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  1. I was really impressed with his performance. Great to see He isn't phased. If he eventually gets some service goals will follow
  2. Be good if that happens A decent loan keeper would be fine
  3. I understand this. My point is that the timing of contracts being offered is not a choice of timing but a lifting of furlough for the person charged with building the team Other clubs are cashing in and must have taken someone off furlough. At the moment the only signings we could make have to be made by the board without any input from the manager. HMRC are already clawing back furlough money where they can show employees on furlough have worked from home. If our manager is tasked with building a team he can not be seen to be doing anything until he returns from furlough, That's when signings will take place. I would not be surprised if the clubs offering part time are also offering a job made available by a benefactor that is flexible in times to work to fit in with training and any recovery.
  4. In my view the important point is not a timing issue, it is an ability to issue contracts when the manager is on furlough. It is clear that EK, Kelty Annan and even Stranraer have someone in employ as new contracts are being processed or they are in breach of the furlough law and could be subject to a hefty HMRC fine. Wonder if our Board members are on furlough as well, if not we might get players contracted by the Board and not the manager. Could be worth a try?
  5. I do agree with you and that's why we need to tie down more than 3 now. I would feel better if we at least had the manager working. All very strange in this crappy time.
  6. If you are right then its madness So in August we will have a part time manager and 3 signed players with pre season due to start 6 weeks before the first Betfred possibly the 1st of October?
  7. Better to sign up now with contracts starting on the date pre season starts rather than scrambling for those left
  8. Pity that I thought he might get some time this year with things as they are but he should get regular competitive games now and playing football is best for him
  9. I am definitely visiting Edinburgh so that I can have a few pints in The Diggers. Only problem is after my wee refreshment in The Diggers i might miss kick off. still have been a great day out
  10. I remember that goal and I liked that the whole team joined in. 60 minutes he was fine but as he tired he resorted to showboating . always thought he should have been substituted after an hour.
  11. I don't think it will as most clubs are in the same position Could be that the clubs at our level who make the earliest decision to start recruiting could benefit from the uncertainty the players are feeling at the moment. The article I read by Garry Oliver certainly laid out the worries they have
  12. Given how quiet it's been I'm happy to see any sort of discussion in here. My point is you're speaking as if the last few posts have detracted from all the football talk. There's very little worth speaking about. We haven't any idea when football will be back at Palmerston or know what sort of state we'll be in. That's about the only discussion we can have and even then it's all speculation. I agree with all that but a bit of speculation is fine by me and the opinions and knowledge of Dumfries football fans matters to me at this time of my football deprivation. I kind of rely on this site for information and speculation on how decisions on high could affect all our football teams.
  13. Sorry you think the way the recent posts have gone is preferable to speculating on next years squad. I wonder if it would be a start to promote Leighfield and Gourlay in as starters with a back line of Mercer Gourlay Semple and Holt and Dobbie and Murray up front I would hope we can find 2 proper holding midfielders and atleast one creative mid fielder. The first half of the season before last season had one half of the best of Harkins and we were creating chances for Dobbie to score loads of goals. I am not saying get Harkins back but a play maker like him would be good. At least the support would get something to get excited about. Any idea who could fill that roll?
  14. Any chance we can get back to the football related posts regarding the assembling and when we try to build a squad for next season
  15. That was the first time I watched the game on TV and the way the defence held out at the end was testament to the attitude of the squad. The defending started from the front and the whole team were responding to the harsh criticism they got from the Costa Rica game by not only the press but also by the Tartan Army. I was at the game and I can state that the team got the backing of the vast support not just the Tartan Army but also the Italians. I watched more talented squads before Genoa but for effort these lads were the best. It shows what a group of players can do if they are motivated and determined A bit of this at Palmerston and Queens will be fine.
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