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  1. Yes it is. Had that experience with Dorus DeVries in 2007.
  2. ''There are no such issues with the service in the soon to be City of Greenock.'' Please enlighten me to Greenock's USP to swing that. f**k, at least we were the capital of Scotland 800 years ago.
  3. Ambrose pathetic effort to block that cross min. Lazy fart of a centre back. Martin should be ahead of him. He's very comfortable on the ball, very good footballer but asking him to be a defender, and he cant be arsed. Right up Yogi's street. As long as you like five yards passes then fuk the rest of your abilities. Another failure appointment from our useless board.
  4. Does the basics well, keeps things ticking over and is tidy on the ball. Fair enough but I think Pybus keeps things ticking over with 5 yard passes but also wins the ball and doesn't crap out of the rough stuff. I just think his wee passes could be swapped for a player with some life about them. He plays like a stoner.
  5. Complete shitebag, What do you like about him? I've seen nothing in him. What the fuk is Comrie doing on the second goal btw. His wee skinny chicken legs doing a Riverdance. Surely between him and the keeper that weak header should never be crossing the goal line.
  6. Yeah, I would like to see some fresh ideas. Even though Grant and Crawford were inexperienced in management they were not young managers. I would like to see somebody young and full of enthusiasm. Somebody who's played the game in recent times. Yogi is still doing the same stuff he was doing 15 years ago. He clearly never evolved as a manager. If we go down, we absolutely need a fresh manager. Most the squad will be gone if we go down, so a re-build will be required regardless. I would rather Yogi didn't do it.
  7. Another week of talking about the importance of 3 points. We rarely ever do though. Our inappropriate recruitment for a relgation battle in January and our inappropriate tactics for a relegation battle ensures this every week. Looking like 9th is the best we can hope for now as the other strugglers have sussed what to do in a relegation battle whilst our manager still focuses the emphasis on how many passes we can make in harmless areas of the pitch Fed up of the over passing crap and soft as shite players. Fed up of Yogi tbh.
  8. Yeah, effort has not been the issue this season. A real struggle to score goals, a midfield with no aggression(apart from Pybus) and some really sloppy defending has been our down fall this season. Hughes would rather have a soft player that loves to makes wee 5 yard passes than somebody who will do the basics better and not shy from a battle. Yogi's ethos is exactly what you don't need in relgation battle. Ambrose is a good player but doesn't seem interested in basic defending. Not intrested in the rough side. Far too relaxed for me. Chalmers is a wimp. Looks terrified to tackle,doesn't even challenge for headers despite being 6 foot 2. I think we needed a totally different type of midfielder to him but again, he suits the slow paced soft midfield that Yogi likes. I think it's becoming apparent that we have got the manager appointment wrong again unfortunately. Hope iIm proved wrong but this team Yogi has built is not mentally or physically up to relegation battle.
  9. I don't even get that excited when we take the lead. Just a knowing that we will shit the bed and be clinging on. Fucking losers. Yogi doesn't have the answers. He had a lot of backing to change the team in the window and for whtever reason he can't get this team winning.
  10. The problem with Hughes is that he seems to rate how much possession of the ball we have before actually scoring goals and getting points. His neglect of our attack is going to relegate us. If he doesn't change that attitude by the end of the season and he takes us down, then I would want a change. We will need to score many goals to get promoted and we aint doing it with our current approach
  11. Yeah, opinion shut down is the way forward for a football forum.
  12. We need to get the ball to the forwards quicker and more players in the box. If that meant 2 up top of just supporting the lone striker better, I don't care. We had loads of the ball against Arbroath, but it was taking about 30 passes and 10 minutes to get from one end of the pitch to the other. By that time Arboath had everybody in the box and we had no space to get through. All too slow and predictable. You can easily see why we are not scoring goals and it's going to relegate us unless Yogi starts mixing up our play and growing pair by putting more emphasis on scoring goals than trying to look good in harmless areas of the pitch.
  13. Took a drive up to Arbroath today and thought we were unlucky but not being adventurous enough to create out own luck. Need to pose more attacking threat. I can't stand the one up front. We need to win games and the isolated striker is no use. We are over doing the passing too. We do it with no pace or attacking purpose. We give teams too much time to get into their defensive shape. Edwards was utterly shocking today. Lawless one on one should've done much better. Dorrans hitting the ball at the keeper from 6 yards out. Knocking the ball about in areas that doesn't hurt the opposition may look good , but it's not what you need in a relegation battle. We will go down if we don't start getting more bodies in the box and being a bit more direct.
  14. Pars lost 1 in 6 games. Certainly hard to beat but we need wins. Dorrans can't play AM. Either Polworth given a go in there or put O'Hara up top feeding off McCann. Like last week, this fixture would normally look like a decent point but we desperately need three.
  15. Just Dorrans and Pybus that starting from Grant's signings now. The arrival of Polworth may even see one of them drop out now. What an unmitigated disaster that appointment has been.
  16. I actually don't mind McCann up there. The problem is not having anybody feeding off him. Dorrans in the AM role is a waste of a shirt. He's too ponderous. Get an AM with energy and legs to support the attack or get a second striker up there.
  17. Todd will be right back. What the fuk is Hughes playing at? Martin is the obvious choice. Utterly bizzre. Todd is utter guff even in his natural role.
  18. Results have not been kind the last few weeks. Never expected the sides around us to get the results they have. We need to pull some big wins out the bag now.
  19. Normally say that a draw would be a decent result but time is running out and results elsewhere have done us no favours. Really need three points to close the gap above us. Hopefully have a proper go at them Saturday. We're playing no bad just now.
  20. £830,000 in cash reserves too. Unreal that we've managed to do that.
  21. 4 points behind 8th and 33pts to play for. Plenty time to chip away at that deficit. I think we're playing well enough to still make automatic safety spots.
  22. Would be real shame if the cunto got splatted by a tree.
  23. That quite an incredible achievement. Excellent performance away from the footballing matters.
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