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  1. John McGimp really has lost it since coming out with his admiration of rapist footballers. His goals over morals personality really has been his downfall.
  2. Sounds very brave of your chairman. Most would go nowhere near a Q&A at a time when their team is bottom.
  3. Aye. Seems to have had a rocket up his arse since the Hamilton away game. Very good in our last 3 home games.
  4. Donaldson has been a colossus at the back. Honestly can't see how he could've been as bad as Arabs say. Would love to see him sign long term if we stay up.
  5. An object to dribble round in training? Need him punted pronto. The rest of the team have some fight thank f**k.
  6. The 7th in league 1 season was the worst I've seen by far. Jeffries should've gone after the Cowden game and Potter was a complete disaster that made things even worse. Friendly coach with the youths that couldn't manage men. Totally out his depth. Watchted Pars since the age of 8 in 1985 and never seen such incompetence. The post admin ''fans were understanding'' rhetoric is nonsense. We had many players that season that other teams couldn't afford. Buchanan, Falkingham, Geggan, El-Bak and Moffat from Ayr etc and still made an arse of ourselves. Please don't re-write history that this season is the worst ever. That season 14-15 was the worst by far.
  7. We had a wee 5 minute spell after the goal second half and nothing for the other 45 minutes. We we mince today.
  8. Cracking goal. Nobody closes him down though. Well deserved. So obvious. Changes it when Inverness scores.
  9. Back to the ponderous ineffective passing(and not completing many) and offering nothing in the attacking sense. This needs changed or we will take nothing from this. Credit to ICT. winning every second ball in midfield and getting the ball quickly into dangerous areas. Everything we are not doing.
  10. Really. Surely a Pars win is not good for them.... I fully understand it. I feel the same when they are playing.
  11. Thought we had a couple of potential emergency options lined-up? Alexander was a good keeper in his day but he's 44 now and not played in 4 years? Total farce if we end up in that situation.
  12. We're not set up to win either though. The team run out of ideas when we get in the final third. From what I see, it's because we don't have enough bodies in the box. We are very comfortable passing it around wide areas and midfield. It looks pretty but there's no goal threat. A combination of a toothless set-up and the continuation of losing pathetic soft goals his killing us.
  13. Lewis McCann certainly made an impact tonight. Thought he looked stress free with O'Hara alongside him. I think he could be a big player for us in the right team. Two late equalisers this season.
  14. Easy to get hoodwinked by our keep the ball tactics. We will go 1 up top with no support, pass like fuk to no effect then lose some soft goals. That's the Yogi way
  15. Morton are pretty shite but well organised. That's what you need in this league. We try to play like peak Messi era Barcelona but struggle to carry any attacking threat as it means having an extra central midfielder and playing one up top with no support. Iain Wilson evern said post match that we were predictable with our passing until we put two and went more direct up top last 10 mins.
  16. 25 goal attempts and 4 on target. We put two up top for 10 minutes, score a goal and hit the post. I bet you that we have 1 up top against Partick. Nae baws Yogi might look hard but he's a coward of a football manager. Just heard Iain Wilson's post match interview. Says that our neat passing was predicable and we only caused them problems when we started being more direct. This is stuff that normal fans have been saying for weeks. Why can't clown shoe Yogi see it? On a side note the keeper doesn't look great eh. No that bothered he can't play next two games.
  17. Sorry but Yogi is a fukin clown. The same predictable shit for 80 mins. He then put McCann on and surprise, surprise, we score a goal with two up top. Over complicating a the Scottish Championship. He just doesn't get it. This team mixing it up a bit and getting more direct and more men in the box could win games but his default pishy slow passing system is sending us down. Fans have been saying it for weeks but he can't find the balls to start that way. He's only comfortable doing it with 10 mins to go. Get him to fuk.
  18. My only caveat to the crowd prediction is that the club may well be adding paying ticket sales to season ticket holder sales. I do know two season ticket holders that are sitting the house getting pished watching the game, rather than giving their struggling team a bit of backing. There may be other that do the same.
  19. NW stand pretty much sold out. Club Expecting 4-4.5K tonight based on sales earlier today.
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