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  1. 13 minutes ago, Rob1885 said:

    If Hughes was kept on and there was wholesale changes on the playing side with actual decent signings (ala Dylan Easton etc), what would feeling be like? Thoughts

    I have no faith in Hughes regardless of signings. Completely lost all confidence in him to make any use of them. His a stubborn old fart, that won't change his ways.

    He a slavering shite of a man. The thought of having to listen to his ramblings next season fill me with dread.

  2. 2 minutes ago, RedLichtie86 said:
    7 minutes ago, Chubbychops said:
    Thought Wighton would've made more of an impact. What was Arbroath fans thoughts?

    IMO he lacked composure and hunger. Most games he looked bright for the first few minutes but after that you forgot he was on the pitch.

    Quite a frustrating player. There's ability there but he just doesn't look motivated most the time. Still another year on his Pars deal, so I would imagine he will probably remain if he's not impressed.

  3. 7 minutes ago, parsforlife said:

    t’s maybe hindsight but christ I almost long for the days of Crawford.

    Totally understand that, due to where we are now but I absolutely hated the shitebag tactics of Crawford. Thought we were a very boring side under him. What he achieved wasn't success in my eyes but what's proceeded him has made him look better.

  4. 3 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    I see folk were talking about a 'Sliding Doors' moment with Arbroath the other night.

    Really believe we have a 'sliding doors' moment here with Hughes. Keep him and it isn't good and we slide down and our crowds shift downwards and will be increasingly hard to improve. We could be down in League 1 for years. Worst case is we haemorrhage fans and go part time. 

    Punt him and there are no guarantees. There is however potential. More importantly, the fans will be on board with the new guy (unless the club somehow f**k it again; can rule that out I suppose!) and will be there, and there will be potential to get more back (not guaranteed and very hard to do).

    I'd like to see the club build in 2 or 3 games a season where the ticket cost is reduced (£10 for a couple of games and £5 for one) in to the budget.


    The budget will be in bits if they keep Hughes on.

    I know they will look a bit hire and fire if they sack Hughes but it their own fault. This is a good opportunity to get somebody in who is a popular choice with fans and get folk back on board. In all honesty, I don't think we will go right back up next season regardless who's in charge.

    If we brought in a manager that looked to attack and brought back a bit of excitement to East End, I would give them a bit more leeway. Crawford, Grant and Hughes have provided football that ranges between utterly boring to disorganised mess over the last 3-4 years.

  5. 35 minutes ago, Rob1885 said:

    Or Hughes who fucked him off for no being left footed.

    The brings in a right footed disaster zone to replace him. That was a sackable offence in it's self, then you add the paying a fee for Joe Chalmers. The guy was a failure in the transfer market, as previously predicted by fans of previous clubs he managed.


  6. If they were backing him, then they would've said so in that midweek statement.

    Surely all the changes they identified and said we must make, along with a full review into the football structure of the club is not going to find that Yogi is the man to take us forward. There nothing about his time here that would make anybody think he's worth persevering with.

  7. 2 minutes ago, TxRover said:

    Falkirk, OK. But Alloa…Peterhead…Edinburgh City (perhaps)…Montrose…Clyde (at a new home)…that’s half the league drawing under 1000, most under 700, and that’s the available numbers from when both Falkirk and Raith were in the league. Sure, you’ll likely better the away number Raith brought, but Falkirk’s numbers are still down. And what’s Kelty drawing?

    Kelty would probably bring as many as Rovers have this season.. There will be a big novelty factor with that fixture.

  8. 49 minutes ago, TxRover said:

    Agree on link, bigger club than better placed is marginal, as he’d be a viable candidate for any top of the Championship job, and so right now potential is not really an easy choice favoring the Pars. The biggest problem is where does the cash come from? ST and ticket revenue will likely fall by at least 50%, there are probably contracts that are badly overpriced for League One and don’t have clauses, and you’ve paid off Grant and Hughes? That’s a problem, eh?

    I don't know how much we will be due to Hughes and Grant. Depends on the clauses. It's pure guess work to say they do or don't have clauses. We're going to need a manager regardless if as expected Hughes departs. I also don't know how much the owners will decide to take a hit on to improve their investment.

    All speculation. As a mere fan,  I will fantasize about potential replacements and wait to see what happens in reality.

  9. I'm not the biggest fan of the board, but I appreciate the apology. It shows a bit more accountablity for the terrible state they have left the club in.

    There might still be negotiation on the footballing staff that going to take a few days. I think they did the right thing to at least acknowlege what happened last Saturday, than let things run on in silence.

    If they don't bin Hughes I will fukin raging though. Nothing else will be acceptable.

  10. I wouldn't second guess our board. They have shown how capable they are of monumental fuk ups.

    We need to change our playing style if were going to have any hope of competing for League 1 next year. Hughes won't do that. He will play the exact same way that has just seen us relegated. We've already shown that playing Hughes passing pish against a team that finished 4th in League 1, doesn't work. We didn't score in 180 minutes of football.

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