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  1. If Pybus gets injured, I'm struggling to see who can give us that physicality in the middle of the park All the other guys are more slow passing type players that don't really put themselves about. I thought Wilson could be the back up plan but now he's gone. I think we still might see a loan player coming in to give us a bit more physicality and Todd/Allan heading out on loan. Also looking at the back up for Donaldson and Martin. Leon Jones and Breen. That's quite a step down in quality. That's another area I thought we would maybe strengthen. Could maybe see a loan deal for a centre half before end of February.
  2. Really surprised by this. Thought Rovers were better than that.
  3. You're wrong. Although he has looked well off the pace in his two brief appearances for us this season. Get him fit and you will have a good player on you're hands.
  4. Always thought there was a player in there. He always seemed a bit lethargic and slow when he played for us. Didn't like a tackle. He's tidy enough on the ball and probably would be better in a more advanced central midfield role. Crawford always had his central midfield sitting deep, so maybe didn't suit his game. Age is on his side and seemed to do well at Airdrie. Wasn't great for us but wouldn't surprise me if he does well at Ayr.
  5. Pars sign Polish U21 goalkeeper Jacob Stolarczyk from Leicester City until the end of the season.
  6. Really good news that Yogi has hopefully replaced OFW. You can't have a keeper standing on his line the whole match.
  7. Would take till end of season. I don't think he fits our style at all. He's not a target man or a wide player. He also just a bit rubbish.
  8. He did come in during the car crash Peter Grant reign. Glad to hear that he's doing well. We are looking much better defensively now too, so worked out well for both parties in the end.
  9. In fact just read that Appere is going to Northampton. Scratch that idea.
  10. Best for both club and player. If he goes, it would leave no target man back up to McCann. That position is integral to how Hughes wants to play. Appere (linked with us at the weekend) at Dundee United would be good for that role and give some real competition to Lewis McCann.
  11. The 2 games that he re-appeared this season, he was well off the pace.
  12. Think we could do with another midfielder who can break up play. Only got Pybus that can do that role. Todd, Allan, Dorrans, Cole and Chalmers don't really have that about them.
  13. Wonder who will be first to get emptied by May. AJ or the Dumfries politician of choice, bawbag Boris.
  14. What a turn around last 3 games. Read that based on the 9 games Yogi has been in charge we are currently 3rd in the form table. Pretty impressive when you think of the shit show he took over. Great to see a bit of buzz back with the fans
  15. Steven Lawless. Should be playing Premiership football. Very lucky to have him.
  16. We did the same to Inverness last week in the second half. Unfair to discredit the Pars performance.
  17. That's 3 games since the Greenock debacle and we've looked like a different team since then. Lawless has been the best signing we've made in a long time. He keeps the ball up the park. He brings players onto the game by holding it up and also skins defenders at will. He should be playing Premiership football. What a coup.
  18. He's just trying to have a laugh. Maybe what folk on here call ''DA banter'' but at least he's trying to lift the mood. Keep the ''DA'' banter up Yogi. Better than the dullard generation of mangers we produce now.
  19. Given his style of play is running around a lot I doubt he's had to changed much. He was very good last week. He had a few good performances for us to be fair. Does the running about but has won tackles and passing has been fine.
  20. He was a youth player with the Pars before going to United. He certainly fits the profile that Yogi likes in a striker. Over 6ft and a bit of power. Can just imagine Joe Chalmers wand of a left foot providing chances galore for him....
  21. Both have been helping out for weeks. Hope they don't cost too much. Would be some size of a coaching staff.
  22. Yogi still looking to bring in another one or two. Could see a physical central midfielder and a centre half to replace Connolly. Think that will be us done after that. Would like a new keeper but don't think that will happen until the summer.
  23. Bobby Kamwa a Leeds u-23 striker/midfielder mentioned on East End Bounce. Sounds like Leeds are willing to let him go.
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