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  1. I would say he did as good a job marking Dom Thomas as any natural full back he's come up against this season. Looks like he's looked after himself over the years.
  2. Can't stand Hearts. Thoughts way above their station. Wee Rangers *** wanks. Delighted we beat them.
  3. We kept our shape. Our midfielders were better on the ball and we defended better. Hearts have some very good individuals but Pars are more advanced as a team.
  4. The Jambos kickback boycott cetainly played into our hands.
  5. I think it's a great chance of getting to the quarters. Good draw.
  6. Mystery to me too. You would think their full team fell to Covid 19 or something.
  7. Again we manage a result but there's certainly flaws in this team. Midfield to front disjointed. O'Hara was pish again. Thought the Alloa game might have been a turning point but he has continued to ghost about the pitch. Runs about but never seems to get near to the ball. Big shout to Turner, a guy I wasn't convinced about last year but was very good again when he came on.
  8. I wouldn't write him off. I think he had done ok in the midfield role. Reactions a pretty slow but decent when on the ball. I think Wilson is a much better option alongside Turner or McInroy but Whitaker is still a decent option to have for midfield. As a right back I thought it really exposed his lack of pace. We might have to use him on Saturday though necessity but would fear for him up against some of Ays attacking threats.
  9. Comrie looks to be out for Saturday. Martin having an MRI. Looks like he will be out for a while. Thought Whittaker was poor at right back on Saturday. Not sure who we play there now? Ian Wilson apparently played there before. Would rather have him in midfield though, think he's a really good signing. Stevie talking about being tight an narrow but still having a goal threat. Still think he is too cautious a manager but results prove him right so far. We should be trying to stay on the front foot more often. Too happy to sit back when we get in commanding positions.
  10. Alloa 1-2 Dundee Arbroath 2-1 QoS Raith 2- 0 Morton Ayr 1 -1 Dunfermline Hearts 2- 0 ICT
  11. Probably the hardest fixture for us so far. Seen lots of good stuff in parts of our games, but it's getting on my tits how we keep sitting deep when we go ahead in games. Think we need to try staying on the front foot when we're dominating games.
  12. Yeah, still stick to the fact that we had really good ball retention and were very comfortable. Annoyed about that second half though. Crawford has the team far too deep when in winning positions.
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