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  1. Don't care about the cup much. Though if we are to take positives, it's good those boys got their competitive debuts. Though rubbish it be under these shitey circumstances. Must mean a lot for a young boy to appear for their senior team, no matter how brief or who the opposition is
  2. My six year old son has told me he can't wait to go to school Tomorrow, to laugh at Rangers fans. My Boy has became a man!
  3. Don't know how you'd get a good feeling throwing out perfectly good cup holders
  4. Yes, yes he did However, he pissed his budget up a rope and couldn't win the league, with the players he had, he really should have.
  5. If we do appoint Yogi, it doesn't look like he's gonna take us in any amazing cup runs. Even in his words
  6. That fella has been trying to flog that for years. It's not a 1999/2000 shirt either.
  7. I went to my first game with my Dad in '87 so it's perfect for me. Would love a remake of the shirt wore during the semi final against Hibs. Not had a yellow and red away strip in a while think last one was Iveco Daily shirt.
  8. Only £34 though. I was born in 1990, if I wear that shirt, will I look even more of a pillock?
  9. Mind you though, this was a team that played without Aero and did well. I'm not saying he's the answer but he's done well in midfield the few times I've seen him. Saying that though, I'd rather he was at the back beside Baird and McGinty sent to the top of Mount Everest, in his full kit, to get some ice cream, not to return till he has the goods. Another Midfielder won't hurt
  10. I have that feeling as well. Didn't think much of him when he was appointed manager and probably less now he's left. Change nothing on the pitch = Get nothing on the pitch. Piss tactics = piss results. Blootering the ball up the pitch from the back and crossing your fingers somebody gets it, doesn't cut it at this level. The game yesterday was a *Dramatic* change from that drivel. Now I'm not calling for Duffy to be appointed but I do see him as an option if results like this continue. Yesterday, Ayr United played Football for the first time since Hopkin was appointed. O'Connor is a breath of fresh air! A goal in literally a couple of minutes? Moff having a wee shot towards the end? That's the excitement we badly needed back at Somerset! Dunfermline weren't the best but they were playing a team who have now found they're feet. Add a midfielder and I can see Ayr doing well
  11. That's what I'm hoping for. I'm also hope Murdoch is able to play. McGinty dropped as well. If anything, I just hope there is some football as opposed to Hoofball.
  12. Wonder if the line up will be different from usual this week under Duffy. New on field tactics? Moff getting off the bench? Starting O'Connor? Obviously Muirhead isn't there. Or am I getting myself overexcited about something that won't happen and we'll get the same dross under Duffy as well?
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