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  1. I am with you all on this. A nice win is on the cards and where better to get it ?
  2. Bit of an experience watching the game on ALBA Not a bad result given the team we played. Thought East Fife were decent opposition. Be interesting who we get in the final but its ours to loose In many ways the ICT replay, important as it is, could be a distraction from two massive games against Partick and then Ayr although great for supporters. Having watched both twice this year I have no doubt we can turn both of them over
  3. Well yeah, I doubt he was ever going to be loaned to a women's league tbf. Men rather than boys although some of the football played in the woman's leagues is very competitive My point, from experience, is the need to play competitive football in front of critical supporters, home and away. You find the higher the level the less games the loan player gets unless they prove to be good enough. Queens prove the point by two CBs getting games but others being bit players who would have benefited getting games at a lower level
  4. Its not so much the level more about getting games in mens football. This will toughen him up
  5. Interesting that Ayr United's big star forward Shankland hasn't managed to score a goal in three games when he was marked by Semple
  6. Came up on the bus. Stand well back you burst them
  7. Ross County vs Alloa Athletic

    Good win against a decent outfit Needed a solid defensive display to hold the lead and gain a clean sheet. New guy settled in well and we will benefit from his passing ability,for sure. I had a nice day but my it was cold. Alloa will keep surprising a few teams this year
  8. Great result Alloa much better than I expected but defended the lead and another 3 points in the bag. Atmosphere different, a bit quiet but probably due to the family style of the club. I really enjoyed the visit but my it was cold. Regarding the pies, not at all bad. not full of grease but with a nice taste, better than the Killie pies? Great stadium friendly with plenty of hospitality areas that were being well used by the fans
  9. Will do and I will report back
  10. Exercising my right to follow a talented young CB
  11. Going to my first game to watch County play at home. Looking forward to watching another step back to the Premiership. Be interesting to find out who will be playing and sampling the atmosphere
  12. GN does a fine job on such a restricted budget. I have been impressed how he helps to develop loan players who are recommended to us by his contacts. A few more lads, like Callum Semple, from the excellent Sheffield United Academy system , won't go amiss
  13. Just back from Inverness What a performance. Our back line are so strong now and its a shame Callum Semple has left. The young man has formed 2 partnerships first with Doyle and now with Fordyce They both played so well and can you imagine how it was to see our 2 Wing Backs in the opposing area and getting the goal that put us back in the game. 2500 in the ground and our 200 ish out shouted the opposition completely You can see in the celebrations how much the players appreciate the great support
  14. Inverness v Queens

    I'm off to Inverness Don't care how we are set up as long as we get something away from home. It's different at home but that's for another time.
  15. feel a bit for Doyle. His is a good right side full back or wing back and he did well at centre back playing with semple He does give his best even when played out of position.