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  1. I'm sure the ball constantly sailing into the net from the likes of Moore and Shankland, would cause a massive ball shaped shadow behind the net for 45 minutes. Slap on your sun-cream for the second half, that's when it's needed. :-D
  2. Does anyone know what Involvement Jim Kirkwood has to do with the Club? I know there was something about him doing something with the stadium. I tried googling it but nothing came up.
  3. I'm Sure Mccall has a bigger number in mind. 1000 is usually what we get at Somerset anyway. 1000 season tickets though, not bad :-)
  4. The Albion Rovers Thread

    You're probably right. :-/ Ian Mccall stated he was bringing in a new centre-half and I'm probably just clutching at straws with the presumption that he's getting a younger fella on loan.
  5. 'My pot noodle is bigger than yours!'
  6. Rangers and Hibs? Aye, might be good players :-)
  7. Yeah, I asked the Albion fans if he was good or not. They said he was shit. Is there any other up and coming defender that would do?
  8. The Albion Rovers Thread

    OK :-) Good luck in the coming season.
  9. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Shame. Ayr are looking for a new centre-half and I knew there was a player on loan from Aberdeen at Albion last season. I thought I'd ask how he got on, not the next Scott Mckenna then?
  10. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Was Harlain Mbayo any good for your team last season?
  11. Heard good things about Harlain Mbayo. Decent looking centre back, played a few games with Albion last season. If Mcinnes would let us have him on loan, could be a good addition.
  12. You don't think it'll be another loanee? Future scotland national team centre back? From Aberdeen or Rangers? Thinking that Mccall has good contacts with the Aberdeen manager, he has used them a few times for loans, might get another u20s cb in?
  13. Harry Forrester to Ayr? That too ambitious?
  14. So where is Mccall getting the money for this Centre back? Figured the money had ran out when he kept it so long to sign Ferguson. So does the club rely on a few games going in, say against Morton and so on, to get enough to sign another player?