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  1. And if all else fails we can go three at the back and bring Breen in. Larry, Curly and Moe.
  2. Not sure why we didn't listen to ''Been going too long'' all this time. Clearly a kent that knows their shit.
  3. That's what I suspect has happened too. The board love the fluffy pink cloud ideas of developing youth, but in reality, they don't have the nous or scouting network to produce success from doing this.
  4. I don't think that's the the problem this time. I just think his idea of how to get out of relegation battle is wrong. Playing young lads who are nowhere near good enough. One up top with no support and slow passing out of defence that is so easy to play against. Going on about the central defence pairing having to have one right and one left footer. This is what's worrying me. His transfer window has been a bit of a disaster so far too.
  5. None. It's paid back in shares between now and the next 5 years. The investors are going to own 80% of the club at some point in that time frame.
  6. He's not going to play two up top. In his recent interview he's going on about how he dropped Billy McKay and Ollie Shaw to play Jordan White as the big man up top, and sounds quite proud of it. He's not going to change the slow passing out of defence allowing teams to high press us. He's done this all of his managerial career. Problem is that this must be one of the worst teams he's ever managed. The quality is not there to play this way. His January window need a major turn in fortunes because the the first half of it has not gone well either. Still time but a poor start from Yogi. Not filling me with confidence at all.
  7. It because he pronounces his name Wig-ton. Then gave him the nickname Wiggy. Not the sharpest tool.
  8. The current board members own it. The investors have an option to buy (think there's lot of clauses as to what they can do with it). They have said that they're not interested in it previously.
  9. Their loan can only be repaid in DAFC shares. Can't see how this will pose any risk to be honest. It they don't take up their shares within 5 years, they will get them anyway. Seems like we are getting more money than initially agreed too. It looks to me that they don't want to run this shit show at the moment. PUCIC will still run it for now and they can take over any time in the next 5 years. Probably waiting for covid situation to improve and also the team performance before taking over.
  10. DAFC board -New manager checklist Can they talk the hind legs off a donkey? Have they been relegated from the Scottish Championship? Buzzwords that mention plates. Plates of confidence/ Spinning plates etc Big Ego. Must not change when under pressure. Playing for the badge type comments Big emphasis on how well team performs in training. Old school banter Plenty Anecdotes about their playing days. Does their face suit a Simpson's meme.
  11. Good afternoon sir. Welcome to Raith Rovers Football club.
  12. You've quoted me before the 5 nil drubbing to Morton. No sure I'm feeling quite so understanding this afternoon haha.
  13. It was certainly better than what we have now. I would say that the defensive counter attacking football was utterly boring and we ended up scraping a 4th place (glorified mid table) after accumulating a good points tally early on. He was far too cautious. Crawford wasn't good. Just looks better after the shitshow that's gone after he left.
  14. The owners were never going to invest in the team. Not sure why their investment was going to make a difference to results. The investment is in the training ground and youth set-up which will take years to make a difference.
  15. Paul Allan. We've lost a load of goals this season from the same area. Nobody in our midfield likes a tackle or help out defensively. Little 5 yard sideways passing this the limit of their footballing abilities.
  16. Stay or go down. We need a huge clear out. We must wake up to this obsession of developing youth and start thinking about the present day. The lack of of physicality, leadership and experience is killing us. Then add the stupid tactics in to the mix. That passing nonsense is not going to win games.
  17. Of course that's the version we will get. Every player that walks through the front of door of East End Park gives us the shittest version of themselves. I'm sure the club is cursed.
  18. Just watching the goals back there. Morton have it so easy. Pretty much Jack Hamilton with a thumping goal kick. Ugwu wins every header and none of our players are near the second ball. Even long throws into the box have our defenders scrambling all over the place. Comrie needs dropped, he is a wimp of a player. Coll Donaldson is all over the place. An horrific performance. Can't been many worse debuts in the history of the game. Paul Allan is another wimp. Terrified to make a challenge. Todd just jogging around the park looking lost. Ryan Dow at the start of the game missed a free header, then walks away shrugging his shoulder like he couldn't give a crap. I don't by into this guff that they are all giving their all. If that's their all, then they need a change of career. Look at Morton when we get near their box. Midfield sprinting back to get numbers behind the ball and throwing themselves at the ball to make blocks. All season I've seen Pars players turning their back on shots and half arse attempts to stop a shot on the edge of the 18 yard box. How many goals have we lost from somebody getting a free pop at goal on the edge of our 18 yard box? Seems to happen every second week. We are so soft. A right bunch of wimps in our team. Basic punts in the box and we are all at sea. Never see our centre forward ruffing up centre backs. The basics of a midfield getting behind the ball when the opposition attack. Just none of that. They have no balls. Just load of tippy tappy 5 yard passes that go nowhere, then nobody fights to get the ball back when we lose it. I honestly wouldn't keep anybody in that team. Get rid of the whole lot if we could. The management are just as bad with the terrible tactics. Yogi's passing game with one isolated striker is just as bad as the 3-4-3 under Peter Grant. What a shambles. Should never of watched that. Got me raging again.
  19. The training will also look good because both sides will be playing the same tippy tappy, roll out from the back stuff that Yogi adores. They don't come up against other teams in our league that play such naive/stupid football.
  20. That's why it's funny you haven't beaten us. Not sure why you're getting nipped.
  21. Aye, true enough. Another example of us being behind the rest.
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