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  1. 3 hours ago, Rob1885 said:

    Wighton back in the squad.

    Has started to join in ''a bit'' again and looking good. No chance he will play Saturday I think. Hope he is much improved from what we've seen when playing with his knee injury.

    Sounds like O'Hara is carrying a knock too. Big Todorov is the main striker for me just know. Looks a real threat at this level, Maybe he and McCann on Saturday.

    Disappointing that we have still not added to the squad by this game but we are where we are. Still think with our thin squad we have not looked second best to anybody this season.  Don't think that will change on Saturday.

  2. Having been forced to watch Efe Ambrose fanny about doing tricks in his 6 yard box last season and then have a solid centre back like Bene come in you can see why things went so badly wrong last season. 

    The difference between those two players basically refects the difference in their respective managers.

    Yogi cared more about his team completing 700 passes a match to no effect, so that his pals in the media could massage his ego by commenting on the good football Yogi's teams play.

    McPake is more interested in winning football matches and not what outsiders think about our style. It's about his team not about him, unlike Yogi.


  3. 42 minutes ago, Berry said:

    This fixture I think is where we’ll truly see where the Pars are at I think.

    We've have had some kind fixtures so far. It's good that we have picked up points but I think today is where we realise that we have a lot of work to do. The lack of recruitment will catch up with us.

    We have been pretty poor in the 3 games I've seen so far. I did miss the Edinburgh game. I think we're a middling bang average league1 side, hoping to get a play-off spot.

    The attacking set-up is a shambles and there no creative midifelders. Plenty effort but no quality.

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