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  1. Reading that the lad has had a few issues in the past and is desperate to get his career back on track. Scored a few goals at Leatherhead and left them 5th of January, stating on Twitter that he's re-locating. Scored some incredible goals and looks very skilful (albeit at a low level). Yogi did say he wanted to speak to the nearly done deal guy about where they are with football and how the see their future. Kind of fits in with the issues he's has had. Who knows. All will be revealed in the next few days if it's true.
  2. I thought Brad McKay was poor defensively. McAusland was a far better defender.
  3. Surprised the nearly signed guy has not been uncovered yet. Sounds like a player that has played at a higher level and getting on a bit and might be easily recognised.
  4. Offt. Guess that trialist who wasn't a trialist wasn't really up for it afterall.
  5. Thought that was somebody joking about that on Twitter. Did it really finish 7-1?
  6. I thought that too. He played there for ICT a few times too. Lewis Martin is very good playing left centre back or or left back though. Think Yogi has some form of symmetry OCD.
  7. I would loan Todd and Allan out for the rest of the season. Wilson coming back and Chalmers signed. Cole making a claim for a spot now too. Then you have got Dorrans and Pybus.
  8. He also goes on about Lewis Martin being unnatural playing on the left CB position. Martin is better on the left than the right, quite worrying that he doesn't appear to know this. Is he talking about Chalmers playing left centre back? He seems to be tormented about a time he played left CB as a player and continually brings this up. Very strange hang up.
  9. Sounds like an absolute shitey signing going by Ayr fans, but sure there must be something there, as he's previously played at a higher level most of his career. In the past we have signed players that most thought looked good signings and they have ended up flops. Maybe we are going down the ICT route of polishing turds now. I hope so anyway.
  10. Wilson has never been near fit when he's played this season. Thomas and Lawless will be about as good as it gets for wide players in this division. Just need somebody in the box to take the chances that will come. The spine of the team is where I would want to see improvement. Keeper, central midfielder, central defender and an experienced target man would be great. Easier said than done though.
  11. Quite a few club have had success from the low English leagues last couple of seasons. Doesn't seem to be a route that Pars have gone down since signing McGill, Bowman and the boy from Norwich. They were all really young players though.
  12. At the start of the window, Hughes said that he had enough budget to bring in 2-3 players without getting rid of any. Since then we have done the following business. In Coll Donaldson, Lewis Martin and Steven Lawless Out Kai Kennedy, Ross Graham, Vytas Gaspuitis, Mark Connolly, Craig Wighton, Kyle MacDonald. That must leave a budget for 3-4 decent wage packets. Hopefully he gets those plates spinning a bit faster this week.
  13. No woosh at all. It's out of context. It a total fail really. Don't really find army stuff very impressive either.
  14. Is that where you learnt to spit the dummy when a result goes against you?
  15. Think it showed how much Todd and Allan shouldn't be in the starting 11. Cole and Dorrans showed composure and nous. We dominated the middle of the park with them. Pybus was excellent second half with the two midfield subs.
  16. The Todd, Pybus and Allan midfield again offering nothing. Todd again just jogging around the park looking lost. He offers nothing.
  17. The Barry Nicholson rips the pish derby.
  18. Yogi in the Courier talking about using Dorrans as a number 10. Not sure if he's sharp enough to play in those areas but at least it would but an end to what he's doing now.. That hole he plays in, between the goalkeeper and the centre backs.
  19. Pars set to sign Florent Hoti from Dundee Utd https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/transfer-news-live-celtic-rangers-25974552?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar#entry520850
  20. Listening to Yogi's weekly interview. Detect by the tone of that interview that the size of the task he's got is hitting home. The transfer window is turning into a bit of a nightmare. Hitting dead ends. Doesn't sound like anything is going to happen soon. He's looking for more guile and physicality. He's hoping that things heat up towards the end of the window. Can't see how we are going to get past another 2-3 games with this rabble of a squad picking up points. We could be detached by the time we get players in. What a horrible horrible season this has been. The footballing matters at DAFC have been handled terribly. A complete shambles in the boardroom and in the dugout.
  21. It would be the case if Yogi meant what he said about a right sided centre back playing on the left of the two as being like''a fish up a tree'.
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