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  1. Who said about screaming at players? Just don't think applauding failure is appropriate.
  2. Yeah, I'm sure they are draughting a statement to have a dig at the young lads running up and down the NW. That will deflect attention on their inept running of football affairs for a wee while.
  3. Wighton scored a few towards the end of last season and showed that he can be an asset. Todorov was in the championship team of the year. The strikers have no understanding with each other. No cohesive plan for attacking teams. We were told weeks ago that we were working on the attacking side and still no improvement. Peter Grant is the problem.
  4. It's amazing how much he's got wrong. You would think he would accidentally get something right. Complete imposter.
  5. Anybody who stood an applauded that at the end is implicit in keeping that useless cunto in a job. Applauding failure. Gutless tactics. Disjointed attack with zero plan. Applauding 0 win in 11 games. Utter loser behaviour.
  6. Shout out the fucking morons applauding that at the end.
  7. Peter Grant lost us three points. Couldn't sit any deeper. Shit bag tactics.
  8. The AJ sacking hit us badly in the pocket. Absolute disgrace if they gave Grant a contract that left us open to being unable to sack the management team due to finance. You would think lessons had been learnt. Finance can be the only reason for not sacking Grant. Very worrying that we have a new board that can't pay off a manager that been unable to achieve a single victory in 10 Scottish Championship games. Worst ever in my lifetime. Seen similar runs in the top division, but never at this level.
  9. The season was ruined the day Peter Grant walked in the front door with his harebrained ideas and awful decisions in the transfer market. Complete disaster of an appointment Avoiding relegation is all I'm looking for after the shambolic decision making from the board and football management team. Stay up then there should be a major review of how decision making is approved on footballing matters going forward.
  10. Our anti-football philosophy should ensure a tight boring game. Grant will set us up to not get beat and keep his job for another week. This is how we roll these days. This is acceptable to our board and some gormless fans.
  11. Just looking at the League 1 table there. Montrose 1 point off the top. What a brilliant job Stewart Petrie continues to do there. Must be about 5-6 years of continual success now. A manager that has shown an aptitude for football management. So fucking wish we could get him in at East End.
  12. That cup draw just sums up what it's like following the Pars these days.
  13. Out of all Grant's signings, only 2 of them started yesterday. He's been a joke with his transfer dealings. He brought in a formation that no reasonable competent football manager would dream of playing. He even tried it at Ibrox. The performances were so bad that he's gone against everything he was brought in to do. Meggle liked him because of his footballing philosophy. He now plays long ball stuff and a style were the ultimate goal is to save his bacon and not lose. People have been harping on about turning a corner since we drew with Inverness, but I've seen no improvement to our attack play since then. There are people kidding themselves on that we are going to turn a corner. This is about as good as it will get under Grant, just trying to not lose. We have improved from the initial disaster created by Grant but the fact is that we will not win many games of football, as he simply doesn't have a clue how to organise a team that can defend AND provide an attacking threat. Surely we would've started showing some signs of improvement in attack by now if he had the answers.
  14. Raith game will be the third game since our board told us that Grant needs to start getting wins quickly. If we don't win this, then surely the board will say enough is enough. We can't go on accepting this anti-football cowardly crap we're being served up. We now play to not lose games and it's somehow deemed acceptable. Were were told weeks ago that we had tightened up and it was now a case of sorting out the other end of the park. Grant has failed to come up with the answers on how to do that. Wighton, O'Hara, Todorov, Kennedy, Thomas and Dow are his attacking options and we are toothless with very capable front players at this level. Utter shite management still evident. Playing like a part time team that tries to stifle stronger opponents.
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