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  1. Thought Queens deserved to win overall today. Not for the first time at home we've some how avoided defeat after not bothering to turn up first half. Our first half home performances are consistently piish.

    Our powder puff central midfield with Chalmers and Mochrie terrified to make a tackle. The Queens midfielder Todd was given the freedom to stroll forward at will. Breen is a liabilty at the back.

    The team is lacking quality in general. How we are top with a gap is baffling.

    Unbeaten at home but god knows how. I only go to home games, so have missed the away games (i'm guessing were much better on the road?) Never seen Pars cruising at the top of a league and  being so devoid of excitment about it. The football is turgid.

  2. Chalmers has been better this season but I think the improvement is exaggerated.

    Like mentioned above, he gives the ball away a lot. The Clyde game the other week  he continually gave the ball away and folk were saying he was man of the match. I think he's gone 180 with fans. He couldn't do right in most eyes last season and this season nobody can see wrong. 

    He looks for the ball now and seems to compete a bit better in phsical battles. You can't ask for much more if he is giving his all. League one is probably better suited to him. He a decent league 1 player but I would be looking for better if we find ourselves back in the championship next season.

  3. We've not been that great in our home matches this season. Drawn with Clyde in our last home league game and drew with Peterhead. A lot of the other games have taken a late goal to win narrowly. I think we have only scored one first half goal at East End this season.

    QOS have been worse than I thought they would be but still have humped a few sides, so clearly capable of putting in a good performace.

    Really don't think this is as cut and dry as some might believe.

  4. Good news that Dundee United have agreed to Chris Mochrie playing in the Scottish Cup. A sign that he will be with us for the rest of the season.

    KRH and Fisher's clubs have agreed too. Only Mahon at Motherwell not agreed.

    Think KRH might start playing a bigger part going forward. The management team seem to think he's better centrally than on the wing. They seem to be dishing out a lot of praise on him last few weeks.

  5. 1 minute ago, TamClyde said:

    In fairness I'm surprised you lot only managed to score 2. I was expecting at least 4...

    We are not really set up to steam roller teams. McPake likes us to be solid first a foremost. We tend to find a goal but struggle putting the ball in the net. Said it a few times but the attacking side of our game might cost us this season.

    Cetainly not complaining though. McPake took on a complete shitshow and he done very well to stabilize us and make us very difficult to beat.

  6. 1 hour ago, JulioBairn said:

    Just to clarify, I don’t think anyone has said we should “easily dispatch them”. However we went there today with a better team than them and on a good run of form so why are we trying to pretend a draw was a good result. Why shouldn’t we have expected to win today? Why can’t we be disappointed that we didn’t? 

    Really? I was thinking a Falkirk defeat in this one.  I've watched football since the mid 80's and there always been well organised teams with smaller budgets that have punched above their weight. Montrose are one of those teams right now. I thought that was a decent result for Falkirk. We have the same fixture next week and I would take a draw tbh.

  7. 33 minutes ago, Bluegrass Bairn said:

    V. disappointing from our perspective; Its exactly the sort of result that makes a difference over a season,  dare I say it. Don't play well -win.. Last min o.g. - win... not entirely convincing - win.  There's a pattern there.   

    Nov 5 is a biggie, funnily enough. 

    I thought we did play  well. Not taking chances was the problem. If we get the attack sorted, Im fairly confident we can win the league.

  8. 57 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    BBC were crediting it as an OG from Liam Fontaine but I see you've posted this:


    Take it he's doing well?

    OG certainly. Sam has worked his way into the first 11 last two weeks. Apparently did well at Alloa and was very good today. Works well as the right sided centre back in a back 3. 

  9. Aye, my mate was going on about how shite the games was but it wasn't the Pars fault. Edinburgh were anti-football and trying to suck the life out the game. I thought we knocked it about pretty well but struggling in attack. Some good balls in the box that our strikers just never picked up on. The strikers are our biggest problem

  10. 4 minutes ago, Arab_R_us said:

    Seems to be a good fit between the Pars and Mochrie, If they get promoted to the championship I dont think it would be outwith the realms of possibility that they could sign him, not really been given a chance with us must be loving Mcpake. maybe even make you a few bob later on too.

    Think he could easily play in Premiership with a bit more experience. His raw ability is unquestionable. Very good young player.

  11. 14 hours ago, 101 said:

    This is really sad news, hope it's marked appropriately tomorrow.

    Condolences to his family, what a wonderful contribution he has made to the football club.

    Yeah,  a minutes applause is more fitting for good club people like him than Royal parasites.

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