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  1. I'd have the centrum over the newton ice rink every day of the week.
  2. The centrum is a sensitive subject for myself I am 100% convinced that the centrum was gifted to the public, yet we find a big f*ck off Sainsburys there now How did that happen?
  3. Paisley every week sounds awful. The players we got, such as Grady, Annand, McGinley, Yogi, Crabbe, McManus etc Could have played in a premier League team no bother. Obviously at the time, I was too young to understand the leagues and how they worked I remember going to the Almondvale and being in complete Awe at the time. I don't hate anyone (Mick Hucknall being the exception) but I absolutely HATED Russell Latapy. Hibs, Team formerly known as Rangers and Falkirk, I hated him. Diving in the cup final is unforgivable.
  4. Dalziel pissed any money he had up a wall. He pretty much had a premiership team but got thwarted by a shitty Airdrie side. Plus the ruling that Somerset wasn't good enough for the spl I actually remember the shite talk of Bill Barr bringing down the stadium in Airdrie to build in Ayr, down past the old stampworks. I was only 9 at the time, so actually believed this nonsense.
  5. I'd be sending both Smith and Bryden to put on some muscle. Too easily pushed off the ball imo. Smith certainly looks the part when put on, finds and pass and goes into a challenge. Bryden has speed and his goal at Cove was amazing (Also my son's favourite player, it's a Ginger Thing.) I hope they both develop over the next season as I dislike the idea of another McGuffey Maybe a loan at a lower level, like what was done with McAllister at Clyde, he came back better imo.
  6. I'd be keeping Daire also. Totally underused and it's a crime that Maguire got a look in before him.
  7. See, I personally have no criticism of Smith Other than trying to hold on to the glorious nostalgia of the North Terrace, standing watching with my papa at 8 years old, it's never going to be forgotten but if it can be improved and for the better, why complain? Onwards and upwards. Smith has brought this club on leaps and bounds since The Mark Roberts regime. I think if we were to criticize, we'd simply be shallow or nit picking...... ......yeah, he hired David Hopkin but we all make mistakes. That was clearly a personal development for Smith I reckon
  8. As long as there's no blowing it all on players like Maguire.
  9. I know, shame on them for attending the game as opposed to watching it on BBC Scotland.
  10. Think many fans are on that fence. Absolutely no need for that in the hub. Now, bearing in mind this was after the BBC had stopped filming at Somerset and the Limmy show is only twenty five minutes long it took Bullen less than 25 minutes after that absolute shambles on the pitch to giving it sing song in the hub.
  11. Or just get a tactical assistant manager? Sandy Stewart.
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