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  1. Last signing was 8th June. I'm sure the last time I saw our signing GIF it was a quill and ink pot.
  2. No disrespect to Buckie Thistle but 5-0 victories is what a club like Dunfermline Athetic should expect when playing them.
  3. Todorov had been unfortunate that our best youth product is a 6ft 2 striker. He's really not had much of a chance and is now making a habit of scoring off the bench after 2-3 minutes.
  4. Some slack passes the more the half went on. I like Hamilton but not much else in that midfield, no creativity in the middle or wide.
  5. Good to hear McPake taking about players keeping possession in comfortable areas wasn't acceptable. That was exactly what Yogi loved and why we couldn't carry any attacking threat.
  6. Crawford was the same with us. We had a back four but the two central midfielders were so deep, they were basically a 6 man defence. We then had nothing in the middle of the park and a loan striker running about chasing lost causes. The football was turged under the Craw.
  7. Think you are looking a bit too deep in to a game with teams that have not nearly finished recruitment and played their first competitive game.
  8. McCann's finishing has been suspect in the past but that should improve given time and experience. He ticks the boxes physically and is decent with the ball at his feet for a 6 ft 2 target man.
  9. Seems to be something folk bring up about maintanence etc, but the stadium also allows us to bring in income from the bar. Boxes and hospitality that other clubs with smaller grounds can't do. It's not the Nou Camp. It about 3k seats bigger than other championship grounds around Scotland. Think it's exaggerated how much the ground is a drain of finances.
  10. In bygone days the youth team were a seperate thing to your first team squad list. It gives a false impression that we have a decent sized squad by adding 5-6 16 year olds in there. I'm guessing we have a reserve/youth team that will accommodate these players. You can see instantly that the 16 year olds a nowhere near ready to being in contention for first team football. They a stick thin, they will get battered across the park in league 1.
  11. The Sun online says Falkirk and Pars are interested in taking him.
  12. Never known such stalemate in the summer window. Nothing really happening anywhere. Might make for an eventful late July surge.
  13. Ran into dead ends, doesn't lift his head and no much end product.
  14. Montrose fan saying Liam Fontaine has turned them dow to sign or another League one club. One of McPake's players at Dundee and we are very bare in that position...
  15. We are lacking centre backs and he played under McPake. 2+2 could equal 5 though.
  16. I know we don't need a right back but get that number 16 signed.
  17. I've watched full games involving Queens Park 4 times, Airdrie twice. East Fife twice, Dumbarton and Peterhead. I have also seen many of the midfielders in this league previously. I'll stick with my view that our current midfield is not going to be good enough without bringing in better quality. I can assure you I'm not ''knicker wetting'' either, it's an opinion and reading my post back and don't see anything other than that. I have a hell of a lot bigger things going on in my life that puts DAFC quite low down my list of things to ''wet my knickers'' about.
  18. Really hope we bring in more quality into our midfield, the current choices are not even top half of league one quality. I'm sure when we get the 5-6 signings in, an attacking centre midfielder will be amongst them.
  19. Matty Todd's first touch is so bad. He's putting in so much effort to improve but I just don't think he has the ability.
  20. Stenhousemuir are providing a free stream coverage of our closed door friendly tomorrow. McPake says this will be a lot of the guys who have not played as much as others, so a wee chance to have a look at some of the youth players I would imagine.
  21. Listening to McPake's interview and he mentions a game against Stenhousemuir on Saturday. It's not listed on the fixtures though. I guess it must be closed door.
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