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  1. I like Robbie Mutch as a keeper and i'd have been quite happy to see him as our first choice this year rather than splashing out on Cammy Bell. He's got a few mistakes in him but that's because he's not had enough first team experience to iron them out. Came and collected quite a few cross balls last night and was quick off his line for anything over the top(a little to quick for Dixon at one point that was nearly a disaster)
  2. McManus and Thomson were their best players in my opinion thought McManus looked the better of the two.
  3. Durnan and Buchanan strolled it winning every header that came their way. Doyle will give you 100% but he's not much of a footballer(I know we were already told that) Gomis- how much better is he than any of the defensive centre mids we had last season? Read the game well, broke up play and kept the ball ticking over. Telfer and Connolly were both lively they'll be right good for us this season. Tidser fell in and out the game but you can see the class he has. McManus was brilliant, ran the channels, took the ball short and also put himself about. Reminded me of Andy Nelson. Sammon and Johnstone were very much meh but it's early days plenty of time to get up to speed.
  4. Mutch Doyle Buchy Durnan Dixon Telfer Gomis Tidser Connolly Johnstone McManus
  5. Can we have one more striker, one more midfielder and one more defender then i'll be satisfied.
  6. Two up top and an actual right back all in the one transfer window, Ray's been dipping into a lot of our wet dreams this summer.
  7. See you Falkirk TV guys(if any of you read this) can you ask Mckinnon tonight if any of the trialists from the Brechin game are still being considered. I don't need you to ask about specific players just ask the blanket question please as surely that's acceptable.
  8. 50k or pay DKD's wages for 2 years is what I heard personally.
  9. Bell Doyle Buchy Durnan Dixon Telfer Tidser Mcshane Connolly McManus Sammon
  10. Straight into the squad for tonights match that's what we want to hear! Very happy with that signing we needed a mobile striker to get in behind and as has already been mentioned he's a wee cnut that will be a nightmare to play against.
  11. Chris Kane's my guess as you said he was too old for the youth team the other night.
  12. I've said it before, if you play him centre back you'll see the best of him and reap the rewards. I could never understand why he never got back into the hearts side when he came back from Boro but we wasted him by sticking him right back. He's quite good on the ball so sounds like you guys are utilising him well. All this he's too small to be a centre back is complete nonsense as he has a decent leap on him but it wouldn't surprise me if that's what the muppets in charge of us were actually telling him. I had a look at your starting 11 from Saturday and you've signed very very well. Andy Nelson will score bucket loads in that league as well.
  13. "I'll deal with it" @Awfulview, then promptly not dealing with it. Summed him up really. Every single one of our team were rank that day.
  14. I don't think Irvings a bad player at all and to be quite honest i'd have rather seen him starting for us at centre mid towards the end of last season than Osman or Paton. Technically he's very good on the ball, he sprays the ball about well and you've got to remember he's still only 19.
  15. The fact Ray mentioned in his description of Robbie Leitch 'he can play anwhere across the front three' makes me think it will be a 4-2-3-1 this season. I think we'll revert between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-1-2 as we now have 4 players capable of playing in behind the striker(Connolly, Leitch, Tidser and Telfer) In my opinion we still need another 6/7 players(4 loans and 3 permanent) to take us up to 22/23 players. There's 18 in a match day squad so an extra 4 in case of injuries and not to do the lad a disservice but I don't think Laverty will be anywhere near the first team so we only currently have 16 players. A gk- young lad on loan as cover 2 defenders 2 midfielders 2 strikers
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