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  1. Same twat does this regularly. Just an angry snowflake with no resilience.
  2. A quick search around Google and 150k seems to be the figure most outlets were mentioning at that time.
  3. Should be winning this. Home form has been strong recently and Morton's away form is gash. Still can't feel confident when we have had recent defeats like Alloa and Stranraer though.
  4. Willie Gibson put in one of the best wing performances I've ever seen at East end that night too. The Dundee right back Eric Paton was subbed at half time.
  5. None of those clubs could afford Nisbet.
  6. Would've taken a draw tonight. Don't give a shit about how pretty it was. Good win.
  7. Flannigan was their stand out in the last game. He sits in an area that allows him lots of ball and starts attacks from deep. I'm never confident of predicting any wins in this league but I will say that we are playing a good bit better than we did last time the teams met and would be disappointed if we don't get three points here.
  8. Jackson Longridge was poor defensively. Always found he had to revert to a lunging tackle to make up for his poor positioning. The fact he had a knack of scoring goals covered up a lot of deficiencies. Personally think Martin is quite a bit better than Jackson and I think Edwards will eventually become far better than both of them. The lad has all the attributes to move on to bigger things.
  9. Paton has done well in a Pars side that would wipe the floor with that seaside pish fae Grangemouth.
  10. She was the special guest when I was in hospitality around 5 years ago. Apparently was friends with Jason Barber at Buckhaven High school and he got her into Pars games.
  11. We give very little away at the back these days and we have various attacking threats now. Really happy how things are progressing.
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