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  1. Yogis is stating in his interview that professional footballers should be able to play anywhere and Pars fans might have to take it on the chin with some square pegs in round holes in future. Where have I heard this before?
  2. Thought Connolly and Gaspuitis was one of the few areas of the park the was OK. Breen was certainly a downgrade yesterday.
  3. Bit early to decide. I think he makes very similar comments to Peter Grant about this bunch. The difference is that Grant built this shifest and Yogi deserves a chance to build his own team. If we go down, I will still give him the time to turn this mess around.
  4. Trying our best to claim the clown shoe cup from them. They are miles ahead to be fair. I can't believe how shit they must be after watching that utter vomit from the Pars today.
  5. Oh, Can I just single out a few names that need to be called out as fucking useless today. OFW (again....stick painting please) Comrie Breen Edwards ( fucking awful player. Enable to play a 5 yard pass and gets skinned by any average winger) Todd( never going to make it) Dow(Teflon) Utter shite since he came back but plays every week regardless of how anonymous he is. 10 men with this guy in the team.
  6. Exactly mate. I was stunned to see applause from a small minority of Pars fans at the end. Maybe applauding Lewis McCann for giving more a shit than the rest of the team combined.
  7. It was McDonald that gave that shite pass for the QOS second goal. He was awful the whole match Today was just a continuation of the Peter Grant era. Defensively shambolic throughout. We had nothing from midfield either. God we need fresh blood in the midfield. Utter dung we have in the middle of the park. McCann was superb. I thought the guy did the work of two men today. He was left hung out to dry with that shambles of a set-up from Yogi and still managed to score a goal. He ruffled up defenders and held the ball up as best he could. Totally let down by his manger and team mates. Fucking disgrace of a performance.
  8. Yeah. Some really bad keepers. I think I'm being generous when to say in the last 5 years too. It clearly goes back much further than that.
  9. 110k on absolute dug shite. OFW needed replaced in the summer. Grant identified this issue and then pursued to sign the worst goalkeeper I have ever seen as his replacement. The goalkeeping position has been an absolute disaster over the last 5 years.
  10. An outrageous thing to say about Sol Bamba! He found big Dorus playing for a Dutch amatuer team in a pre-season tour tae! Mixed bag we could say in terms of his signings.
  11. Sounds a bit more promising regarding Lewis Martin. Yogi thought he did well in the bounce game and he's been training every day. Need to get up to match fitness and they are trying to get him some game time with another bounce match. Great option to have across the back line, but should be first choice left back by a mile if he gets back to where he was before.
  12. Aye, Wilson is out again with that heel problem. That was issue before. He didn't look nearly fit when he returned. Going to give up any hope that he will come into the midfield fully fit anytime soon. Forget Wilson and Cole. Leaves you with Todd, Allan and Pybus, non of which are at a level that's going to help improve our midfield situation. We really need to strengthen that area pronto, same with wide areas, left back and keeper. It amounts to about 6 first choice players to rectify this team. Nae chance that's happening in a winter transfer window.
  13. Morris retired in the summer. He is sporting operations manager at Morpeth Town now. Says Ex-Footballer in his linked in page. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/callum-morris-b81826bb
  14. I know our march towards relegation is pretty much due to the terrible management of Peter Grant but I hope bad luck isn't going to play it's part in the remainder of the season too. You couldn't pick a worse player to have lost at this moment in time. Kai Kennedy is going to have to step up now and show us what he can do. Not sure how much desire he has to do this but we really need him over the next 4 weeks to fill the shoes of Dom.
  15. Not sure about Yogi picking folk based on banter quality but certainly think the hard work qualities will see lesser talented players picked. He seems to like a target man up front so Todorov will battle it out with McCann. I think he is very keen to blood our young players. O'Hara may find himself playing wider now that Thomas is out. Wighton can look a bit lethargic and I have a feeling that Yogi won't like that much. It would be a waste, as he is the most talented of all our strikers. On Wilson, I would say that he look well off the pace when he returned. In the two games he played he didn't close down the Raith goalscorer and the next game against Arbroath he watched the Arbroath player run past him for one of their goals. I just don't think he was near fit.
  16. I too like Dorrans, but the problem is that you need to play him in the quarter back position to get the best out of him. This means that you need to play a 3 man central midfield as one ahead of Dorrans will get swamped. This then leads to having an isolated centre forward. We really do seem to have an issue with choosing between 3 cm's or 2 forwards. How do the teams doing well in this league get over this conundrum? It seems to have been a problem for us for many years. I'm guessing our weak central midfield is the big issue here. Two good CM's would maybe allow two forwards?
  17. We need to look at what St Mirren did a few years back as inspiration. They managed to bin loads of duds in the winter window and bring a good few in to turn it round. I hope there's some honest conversations with the likes of Cole and Mehmet and tell them there's no future at the club. The may hang on til the summer but St Mirren somehow managed to get rid of guys under contract when desperately needed. This isn't a bring in 1 or 2 job here. We need a turn around of 4-5 at least. We need a new keeper, a left back, two central midfielders and at least one winger. Then get rid of one of our keepers, Cole, Kennedy, Graham and Jones.
  18. OFW at that corner on Saturday. FFS min. What howling shite keepers we have. Wonder if we can ship one of them out in January and get a new one in.
  19. Leave the bigoted shit to the arse cheeks. I would hate to hear Pars fans signing about orange Bassas or Fe**an whatevers. Like to think we're better than that.
  20. Normally thick as shit chavs that support Rangers and come from the Town. Lower class of person.
  21. Had a vivid dream that we won 4-2 last night. Wighton scored the fourth with a header inside the six yard box. Watch this space.......
  22. Yogi is refreshingly open in his interviews. Said that O'Hara is the best striker at the club(debatable)and that nobody in the squad can play the number 10 role. Another manager that finds it difficult to play 2 up front and leave the midfield open or putting the extra man in midfield and become toothless up front. He seems to think a number 10 is the answer that works between midfield and forwards. Something Crawford highlighted as his biggest problem and Grant made this one of his excuses. Personally would like to see two strikers supported with better central midfielders behind them. Central midfield two is fine if you have decent players in there.
  23. Very cautious manager. He could never find that balance between being secure at the back and posing a threat in attack. I thought we were boring under his tenure. He did well in the transfer market for us though. Good eye for a player.
  24. I see Crawford has been appointed manager at East Fife. Wasn't a fan of his brand of football. Too cautious. Got a good eye for a player though. Wish him well.
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