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  1. Allan and O'Hara injured, Wighton just back with knee problem. We've got a reserve keeper,  Hamilton and Fisher as back up. Other clubs can make 5 subs in a game, I count 3 we can make who are no different to who's starting games. No option to get width. Who backs up the wing backs if they're injured. Loss of form? No replacements.

    Yeah, were doing fine just now but the next week needs to produce a number of signings. Hope it happens but by f**k we're leaving it late.


  2. 20 minutes ago, AdamAnt said:

    Dunfermline just couldn’t deal with us in the first half but the celebrating playing well for 45 minutes against a dreadful Dunfermline mob like we’ve won the European Cup is embarrassing. Decent reaction from the Kelty game but Dunfermline look guff.

    Good atmosphere but once again let down by that Norrie pish. While it was a minority that minority is getting bigger. That combined with the racist shout at the Kelty game needs nipped in the bud before it gets completely out of hand. 

    Doesn't say much for your lot considering that dreadful, guff Pars team shat all over Falkirk second half.

  3. 5 minutes ago, NavyBlueArmy1876 said:

    Can only really echo what has been said before. Good turnout by both sets of fans who were treated to a really entertaining game with two teams going all out for the win. A cracking advert for Scottish football despite being played in the 3rd tier.

    We bossed it first half and should have been out of sight by half time. Dunfermline were coming back in to it but still frustrating to give away such a stupid and needless penalty. We played some good stuff and missed a fair number of chances over the piece whilst they hit both posts and dragged a shot wide from a great position. Both sides will feel they were lucky/ unlucky in that respect.

    Think over the 90 minutes we  shaded it which was surprising. Burrell grabbed his opportunity and looked quite handy, McGinn, Donaldson and McCann all played well. Mochrie was Pars best player I thought. 

    Ref was utterly stinking for both sides, also randomly booking/ not booking players (Benedictus lolz) as he went along. Though McPake getting a yellow after 5 minutes for losing the rag over two nailed on fouls was pretty funny 

    Long way to go this season but plenty to be optimistic about after that today 

    Thought Falkirk tried to play better football but Pars had better attempts by being more direct. If we spend our budget wisely, I'm confident of winning the league. Just need to sign players now.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    Glad you are happy with that. Who is number 14? The worst player on the pitch by a long long way. Utter donkey 

    Don't know.

    Just Edited- Lewis McCann is number 14

    Anyway, as I was saying...nae c**t cant beat us and we're still top.  Love to see what happens when we make our signings.

  5. 1 minute ago, Cardle is Magic said:

    Any new signings would be just dandy.

    Think we need to lower the bar now. It's now a case of having average pros or 16 year olds when injuries and suspensions kick in.

    The wait for a gem strategy has produced very little in the last few months.

    Granted Bene, Mochrie look good but numbers are now needed.

  6. 8 minutes ago, lochgellyPAR said:

    And another point - Mochrie looks fuckin brilliant, never lost the ball once

    He's a top talent. Will learn from a game like today. He was a bit rabbit in the headlight first half but certainly turned it on second half.

    That Peter Beardsley style dribble deserved a finish to match. Sure it will come together for the lad soon.

  7. 27 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    Boy at my work who runs with the Hibs casual element told me about that at work last week. First I’ve ever heard of a  link and don’t know where it’s come from.

    Have you seen the confrontation? Laughable

    Loads of chair throwing and no punches thrown. It's a load of Pars fans coming out of Tappies and some skinny wee scrotes curb dancing infront of them. They then start throwing chairs and other objects back and forward.


    Absolute pussies


  8. 1 hour ago, DA Baracus said:

    Also, think the minute silence was closer to 30 seconds. Not sure many folk cared.

    Initially thought the singing over ran into the silence but a few comments and shouts that made it clear that it was deliberate.  Doesn't bother me as an republican and nationalist but don't agree with their actions.


  9. Utterly shocking first half from us. Falkirk were better than I thought they would be. We were the better team second half. Hit the post twice and more front foot.

    The lack of depth is getting silly now though. McPake needs a reality check and needs to fill the squad with an element of fingers crossed/educated guess signings. The time for being picky is up. We're not going to get away with this tiny squad for much longer.

  10. 3 hours ago, Rob1885 said:

    Wighton back in the squad.

    Has started to join in ''a bit'' again and looking good. No chance he will play Saturday I think. Hope he is much improved from what we've seen when playing with his knee injury.

    Sounds like O'Hara is carrying a knock too. Big Todorov is the main striker for me just know. Looks a real threat at this level, Maybe he and McCann on Saturday.

    Disappointing that we have still not added to the squad by this game but we are where we are. Still think with our thin squad we have not looked second best to anybody this season.  Don't think that will change on Saturday.

  11. Having been forced to watch Efe Ambrose fanny about doing tricks in his 6 yard box last season and then have a solid centre back like Bene come in you can see why things went so badly wrong last season. 

    The difference between those two players basically refects the difference in their respective managers.

    Yogi cared more about his team completing 700 passes a match to no effect, so that his pals in the media could massage his ego by commenting on the good football Yogi's teams play.

    McPake is more interested in winning football matches and not what outsiders think about our style. It's about his team not about him, unlike Yogi.


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