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  1. Thanks for that really fine post. Worth remembering I hope I am more supportive than militant but when it's one of your own??
  2. Thank you for that and I'm glad my information overload is "maybe better wording" than your abbreviated suggestion
  3. I replied to a question from Bluenortherner who responded "Well said Baw Heid" So no problem there. I thought it was a strange question but never ever malicious. If you think it was OTT you best not read one of my comments after a 14 hour round trip to watch a game. I did suggest AJ should organise Scotrail and Trans Penine as well as he did the team for the Dundee United game at home
  4. There was a second comment to my information regarding our continuing support when playing or not playing Thought both replies were reasonable and informative
  5. I think you missed a reply to my information regarding our continuing support when he is playing or not. I replied to that. Both reasonable I thought.
  6. Just to be clear he is not complaining about criticism and never has. My comment was prompted about another comment regarding his families attendance at games and I hope it answered that. He does have to get match fit there is no doubt of that. I mentioned the nature of the injuries he has had where for long periods you can not do any training except gentle swimming. Callum will play when asked you might wonder why he is selected if he is not fit. When fully fit he is an asset to the team and I know he is not pissing about but is working hard to get back to his level of performance demanded of the team and the paying fans
  7. A bit unsure why asking about who watch Callum is of importance. His Dad and Grand dad get to as many games as possible even if the boys not playing. They include having been at Greenock, Firhill, Dunfermline as well as many home games as possible including the Dundee United game. Callum has a supporting family who attend as many games as possible and give him support playing or not. His fitness after some nasty injuries is a concern for us for his well being. I know he is committed to getting back to his fighting levels of performance Anyone questioning the support of his family should remember its a fair way from Sheffield to grounds in Scotland
  8. As far as Shankland is concerned be a pity if he can't play against us. We have his measure every time
  9. Great result but my MOTM would be the manager. How he has got the team playing is astonishing Playing McMullan out of the game was a big reason for the result. Just wish AJ would organise Scotrail and TP Exp as well Cant wait for next weeks game and we will not underestimate a fine part time team. 2-0 would be a good result. As an aside Dobbie's second goal was from a man back to form
  10. Looking forward to a nice pie tomorrow and a win. Should be a cracking game and as I remember if we keep McMullin quiet we can get the 3 points. I don't remember Shanklin getting any success against us last early season. They call it the battle of the strikers. My money is on Dobs particularly after he sees his carving.
  11. I see the reserves got their first point of the season today against Morton Not a bad couple of days Was wondering who played
  12. I like that If they can't trap a ball I suppose a wee dribble is out of the question Great 3 points so a fish supper is well deserved
  13. Well done to the Trust Your contributions must be greatly appreciated Keep up the good work
  14. With such a small squad and considering the lad has missed so much pre season work due to an injury in a friendly at East Fife, I'm not surprised he is not with the reserves. Regarding playing experienced players in the reserves I had experience with a club with a large squad who did just that and some of the players did not give a dam although a few of the good pros did put in a shift and it was good for the youngsters. The reserves should not only act as a feeder for the first team but also as a competitive competition and playing down can be to the detriment of the reserves. It's a fine line but you need to trust the manager to make these decisions as it is the first team results that really matter with progression next.
  15. Yes it was an unusual set up in the 1st half. if we are playing 3 CBs they should be at the back. Structure much better with a back 4 and mid fielders who are accustomed to this position. Lots of good things on show and we could have claimed the 3 points I did like the new signing and the attack looked better playing on the ground, no one tall enough to win high balls
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