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  1. Not a bad shout tbh :-)
  2. In defence of D'Jaffo, Moore is all we have tbh. In comparison to other strikers in the league: Mckay, Dobbie and El Bakhtaoui, he's nowhere near that standard. Yet is all Ayr have atm, if anyone knows a better striker Ayr could get on the cheap, let us know.
  3. Don't Diss the four foot of justice.
  4. Brian Gilmour was.
  5. D'Jaffo may be right in his defence. That boy did seem to be lacking a lot of confidence. He had four Auchinshite players on him at all times and there was no way he was winning a header with those lanky bustards defending.
  6. Couldn't agree more.
  7. Last season we were in league 1!
  8. Auchinleck game is the worst game I've ever been at. Worst Ayr team I've ever seen. I've seen Ayr get Trounced 6-0 by Qos, this seemed to Hurt more. Could someone explain how the fudge we are at the top end of the championship? Moore was terrible today. I don't like giving Auchinleck credit but they were the better team in the second half. Mccall seemed to have just stood there the whole match, with his hands in his pockets, never seemed to make any drastic changes. Piss poor. Moore shouldn't start again, couldn't compete with Shanklands shadow.
  9. Such inviting guests. Didn't think it would be as bad as was said :-) Good stuff!
  10. I'll maybe do that. :-) The wee man be allowed in?
  11. Yeah, it's been a while. Usually just drive nowadays :-/ maybe disguise it like was mentioned. I've been told to avoid any pub in Auchinleck to avoid trouble.
  12. No, just got to pic folk up to run them into the ship. Was gonna buy a carryout beforehand. Thought I could drink it on the bus.
  13. Anyone going to Auchinleck game from Ship Inn on Saturday? :-s Drinking Prohibited on Bus, wtf that about?
  14. Yeah, used to go there back when I was 5 going on 6. Wasn't a bad wee place. That and the Ayr India, that even still there?
  15. I thought on doing this too, on a certain body part. However, Roxanne isn't so keen on occasionally getting 'Shanked'.