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  1. Hughes had made the team worse the more coaching they get from him. This ludicrous passing from the back has only got more prominent in recent weeks.
  2. I don`t even know where we go with the youth academy if we`ve appointed Bill Hendry who ran Fife Elite which let`s be honest was far from a success. Why do we stick with the same people time and time again? A goalkeeping coach who`s the first choice keeper? The same coaches with three managers now? Multiple players clearly miles of it and still playing?? Is this part of the problem why we are not going forward? I lifted that from .net. A lot of truth in that to be fair. We are very reluctant to let go of under performers. Could even say a jobs for the boys organisation.
  3. Nae issue with folk rubbing it in. Our board have created this laughing stock and just got to take it on the chin. Also pretty funny how Rovers have still not managed to beat our shitshow in three attempts.
  4. I'll be sunning myself in Tenerife next Saturday. All this shite will be so fuckin far from my mind.
  5. Bullen isn't a big enough lads lad to manage us. Not enough old school boot room banter.
  6. We're down. There not one good thing about our playing squad or management team . A complete shambles that only getting worse under dimwit.
  7. DAFC board -New manager checklist Can they talk the hind legs off a donkey? Have they been relegated from the Scottish Championship? Buzzwords that mention plates. Plates of confidence/ Spinning plates etc Big Ego. Must not change when under pressure. Playing for the badge type comments Big emphasis on how well team performs in training. Old school banter Plenty Anecdotes about their playing days. Does their face suit a Simpson's meme.
  8. Yet another one. The board get hoodwinked by another gub that can talk to them for 8 hours.
  9. I'm guessing the clueless chumps on the board have given Yogi a contract beyond this season. We are certainly stuck with him now. I remember Pars humping his Livi team 4-0 because of the daft playing out from the back stuff and the dimwit still hasn't figured that poor players are not very good at passing from the back. The set-up is so naive (just like Peter Grant). This just out the frying pan and into the fire.
  10. He is just no different to Peter Grant. There's so many similarities becoming apparent. Depressing
  11. New players, new shape and an end to the pointless passing. Everything Yogi has implemented is a fucking disaster. He had done nothing good. If today doesn't wake dumb dumb up then nothing will.
  12. Hughes is a disaster. He just doing the same things that Grant did. Trying to play fantasy football with young kids who will never be good enough. We need two up top and getting the ball in the box quicker. Morton have barely had to work for 3 goals.
  13. The young players are fucking guff and it's about time somebody had the honesty to admit it.
  14. Hughes is every bit as bad as Grant. Same clueless dreamland ideas. Our board are fucking useless. You would think they would make a good decision at some point my mistake.
  15. This the worst I've ever seen. What hideous mess. The is a culmination on shite decision making at the club for years.
  16. Pish pointless passing and a kid upfront with no support. Naive thicko tactics from that dip shit of a manager.
  17. Todd also is a waste of a shirt. Game bypassing him. Doesn't have clue where his meant to be playing.
  18. Allan is a fucking wimp. Shat out of everything. Comrie has been fucking terrible again. Then that c**t Oliver scores again. Fucking joke.
  19. Aye, that we hole between the centre backs and the goalkeeper he fills.
  20. Did Greenock get hit with the snow yesterday? Just wondering if the pitch will be a bit of mud bath today. I mind playing out a turgid 0-0 on T.V about this time last year and pitch was horrific. Hopefully not the same again today.
  21. Fair enough trying to increase their revenue. Looks really tin pot though. Quite fitting.
  22. Think he will be a good choice. Surprised he's taken so long to step into management. He was a 100% commitment type player for us and was very popular. Seems quite a bright guy too.
  23. Steven Lawless signed for the Pars until the summer.
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