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  1. Hate the idea of giving that lot anything other than the middle finger. Would be great to see Kelly back, though feel he's already proved better than this level.
  2. 100% this. McCall took on Ayr from Mark Roberts at a time where we were looking at dropping to league 2 and over the years, built a team that looked possibly premier League capable. The relationship between him and Cameron was great and the club was certainly going upwards. Unfortunately, When McCall left, Cameron filled his place with Mark Kerr, despite the player/manager thing failing previously with Roberts. I feel that Kerr didn't get enough time and was hunted by the new chairman. Though I dare say Kerr was better than Hopkin or Duffy. I've not yet made my mind up about Bullen. Off the park, things are looking fantastic for Ayr. Things could be better on the field, until then, we have the memories of Shankland, Forrest, Adams etc. Things will eventually come together.
  3. Both would be great additions to this Ayr squad, though I'd also like a look at Bangala in midfield. I'd guess that Allen would take some wage
  4. Yeah He had 14 in total in all competitions. I'd love to think Dipo would do better than the 11 Adeloye scored in the league, he was awesome tonight. Hoping this is the start of a run of goals for him
  5. Dipo only has 12 goals before he's beat Adeloye I'm willing it, he looked amazing tonight
  6. Watching the Dundee United Vs Az game on BBC Scotland. I can only think of the 5-0 victory at tannadice. Sibbald in midfield for them tonight.
  7. What happened to that prince fella a few had mentioned? Could he possibly be a loan target?
  8. That is actually the best look a like I've ever seen in my life
  9. Good point, that was offensive to potatoes everywhere. I apologize.
  10. I thought that too, he went elsewhere and scored a silly amount of goals. Probably would have done great beside Adeloye. However, our then manager was a potato. Hoping we get someone in before Saturday.
  11. Yes. He says that you could play him by himself and he'd get a better result than the current Ayr team
  12. He states: 'That's okay dad, I'm big enough now to heedbutt them in the bawz!' I'm in the situation where I'm unsure to laugh at him or give him into trouble
  13. Yes, they do He's off to the Ayr United Academy to showcase his talents. First team by next week very proud dad here.
  14. Didn't Bullen say he was hoping to add to the attack with someone experienced in Scottish football?
  15. Think it's more that Bangala has actually signed and the club's severe lack of signings. He's been put on a pedestal because of it and is largely expected to be a good player, due to the time it's took. The lack of signings does cause slight anxiety before the season has started, due to last season. It's a shame for Bangala as it's nobody at the club's fault but some people need scapegoats
  16. Ah, so I guess that's how previous foreign players we've had have had to go through Alain Horace came to mind.
  17. Would that be different for say a Celtic or Rangers? Would they, being bigger teams, get over that hurdle quicker?
  18. I apologize if I caused offence, that obviously wasn't what I was seeking to do. I was implying that I'd take Bangala at Ayr just now by any means necessary. With the mention of Dinghies, I thought it was funny at the time. Of course, this was in no way in support of what *that* post said and was merely meant in jest. I have removed the post and again I apologize.
  19. The thing that bothers me is that Bangala has already been to Somerset, as in this picture I'm unsure of how visas work but surely with the fact he's already been would speed things up?
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