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  1. I went to edit it and it kept coming back up as Domley. Meant Comley
  2. Now we're Solid! Solid as a Rock! And nothings changed it! The feelings still hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! *Very poor Ashford and Simpson joke. I'm sorry *
  3. I'm sure iirc that Glynn Hurst stayed in a house next to Tesco Is the house on Somerset Road anything to do with Aufc? The one next to the entrance to the Ally McLeod suite and the car dealers
  4. "Right, Guys, i've got this idea where we canoe through Auchinleck."
  5. Serious question. On signing players from down south, where do they stay? Does the club pay for hotels and travel expenses to head back south and back during the week? Wondered this with Adeloye and Gondoh too. O'Connor as well, as he's came across the water from Ireland.
  6. Maybe be better if we sign Domley tomorrow and there's players in the centre. Think that might help the defence as well. At the end of the Day, this is Ayr United. Not Manchester United or Real Madrid.
  7. I was more annoyed at McCall, who stood on the side, arms folded and did nothing. Was actually more amazed that the toilet was a wall
  8. Nothing to be sorry for You make a very good point though, half the team aren't all that great. I suppose it's easier to ostracize McGinty as he is at the back and last player before the keeper. Big difference from Bell or Adams.
  9. Yes, like I said, not a fan. I wouldn't personally send him abuse though. That's just sad. As an Ayr fan, I reserve the right to moan about players.
  10. I'm not a fan of McGinty but giving him abuse online is just a step too far. It's sort of stalkerish. Totally agree with @rb123! In saying that sad gits that do that sort of thing can go support another team. I'm a massive critic of McGinty but at the end of the day, still an Ayr United player. Abusing him online does hee-haw! It was very well put together by Mathie, Smith and Bullen and I hope something is done.
  11. This move might be showing Bullen in action. We were all excited about McAllister when he signed but hasn't worked out and a lower league team might help him push on. Bullen obviously looking for a better player than that of Hopkin.
  12. I think both O'Connor and Gondoh would work better if they had someone in the centre to pass or cross to. Moffat is on his last legs as a player and doesn't have the pace to keep up with them anymore unfortunately. So Dempsey and Domley might be the answer, with Adeloye up front. 4-3-3 seems the best set up but my fear is that we get pipped in the centre as usual.
  13. Hey! C'mon! No need for that!..... ....he surely hasn't got any.
  14. Seriously, if Ayr don't sign another couple of players then it's another totally bollocked January window IN: Gondoh, Dempsey, Bryden (and Domley pending) OUT: Chalmers, McGinty's singular annual game where he plays decent. Need another to calm the nerves
  15. I agree. I'd have immediately signed that former Bolton player, without trial. Maybe it's for Mathie and co to have a closer look before paying out money? I'd like another striker personally. It's the only position (with Domley hopefully signing) that really needs strengthened.
  16. We could just hand him Chalmers wages. He's gone and made a space for someone who might try and actually look like they want to play. Don't think anyone would bother with taking him on trial if there was no intent on signing. Clearly been screaming out for someone in that position for a while, why not go big bucks!?
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