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  1. Can't say I've noticed him before but good reviews from Arbroath fans is encouraging. Pretty happy with our couple bits of business so far.
  2. Brian McLean released by Morton today. Played for N.Ireland and played in England.
  3. Runs his own fitness training business. Done with football apparently.
  4. Keeping the same price at 10% inflation is technically a price reduction of 2 quid a game. I think the pricing is fair. Good to see them encourage the younger fans. They were superb last year when the team was utter horseshit.
  5. Kyle Benedictus signs for Pars on a 2 year deal.
  6. Came through Pars youth system. Played a few first team games. Centre back, did play DM few times. Was still young went he was released. Can't say how decent he is now.
  7. Just got over 2 years of injury. Would be an excellent signing if he stays fit. Right footed but left back is his best position. Good at centre back and can play at right back. I wanted us to offer him a deal, but understand why we've let him go.
  8. as said above, Benedictus is the only name there that makes sense unless we are losing a couple right backs and a couple strikers.
  9. Can we please ignore that bit. Blasphemy in my eyes.
  10. You are winning the wee team chip on the shoulder competition by quite a distance already.
  11. Sounds fairly obvious but our last manager seemed to care more about how others perceived us as a footballing side , rather than doing what was needed to win games of football.
  12. Wish that lazy streak o pish Chalmers was on that list.
  13. I think Martin will pop up elsewhere and be a cracking signing for somebody if given a proper run. I think we might live to regret that one. I would've kept Pybus and tried to sign Donaldson. Would also tried keeping Thomas if there was a chance. There rest I'm easy about leaving.
  14. Number one aim is get Chalmers out. Terrified he gets hurt in a challenge. Never seen such a shite bag of a player. He doesn't defend and he doesn't attack. Wee short passes is the limit. Just one of those players you really wish they weren't at your club. I know exactly why the Ayr fans were celebrating when thick Yogi paid a fee for him. His standout moment of his time here is his OG against QOS.
  15. Never seemed a manager type personality. Bizarre appointment. Never know until you give them the chance I suppose.
  16. Dan Pybus has left. One of the few I would've kept on.
  17. Yes. He was the only good signing Yogi made. Very dominant CB. He's vocal and he's team mates no about it if they mess up. Dundee United fans think he's horrendous but I never witness the dodgy mistakes they warned us about.
  18. Fucksake. That's a great signing. Pissed off at that.
  19. Like said above. Lawless didnt really create or score goals. No point playing with wingers when one of them don't create anything. He looked tidy on the ball but really just passed the ball back into midfield after holding on to it for a bit. No for me. If we are looking at a winger, I would want a winger with more pace and direct.
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