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  1. Certainly does seem very harsh and I am surprised a team like Queens would handle a situation like this. I spent the first half of the season following the team as Callum Semple was playing on loan. When he left you were looking at the play offs and I particularly remember Callum's final game at Inverness when the fight back performance got a great win. Most of these players are still there and I trust a new face will enable them to reproduce the effort of that day. If they can you will walk the play offs
  2. Ross County v Queens

    Really looking forward to the game. After the result last night Queens will be well fired up for it. Not sure how many fans will make it to the game but their support at the last ICT game was excellent. The fans are never to sure what to expect but if they go for it it will be a fine game More likely a cautious approach which will suit us. Still think Friday night is a poor time for such an important game
  3. Relegation Royal Rumble

    One has the other two are just small with the part timers causing havoc, on plastic
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Anyone notice that 3 of the bottom 4 teams play on plastic? Just saying
  5. I know what you mean It was a better headline but we need to read the detail. No doubt the suspended games is to ensure the lad has learned his lesson. Looks like a reasonable outcome for all parties. He and Queens were good for one another
  6. If you are going to quote things like this be good to be accurate. He has been given a 2 game ban with 6 games suspended for a year. Looks like the panel wanted to be sure he could play against Queens if needed.
  7. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Alloa are certainly a decent team although like a lot of their fans I wonder why the pitch has been shrunk. Hope Queens manage to stay up
  8. Shit I have train tickets booked and a hotel. I picked this match as one of my six I'll still make it though
  9. No keen on the crispy antlers though
  10. Looking forward to this game after watching the last game at Dundee. We should win but they are hard to beat if they go ahead. United played like the away side the last game so anyone's guess how they will approach this one. Nothing like the sides I remember who played good football and brought on young players from a fine youth set up Long travel for me but I believe it will be worth it. Lack of recovery time my main concern
  11. No problem here Light as a feather. Will not allow your abusive language to spoil the good feelings I have for Queens. And by the way great result today old boy although I predicted a 0 -2 win with SD scoring
  12. Had a feeling Queens would win this Well done. Now push on on your centenary year
  13. Really poor taste considering how much the player did for the team during his 6 months loan. Short memories in Dumfries
  14. Dundee U.T.D. v Queens

    Watched them a couple of weeks ago at Dundee and when they get a goal they are happy to sit in Play more like the away team. Some say they manage the game well for me its time wasting. Nothing like the size of support I remember but its about promotion. When Queens get the first goal it will mean they need to open up and that will let Mr Dobbie get back on the scoring trail 2 - 0 to Queens.