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  1. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    Would take a point happily. Think Ayr win in this one though.
  2. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    He is thank fluck. He's got the engine of the flying Scotsman.
  3. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Think we have made enough correct changes to save us now. Main one was gettin rid of AJ. There's loads of fight in our team. The loan signings look good. That will hopefully be enough to see us through.
  4. Well done Dick Campbell and Arbroath. Very impressive. Fife derby in play-off still a strong possibilty.
  5. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Pleased for Stevie and the coaching staff today. Not been an easy start to life as Pars manager. Hopefully we can build on this now.
  6. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Not pretty today. Good in spells. Sat deep for last 15 and it wasn't really due to Caley's play. Think our confidence is fragile and fear set in. Great effort from the lads though.
  7. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Four central midfielders in that line up. Brucey left on his own. Really negative looking side, Crawford is looking to be a really negative manager. He keeps whimpering back to one up top. We're at home FFS
  8. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    ''The Rovers game him and Ashcroft utterly strolled the game Ashcroft got sent off and then a half fit Durnan brought down their striker and as we push further forward Raith tore us apart I'm really not sure what part Devine played in that fiasco. '' Adam101. Seriously? You are not sure what part he played? Were you at the game? The bit where his feet get all mixed up and that wee rovers boy runs through to score?????
  9. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Sorry Adam101. Devine has not been fine. I can be arsed running through all the shit but for an example of recent weeks, Alloa home. Dives in and get skinned at Alloa's first goal. Tannadice a few weeks back. Caught out of position twice and twice passed the ball directly to Utd attacker from his 18 yard box. County when he again loses his man and is booked for pulling him down. Rovers game enough said. General obsevations are lack of pace which means he dives in way too often. Lot's of defenders have lack of pace but make up for it with positioning and reading of the game. He doesn't have that ability. He's a day dreamer. Terrible with the ball at his feet. Loose passes are just a part of every game, not one offs. How you can say he's been fine is baffling.
  10. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    I can't feel confident of winning any game whilst we still have to play Danny Devine at the back. Not that the other three at the back have covered themselves in glory either. We might have found some kind of breakthrough upfront but that remains to be seen. Louis coming back might give some threat and creativity in midfield and that's as much positivity I can give. Folk say we have good players but there are so many flaws as a team that it means nothing. None of our defenders can defend. Williamson and Jackson are all about the attacking side of being a full back. Ash has shown better in previous years but need a good partner to get the best out of him. No creativity in midfield with a few decent solid central midfielders with no guile but there's nothing coming from wide or anybody to play a precise through ball. No leadership on the park. We have a soft centre and don't respond well to adversity. Even if we score I feel we will lose goals anyway. Depressing stuff. Don't think Caley are any great shakes but I think we will lose 2-1.
  11. The Dunfermline Relegation Express

    Grow up you backward mess.
  12. Strange that. I think Pars fans seem to overrate them. They seem to have quite a few really shite players like Rooney, White and Brad McKay. It's levelled out a wee bit with some old Premier league players but generally look weak. Jackson Longridge shouldn' t be in team of the year. Been a liability for a while. The boy can't defend. Poor positioning and dives into tackles. I would try pushing him up as he's decent on the ball and can carry it. Threat around the box too.
  13. The Dunfermline Relegation Express

    I thought Ash and Durnan were half decent together when we reverted to four at the back. Granted they are not brilliant but better than that mess playing at the back.
  14. The Dunfermline Relegation Express

    Get Devine to f**k and we'll be fine.