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  1. ''I also really liked Ross talking about being back on the NW stand in the future, abusing linesmen.'' I won boardroom tickets through the lifeline a couple years back and sat in the directors box as part of the day. Ross was going daft at the ref/linesman from the directors box. There no doubting that above everything he is a dyed in wool passionate Pars fan first and foremost.
  2. There's a big sign on the old home end turnstiles saying Dunfermline Athletic football club.
  3. Aye, that was part of his joke I think. Really can't see how anybody would have beef with Dorrans after his performance on Saturday. He was superb.
  4. Is it no extortionate? It's more expensive but the food is excellent. Worth it.
  5. Our team is the same group that have us bottom of the league. Yes we won last week but that's one game in a myriad of utter garbage they have produced. Ayr could easily win this. Just like Morton two weeks ago winning 3-1 when everybody thought we would win. Ayr beat us 3-1 last timeout too. I don't feel confident at all. I need to see much bigger steps of improvement before I ever feel confident about this Pars team again.
  6. Just listening to Yogi's Thursday interview. Fucking hell the guy can talk. Don't think he came up for breath in the full 15 minutes. Seems quite a scary guy, think some players will really take to his style and others will be jumping out the transfer window ASAP
  7. In hospitality for this next week. My current record in hospitality is W-1 D-2 L-7. My last game in hospitality was a defeat to Ayr.
  8. How did Kyle MacDonald get on yesterday? Guess he was right midfield?
  9. Scully was utter garbage in his second stint with us.
  10. Same here. I think the Arbroath squad have parallels to what our team under Bert Paton had in the 90's. Could handle themselves, there was fast tempo to their play, always bet on them winning most 50/50s and actually could play a bit of football as much as they didn't get much credit for it. That Paton team assisted by Campbell was my favourite time watching Pars. Absolute goal machine of a team. The pathetic home record we have now would be unthinkable. The squad we have now just don't have it in them to play the way Campbell would want. I just don't see that edge or desire from any of them.
  11. Watching the goals from Saturday there. The defence at all three are a complete shambles. The amount of space that Oliver has in the box during two phases of play is criminal. Who was meant to be marking him? Awful The second goal is very consistent with many goals we have lost this season. Cross in the box that neither the goalkeeper or defenders deal with at source. We are then second to react when the ball drops in the six yard box. It's shocking stuff.
  12. I would have McDonald in ahead of Comrie at the moment. Comrie hasn't fully recovered from being made a centre back.
  13. I thought we did look better first half. When it went 1-1 it looked like Pars would go on to win the game. God knows what happened second half though. Mixture of mentally weak players and the interim management being just as clueless as Grant.
  14. Robertson inherited a shit show from Richie Foran did he not. He had a big rebuild job when they got relegated.
  15. Wouldn't blame anybody for booing that second half. Complete arse collapse when we should've went on to win at 1-1. Couldn't give a shit what the players feel or think anymore to be honest. The fans have been served up utter shite by that lot all season. Wish we could punt the lot of them. I'm now past the stage of pandering to them and worrying about how the poor wee souls are affected.
  16. Is it! I thought he was pretty good yesterday. Far better than OFW and Mehmet anyway.
  17. Aye, that was the the difference mate. You guys were organised far better with a much better goalkeeper. Who is your keeper?
  18. Believe it or not, I stayed away from posting yesterday due to my rage and didn't want to come across as a raging mess. This was my calm next day response.
  19. Robertson will be our manager by this time next week I think. Just a hunch. Think he is the only man to get us out of this and we have to give him carte blanche to turn this around. From what I heard yesterday he is very much in contention. Doesn't really fit with what he said in the Courier mind you.
  20. The team is so badly broken. Wish we could empty ever single one of the footballing staff at the club. A bunch of pea hearted losers. OFW stuck on his line. Get him the f**k back to Wales with his paint brushes. Utter shite goalkeepers we have. Morton firing corners into our 6 yard box at will because the keeper is a shitbag at crosses and the defenders can't defend. Comrie has been terrible this season even since going back to the RB position another lightweight wimp. Connolly is a fucking donkey, how many times did he mess up with no real pressure on him yesterday. Morton didn't really have the ball in our box much but every time they did it was a complete shambles and panic stations. The midfield were so lightweight. Just can't compete physically. Absolutely no leadership in the team. To many early 20 somethings with no edge to them. They are all too nice. Then the so called management team. Takes Dom Thomas off? The only guy who could get past a full back. Dow has been been mince since coming back but just like under Pishy Pedro he stays on regardless of how pish he plays.The same hoof ball tactics second half that we saw under Grant. Shields and Whitaker need punted ASAP and take that clown Meggle with them. The Grant apologist is a failed manager that's bought his way back into a football club. Yesterday was all the same baffling tactics we saw under Grant. I think Meggle has a lot to do with it. He's been a disaster since having anything to do with DAFC footballing affairs. Never been so disillusioned with Pars in my life. What a fucking mess the board and football management team have made. Incompetent clowns to a man. f**k off the lot of them.
  21. 1 Owain Fôn Williams (c) 2 Aaron Comrie 12 Rhys Breen 33 Mark Connolly 3 Josh Edwards 11 Ryan Dow 18 Paul Allan 8 Kai Kennedy 23 Dom Thomas 26 Matthew Todd 7 Kevin O’Hara Looks 4-2-3-1. Matty Todd is a surprise. Never thought the lads has ever looked close to being good enough.
  22. 2nd and 3rd finishes with Inverness whilst having his budget cut year on year. Much better than than what we have achieved in the last decade. We've been 7th, two 5ths and scraped two 4th finishes with decent budgets. He a very good turd polisher too. Some dodgy looking signings have progressed to the premiership after a year or two under Robertson. Last year he didn't manage ICT for a large part of that and had personal issues.
  23. Sounds a perfect time to watch a Pars game. Should be sufficiently pished by then.
  24. Robertson's been interviewed? That sounds promising. Sack off the the robust process and give him the job.
  25. Petrie or Robertson for me, but both of them are attached in different ways. We might have to think of a different option if those guys don't come to fruition. The more that I review the different potential candidates I think Yogi looks a decent option. He's had some blunders and the Rovers gig is similar to our situation when he failed badly. Still think winning the Scottish cup and getting ICT 3rd in the Premiership is pretty impressive. Got Falkirk promoted from this division, saved Ross County recently when they were in a position like ours in his most recent gig. He's certainly done a lot more than Peter Grant or Stevie Crawford. Third choice for me.
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