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  1. Kelty would probably bring as many as Rovers have this season.. There will be a big novelty factor with that fixture.
  2. No foundation to this though. You don't know what clauses we had. Wishful thinking on your part, if you think we will be paying 3 full salaries.
  3. I don't know how much we will be due to Hughes and Grant. Depends on the clauses. It's pure guess work to say they do or don't have clauses. We're going to need a manager regardless if as expected Hughes departs. I also don't know how much the owners will decide to take a hit on to improve their investment. All speculation. As a mere fan, I will fantasize about potential replacements and wait to see what happens in reality.
  4. Pars are a bigger club than a lot of current better placed teams? Lots of potential to fullfil and has very strong link to the club.
  5. Now has to be the time to go for Petrie. The board have failed miserably with their choices. Go for a guy with a strong managerial track record, plays attacking football, done well in legaue one with smaller resources and very popular with fans. They owe us this one. Just fukin do it!
  6. I'm not the biggest fan of the board, but I appreciate the apology. It shows a bit more accountablity for the terrible state they have left the club in. There might still be negotiation on the footballing staff that going to take a few days. I think they did the right thing to at least acknowlege what happened last Saturday, than let things run on in silence. If they don't bin Hughes I will fukin raging though. Nothing else will be acceptable.
  7. I wouldn't second guess our board. They have shown how capable they are of monumental fuk ups. We need to change our playing style if were going to have any hope of competing for League 1 next year. Hughes won't do that. He will play the exact same way that has just seen us relegated. We've already shown that playing Hughes passing pish against a team that finished 4th in League 1, doesn't work. We didn't score in 180 minutes of football.
  8. Not a surprise to be fair. He had an absolute stormer against Killie. Saved us from getting beat 7-8 nil.
  9. He was only on loan to the end of the season. Has he said that he's not coming back?
  10. I just want a manager that going to be more attack minded. We have been completely toothless under the last three managers. Crawford was a negative manager too. If we are going to play 1 up top then you need a midfield that will support the attack. We have the most immobile, slow and ponderous midfield I've ever seen. A winger that can't get passed a full-back, I mean Lawless just turns his back and passes back into the midfield 90% of the time. It's been mind numbingly boring watching Pars over the last 5-6 years.
  11. Aye, the useless board again not reading the room. They genuinely thought their achievement of a relegation play-off was worth charging full price. Then fumble there way to reducing it by a fiver whilst peddling lies a Tory would be embarrassed by.
  12. Dan Pubes back tomorrow, so he and Dorrans should mean one of Chalmers/Polwarth not playing. That must be a positive. Unfortunately I can't see it being Chalmers. Hughes will never accept that he totally fuckd up by signing that streak of pish and paying a fee for him.
  13. It's clear that our board get moist about managers that like passing football, as if it's something that excites fans. It's a complete falacy. Fans want attacking football, if that incorporates passing then fair enough. Scoring goals gets the fans going and Hughes vision doesn't deliver that. What we've had under Hughes is needless passing in areas on the pitch that cause no harm. No dangerous balls from wide areas and numbers in the box. Not scored in our last 4 away games now. That's not bad luck. It's because the front areas are totally neglected with Hughes tactics. Get him out after the play-offs regardless. Another mouth piece like Grant that can't back his waffle with results.
  14. Never looked like scoring with shitebag Hughes tactics. More bothered about folk passing around the midfield than scoring goals. Get him to fuk
  15. No plan in attack. Our lone striker spends more time outside the box doing Dow's job.
  16. That midfield is the laziest, softest bunch of losers I seen in a Pars line-up. All dip shit Hughes fault for signing the complete wrong type of midfielders in January. Despite recognising that we were soft.
  17. Chalmers, Dorrans and Polwarth in a 3 man midfield. Go fuk off Hughes you thick cunto.
  18. Todorov- Not worked out- Release if possible Wighton- Looked a good player last year, but doesn't fit the lone striker role employed by Hughes- Probably end up at Arbroath O’Hara- Likely to stay regardless of division. Happy enough for him to stay McCann- Certainly will say- Really needs to work of his finishing. Potential there Allan- Not a fan to be honest- Defensive awareness is poor, physically weak and not even that young at 22. I wouldn't have given a new contract Todd- Playing his best position at right back. Needs to improve defensively and his passing can be slack. Does a good job going forward. Still not convinced. Dorrans- Big wage, that we don't get much return for. Hughes raves about him but another slow soft midfielder in my eyes. Need some energy in midfield. Chalmers- Stuck with him unfortunately. His next move will be part time. Utter shocking signing. Breen- Another poor signing. Looks heavy and slow. Maybe try ship him out on loan. Edwards- Been very critical in the past but he has had some very good perfomances second half of this season. Happy to keep in at LB Fenton- Never seen him. Heard some good thing though. Comrie- Had a really poor season. I think he lost his confidence after being played at CB and not recovered. Maybe a pre-season can get him back to where he was. Mehmet- He will hover around the club until his contract is up. Nobody will sign him. Pybus-Pleasantly surprised. Would take that year option on him. Far better than the QOS fans told us. Cole- Like Todorov, it's just not worked out. He will be away. Seen flashes of quality and I would like to see him givem that AM role that the waste of a shirt Polwarth is stealing at the moment. Out of the 15 players listed there, I would keep 7.
  19. Always seems a constant battle with our board. The mad thing is, they are Pars fans. The needless statements over the years. The terrible mistake ridden communication on social media. The continued bad decision making time and time again. Money squandered on paying off shite managers and paying off the shite players that they bring in. Paying fees for utter guff like Joe Chalmers. It's an unprofessional shambles. The owners and David Cook need to set up and seperate the wheat from the chaff. The decade of under achieving is not just bad luck. It comes from a board that's completely out of their depth.
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