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  1. Club still not announced Anderson deal. Wonder if they're holding off to get another over the line.
  2. Bruce Anderson signed from Aberdeen according to Daily Record
  3. Left a club in Iran back in December. Strange nobody has signed him by now
  4. Todorov played a bounce game for Dundee Utd the other week, so he's back in Scotland. Played under Crawford and Neilson at Hearts. 6,3 and can play upfront or at the back. 38 games for Livi in their promotion season. I don't think he sounds too bad an option to have. Lewis Allan better have improved over the last 4 years if we looking at him. Still only 22 though. Both sound believable and probably where we are in player choices just now.
  5. Hopefully a busy day at EEP tomrrow. Thought we would of had at least one in at this stage of the week. Very difficult in terms of managerial change, choice and finance. Like mentioned above, prepare to be underwhelmed when signings are made.
  6. Things move quicker on the last day. Still clubs looking to get somebody in before letting others out. Got til March 31st for out of contract players too. Confident that there will be at least a couple new faces by Friday morning.
  7. You got info on who they are? Heard there could be 3 this week.
  8. A friend of mine with links to Crawford.I would expect quite a bit of inside info floating about under the new regime.
  9. Looked good in training so far apparently, but will be a pretty much unknown quantity. None of our management have seen him play in a competitive match.
  10. I know that the ITK stuff winds folk up but I going to post this anyway. Up to 3 players will sign this week and we have a Czech striker in training at the moment.
  11. Rarely see Higgy being effective. My biggest worry is that when somebody leaves, we seem to replace it with somebody even worse. Recruitment has been shambolic.
  12. Think he's saying that they are enquiring about players but nothing close at the moment. The Craw does seem to take the long way round, when explaining himself.
  13. Aye. I'm sure there will be lots of moaning if we do sign him but beggars can't be choosers. He's a strong target man that can hold the ball up. He might do the donkey work for somebody like Faz to work off and maybe allow him to find more dangerous positions in the box..
  14. Still a week to go. I would amazed if we don't see a striker come in.
  15. If Gill is not deemed good enough just now then him going on loan and bringing in a competitive challenger to Robinson would make sense. I've heard from a few folk that Gill is not ready for first team football. All it takes is one injury to Robinson and we would be screwed if Gill's not up to it. I think Robinson could do with some serious competion anyway. Just as long as we have funds for a striker or two.
  16. If they put Gill out on loan or Robinson leaves then it will make perfect sense.
  17. I'm sure it will become clear why he's signed. Bit surprised by the extreme negativity from the Morton fans about Scully. Seemed a decent keeper in his time here. Not brilliant but a decent shot stopper and I can't remember too many howlers in his 2 year with us. I will judge him on what he does here. Strikers next please Craw.
  18. We have a couple decent central midfielders and that's about a complementary as I can get. Genuinely can't see anything other than a relegation battle now. Really need a win here but if we can't bring in a couple strikers then I can't see where a goal is coming from. Dunfermline nil has become all too familiar.
  19. Couldn't agree more. Can't believe this imposter is still getting a game. Truely awful footballer. Crawford has been at the club since July and seen this joke for months. He comes in and still plays him? He was pish at Tannadice last week and yet again plays him agains. Oh... what happens... Another f**k up!!. We really are screwed.
  20. His embarrassing clapping to the Pars fans at the end was the most effort he put into the game. Another complete imposter.
  21. No sense in us stooping to their hammer throwing and kung fu tactics. I'm sure he's directing that at Pars fans when Higgy challenged fans to fight at the end.
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