly disappointed with the outcome of the vote since the numbers for next term may become slightly awkward and some latecomers to the party will benefit more than some teams who moved two years ago. Say for argument’s sake, that seven Fife teams (excluding Tayport), two Perthshire teams and one from West Lothian move across as rumoured. That gives 34 teams, which would either split 11, 11, 12 or 17, 17 – neither of which is very appealing. If any more teams join, we’re looking at three conferences but there are currently only two automatic promotion spots available. Either way, it looks like inter-conference fixtures will soon become a thing of the past. I guess the main argument for having conferences again next season is to encourage as many new applicants as possible so let’s get all the stragglers in once and for all so we can finally move forward in 1921.
  14. Season's Greeting Everybody! Please give one last Christmas present this year by following the link and donating a couple of pounds towards St Andrews United's floodlight installation fund. Merry Christmas and see you at the Rec next year!! https://www.gofundme.com/f/floodlight-fund
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