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  1. Garmory stepped down in 2016 as chairman after we were promoted. McArthur stepped up to chairman at that time, he had previously been managing director.https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=DAFC_Board_Changes&ID=9327
  2. I would have more sympathy for Crawford if he was at least trying to play football the way Rovers do. If you want to play anti-football stuff, then you had better get good results from it or face the consequences. It's not right that he's still in the job. The board should taken action after the Rovers debacle i think. Even if it was just a short term fresh face to try and lift the place for the final few games, but we've been left in this wounded state, trundling towards the end of the season. It's painful to watch. Decisive action was needed and the board have failed to show up when needed (on this occasion).
  3. Yeah. I don't want this to sound like a witch hunt on Edwards. Our problems go far deeper than one player. The thing that I found annoying was this fallacy created by some that he's had this huge improvement and been consistently good, when in reality I've seen him continually give the ball away in games and getting skinned by most half decent wingers this season.
  4. Topic Originator: Rigger Al Date: Wed 14 Apr 00:14 Quote: wetherby, Mon 12 Apr 15:05 hope they get Edwards signed up longer term, he has been Mr Consistent this season along with Comrie. Agree
  5. I'm sensing some weird circumstances will give us a win here. Law of averages give me hope, more than the horrendously bad management team we have.
  6. Sorry. Really don't get the Edwards adulation. His pass completion must be about 20%. Any half decent winger has him on toast.
  7. Crowdwank alert! Sound the klaxons! Proud that my Town cares about their local team more than your town does about Rovers
  8. Two players that play about 10 games a season on average and an ancient keeper. Once we get rid of this hopeless management team, I'll be confident in all honesty. Seen these one offs a couple times in 36 years of following Pars.
  9. Big teams will take your best players and you will be your normal shite next year. Sorry to piss on your parade.
  10. We have no central midfield. We can only defend and punt to the strikers, as there is no midfield to build attacks through. The management have allowed a situation to arise where we don't have a midfield. Not a bad midfield, no....we actually don't have a midfield. There you go Stevie, I've underlined it for you. Very basic element of creating a football team.
  11. More shitebag football. Worst footballing side in the league. Please f**k off Crawford.
  12. We don't have central midfielders, so we will never keep the ball for more than two passes. Utterly crap management.
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