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  1. I noticed that for majority of the game, Ayr played down the one side, the one on which Chalmers was on. Any time they played the other, JML either lost the ball or got pushed off it When is O'Connor seriously going to be in the frame? Much better player imo.
  2. That plonker is shite at pulling balls out. One of the worst ties we could possibly have
  3. Is there even a wall keeping people off the park? That's a fantastic picture . Is that a chimney there from the old turner's factory?
  4. Ah, I've only been attending Somerset since 1998 obviously more changes before I started appearing. I'm sure we'll all miss it though. I remember you could walk round the back of where the hospitality is and sneak in through a hole in the away end fence I was too sh*tebag to go through it back then, at 8/9 years old when Dalziel was looked upon by us young like Jesus and Somerset was, without a doubt, the world's best stadium as we hadn't seen any other. Recently, I can say I found it quite out of the ordinary that I was eating Pizza instead of pie at Somerset though I've no complaints about that.
  5. I'm going to stand in the north terrace any time I'm at Somerset now until the build starts, got a feeling that I'm gonna miss it this way There hasn't been such a dramatic change at Somerset since I've been going to Ayr games, other than the conveniently placed conservatory at the front of the main stand and the loss of those iconic floodlights.
  6. Oh well. FIFA ruling is a queer thing thought I'd ask anyway it's not a bad thought, Rather Dipo than Che Adams anyway.
  7. I thought that originally, so I thought it best to ask I just remember the Berti vogts days where Didier Agathe and Lorenzo Amoruso were considered for Scotland.
  8. I have a question Roxanne and I were talking about players at this year's world cup. I mentioned that Jason Cummings could appear for Australia (Although playing in friendlies for Scotland) and that Lyndon Dykes is originally from Australia. Is the 5 year rule still there? I remember Lorenzo Amoruso and Nacho Novo (pair of p***ks) were eligible to play for Scotland under being in Scotland and becoming citizens after 5 years or something along those lines. So, basing it on that (in hope the 5 year rule exists) Does that mean Dipo could turn out for Scotland in the manner of which Sir Lawrence did, if he chose to do so? Edit* Having looked at the FIFA ruling and yes, if he so chose to by living in a British country long enough to receive British citizenship.
  9. "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious, as Roxanne's Man works there too!"
  10. Cannot argue with that tbh. Would have been nice to have seen an attempt and a sports venue type thing, ice skating and pool and so on, with yer nandos, bar and McDonald's upstairs for at a minimum a temporary lift in a ghost town. Too much to ask for really it's harder on the folks my age who (unfortunately ) grew up with the Kyle centre and the town being busy.
  11. They sell spray paint at Halfords, if that's where I think this is going
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