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  1. Great experience for the laddies. 7 youth team started and the whole bench were youth team.
  2. Never tried that.Sounds nice. Had haggis lasagne a few times.
  3. 4949 yesterday(maybe 250 Ross Cunty). Not including our much maligned under 12 season tickets being included this time. Surely that Morton diddy can't complain. f**k results, It's all about attendance .
  4. County far better than us. Not much more to say. Strong and organised. Think the change of formation was a big factor for us but hands up, The best championship side I've seen in the three years we've been here.
  5. Please nobody put up a pic of Ruth Davidson. Absolute brasser that she's attached herself to us.
  6. West Fife has a population of over 140,000. I think that's main reason we hold a decent support for a Town team. Also being in the East helps a wee bit. Leishman mania in the 80's gained us a lot of young fans. Now the kids from the 80's are taking their own kids. What the club are doing a great job with is ensuring they do take the same route as their parents and don't head on a bus to Glasgow.
  7. It may well be that more turned up that day Nightmare. I had a family member who was on the board at Dundee, that's how I know. They have added ST's for years. Pars only started doing this last year because Falkirk had been doing it. Does look daft sometimes when you have a midweek games in mid winter and half the attendance are sitting at home. The picture the Morton fan posted was a midweek game in winter last season and we were on a really bad run of form. That game was probably the most extreme example of this. Normally there's a difference of 6-700 for regular Saturdays. Under 12 season tickets are the biggest contributor to the gap. Next year we will not be including under 12 tickets who don't attend, so our figures will be not that different in future.
  8. I prefer the actual attendance figure being stated. It's not a number pulled out of the air though. We have actually got that many fans either in the ground or own a Pars season ticket. Morton could start announcing crowds of 2000 if they added their ST holders. Come join us. You can also add Dundee to that list above. I know for a fact they add season ticket sales to attendances.
  9. First one was 12 minutes. Second 30 minutes. That's my point. GazFFC said this is where the ref needs to book early and get a grip of the game. I think the ref did. Although I still think the second should be red for Rabitsch. He seemed to make contact just under Faz's right knee and had no intent to win the ball.
  10. They ref did book both challenges. It was two different players that scythed down Faz. There was nothing else worth a booking before then.
  11. Morris is a very good centre half at this level. No matter how much a dick he's been. Having a look at the County squad it looks pretty strong(particularly across midfield) maybe not a good as us in the forward area. It will be an interesting match on Saturday. Can only see one goal in it. Pars look much improved this season with a depth of quality I've not seen in over a decade.
  12. Apart from the two cynical challenges on Faissal in the first half, I wouldn't say they were a dirty team. Just a bit desperate. Rabitsch was dirty individually but got subbed before he was sent off. We were just too quick and nibble for some of their big galoots.
  13. I don't think it's got through to you lot that we seem to get the best out of them time and time again, maybe you need to look closer to home as to why that is.
  14. Probably play-off this year for you guys. Next year the league is yours.
  15. Thought I read Trades is shut for refurbishment? I'm heading to the Clep the morra. Proper old school.
  16. Norrie is a legend and and record holder for appearances. He quite rightly holds a god like status at EEP. It doesn't feel right to give a full critique of my reasons. I would say it's more a reflection of how good I think Ash is rather than a slight on Norrie.
  17. Any roll will do. Lurpak butter on both sides is a must.
  18. Partial to a few bridies myself. I melt cheese on the top then stick it on a roll.
  19. Jambos will fill the Cowdenbeath end. Good draw I think. Hard game but better than getting a boring draw against somebody from the Championship.
  20. Sack Smith. Get your arses back up here. We need the real derby back. None of this Falkirk contrived pish.
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