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  1. Nobody on this thread gives a f**k. Stop tossing off to Ayr United you sad obsessed fud.
  2. Get all this political shite in the sea. Bad enough that the sad dregs of killie come on the Ayr United forum to crowd w**k but ffs, don't talk politics with them! Robert Connor? Sure he was manager for a short time in my youth
  3. Was talking to one of the boys at my work (Bluenose from Kilbirnie) about international players. I was telling him about Ayr signing Musonda and that he's a Zambia international. Then I started thinking, what players have played internationally and appeared for Ayr. I could only think of a few. (Players who have made an international appearance before joining Ayr) Andy McLaren, Junior Mendes, Kevin Kyle, Andy Walker, Craig Beattie, Robbie Winters, Luc Sonner. Anyone know of any others?
  4. Wee man handed me this from School. I'm a very proud Daddy
  5. Alan Forrest against Sevco. Alan Forrest against Sevco!
  6. What colour are we wanting the away shirt to be? I'm generally easily pleased and would be happy with anything other than last year's killie training kit or that horrific pink thing that was worn a few seasons back when we were beaten by a poor Gerry McLaughlin owning part time Queens park. I like the Dennis the Menace away shirt from 2011 and the 2002 semi final away shirt but I don't see anything coming like that this season.
  7. This has annoyed me muchly. Delay with Ayr to sign for Killie? Those would be the actions of a class A tw*t! I'm hoping Robbo is right though by not counting him out just yet.
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