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  1. Barry Cockburn I believe.
  2. Back when we won trophies!!!!! Keep an eye on events throughout the next couple of years as we head towards the club's centenary because you might feature in old photos and articles!!!!!
  3. Good spot Gogsy - I'm glad somebody is paying attention! Cheers!
  4. ....to those visiting Barnetts Park next season. The site is a work in progress but offers more information, news articles, player profiles and stats than the previous page, which will be discontinued. Feel free to visit us at: http://www.teamwebsites.co.uk/clubs/standrewsunited
  5. Getting back on point - Off the Ball covered the Bonnyrigg licence/promotion situation for about five minutes on tonight's radio show and all agreed that the situation was shambolic. Alas, Tam Cowan didn't seem very clued up and Gary Locke still thinks Rose is a Junior club!!!!!
  6. Bunnet doffed in return good sir! 10,000 students in said university town all winter but not interested in the mighty Saints unfortunately!!!!!!! Maybe we should get floodlights for horse polo...........
  7. Sorry, just realised you beat me to it FWF!!!! I'm trying to post the statement in a few places but having technical glitches with our own website!!!!!!
  8. ST ANDREWS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB STATEMENT – CLUB LICENSING It is with regret that the St Andrews United Committee has to announce that the club’s application for membership of the Scottish Football Association [SFA] combined with a licence to play in next season’s Scottish Cup has been rejected on the grounds that we do not possess operational floodlights. The St Andrews United Committee took a bold decision to move away from the Scottish Junior Football Association last summer because of the rapidly expanding nature of the Senior leagues in conjunction with the development of a pyramid style structure. The mass exodus of 27 fellow Junior clubs to the East of Scotland League helped persuade interested parties that United’s future lay in the Senior ranks even though facilities at Barnetts Park required upgrading to obtain SFA membership. A licence from the SFA is not required to play in the East of Scotland League but clubs that possess such an award receive additional grants, support, prize-money, sponsorship and promotion opportunities plus entry into the same Scottish Cup as the top teams in the country. The committee consequently decided that St Andrews United could afford to undertake the costly steps to acquire a licence based upon the basic entry level criteria laid down by the SFA last summer. A £2,000 membership fee was then paid to the SFA on the basis we faced a fair chance of completing all necessary improvements to Barnetts Park, working practices and first team facilities. Unfortunately, the SFA’s decision midway through the 2018/19 season to stipulate the need for floodlights as an additional requirement placed several clubs such as Saints into a compromised position. An incredible amount of work was still undertaken by supporters, volunteers and the chairman to satisfy all other licensing criteria and we hoped for a period of derogation to allow for the installation of floodlights at such short notice. Planning provision and quotes for the cost of such work have since been sought but a short email circulated by SFA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell on Tuesday has derailed our attempts to secure that desired licence. The email read: "Regarding the above, I am write [sic] to confirm that following consideration by the Board, your application for membership of the Scottish Football Association has been rejected as your club is not complaint [sic] with current Entry Level criteria – specifically provision of floodlighting. I appreciate this is disappointing news however I’m sure you can understand the Scottish FA’s desire to continue to improve standards within our game.” Since the SFA’s decision to withhold licences from St Andrews United, Bonnyrigg Rose, Camelon, Dundonald Bluebell, Haddington Athletic and Tranent could actually prevent the continued improvement in standards across Scotland, several clubs must now consider whether or not further investment is going to be worthwhile in the long-term. However, the disappointingly prolonged nature of the recent licensing application process may be forgotten if the pyramid continues to evolve and a greater emphasis is placed upon the development of football at grassroots levels. Small community clubs in Scotland such as St Andrews United clearly desire an opportunity to play at an appropriate level within a fair Scottish pyramid system that allows for the type of progression and suitable levels of competition no longer available at Junior level. The St Andrews United Committee will now meet next week to discuss plans for the club’s future but we are confident that all of the hard work undertaken with a view towards gaining a licence will not go to waste. Should we wish to proceed with plans to obtain a licence plus SFA membership then our £2,000 entry fee is still valid and another application may be made next year once we have installed working floodlights. Further, the player budget has already been discussed for next season and our hopes of winning promotion to the East of Scotland Premier League will not be greatly affected by this week’s disappointing news. Finally, we must congratulate Blackburn United, Broxburn Athletic, Easthouses Lily, Hill of Beath Hawthorn, Penicuik Athletic and Tynecastle for successfully obtaining membership of the SFA this week – hopefully we will be playing those sides in the 2020/21 Scottish Cup as part of our centenary season celebrations!
  9. Good Morning Good People of the EoS, I’ve been thinking about this whole pyramid malarkey and have a mad idea here…… If Maxwell, Petrie and the SFA are going to hold the EoS to ransom over licences, why don’t we turn the tables and say OK…..we’ll run with the East and West Juniors in at tier six next season provided you definitely issue all 17 applicants with licences and set a three year period of degradation for floodlights ASAP. Throw in two promotion spots to the Lowland League and you have a deal. Now I hear you all crying ‘that’s not fair giving p*shy wee, ignorant, backward looking outfits like Fauldhouse, Whitburn, Bathgate and Pumpherston a better chance of qualifying for the play-offs’ but my old granny would say life ain’t fair (and licenses are more important!!!)! Anyway, there’s no danger any of those West Lothian Juniors would beat the likes of Bonnyrig, Lithgae, Musselburgh, Penicuik, Bo’ness or Tranent in a play-off. Also, next spring’s play-off would involve West Junior winners, EoS winners, South of Scotland winners and Lochee United as East Junior winners (if licensed) – thus negating that daft North/South split. Nobody could complain about a four-way play-off (if licensed) between East, West, South and Tayside for two places in the Lowland League – could they???? After all, Jeanfield as a Perth and Tayside team has been a great addition the current EoS. Perhaps we’ve read Petrie and Maxwell wrongly and they’ll come up with a grand master plan at today’s meeting (or they’ve just not realised what’s going on) but those two give the impression they really don’t care and it will be Maxwell’s plan of tier six entry or status quo – i.e. no licenses for the 17. Don’t forget, the vast majority of football followers in Scotland don’t give a damn about a successful pyramid structure, nurturing young talent, developing grass roots football or making the National team a success. The main focus of the media and the TV watching pub-goers is to get the countries’ top few clubs into Europe and if that means buying foreign players and screwing the majority of smaller clubs then so be it. In order for my team, St Andrews United, to progress we have to obtain a basic licence and SFA membership and if that means doing a deal with Maxwell and the Juniors then needs must. I would hope we’re not so dug into our positions that we can’t see the bigger, long-term picture. I fear that the EoS reps could just annoy Maxwell and Petrie tonight and that will be the end of developing the pyramid for the near future. So General Tarkin Burnieman and your EoS storm troopers – do not fail us……
  10. It's piddling doon here at St Andrews Links just now but no chance of snow. Slight risk of flooding at the Rec but game might be on. Haven't heard about any inspections yet.
  11. Again - great stuff Blue Dragon - that's very useful. I had the Norway info but not Coventry, although that could fit! I'll keep looking but thanks again, DG
  12. Brilliant work, many thanks Blue Dragon!!! Don't suppose you know what happened to N. G. Brown after he left Meadowbank? Thanks again, DG
  13. Many thanks, much appreciated. I'll maybe ask on the Linlithgow thread just in case. Cheers again, DG
  14. Would that be the same Norrie Brown who played for Norwich City youths in 1974 then went to Norway before spending brief periods at Dundee and Meadowbank Thistle in 1978-79? Any info on that Norrie Brown's career would be much appreciated!!!
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