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  1. Foderingham and Rangers. C*ntish words.
  2. Anyone got any links or anything to see the game? See Foderankham is playing in goal for them. What I'd pay to see Forrest take the ball off him and score again. I've never seen Ayr win against Rankers in my lifetime, it goes well beyond hatred for me. I hope this is the time it goes Ayrs way. A good game at least.
  3. Will they draw in Mark Roberts and the likes, to hear his dummy spitting spiel? How can Dundee be a dream move?
  4. My Wee fella loves watching the Seagulls. He's only three. Aye OK, he might not pay attention the full game but, it gives me an excuse to have bonding time with him outwith the Wrath of Roxy in our house :-) Plus, if I drum it into his head at this age that he supports Ayr, he won't become an old firm sheep. Wishful thinking I think.
  5. Queens v Ayr

    Fortunately I wasn't at the game today. Was it really as bad as the score?
  6. Queens v Ayr

    That's his second red in what? 5 games? Total embarrassment today.
  7. The above totally jinxed today.
  8. Dobbie was at School with my Great grandfather. Though an excellent player, I'd still have Shankland over Dobbie. Shankland has a good decade to prove that he is a seriously talented player and go on to bigger clubs and caps and so on.... Dobbie, no disrespect, is on the come down. Nearing 40. Still good for his age but I think he's soon going to end it all. * *his footballing career.
  9. Queens v Ayr

    Honestly wouldn't surprise me
  10. Queens v Ayr

    2-1 Ayr will be tight though I reckon. I'll take that to the bookies :-)
  11. Queens v Ayr

    The scorer bet haunted me last week :-/ Going to go for a full time score bet this week. Anyone got any good predictions?
  12. I think your right. This allocation is a shambles.
  13. That is shite. You'd think a wee team (in comparison to that muck) would thrive on a big game like that, and bring a good couple of thousand. Damaging Scottish Football.
  14. Wtf Rangers!? Is this a thing they will carry out with any away team? You don't see this low an allocation for a league game, so why are we only getting 900 seats?! I guess the SPFL won't do anything either. :-/
  15. Originally wrote Maggot. Small and nimble then :-)