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  1. Never seemed a manager type personality. Bizarre appointment. Never know until you give them the chance I suppose.
  2. Yes. He was the only good signing Yogi made. Very dominant CB. He's vocal and he's team mates no about it if they mess up. Dundee United fans think he's horrendous but I never witness the dodgy mistakes they warned us about.
  3. Fucksake. That's a great signing. Pissed off at that.
  4. Like said above. Lawless didnt really create or score goals. No point playing with wingers when one of them don't create anything. He looked tidy on the ball but really just passed the ball back into midfield after holding on to it for a bit. No for me. If we are looking at a winger, I would want a winger with more pace and direct.
  5. Might be imagining it but there was a comment towards the end of the interview that sounded like he had folk in mind to bring in already but the budget could be a problem. Charlie Adam sprung to mind. May be well off though.
  6. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/shaun-maloney-in-pole-position-for-dundee-job-as-jack-ross-drops-out-of-the-running-3709226
  7. Also was a Pars season ticket holder. The wee team wouldn't want a Townie b*****d playing for them surely.
  8. Breen is a donkey from what I've seen. Hope he can stay fit for a change and get a decent pre-season.
  9. It's been utterly shite for years and every new manager fails to rectify it. Maybe manager number 4 from the last 12 months will eventually strengthen it.
  10. Dunfermline Athletic Goalkeeper Deniz Mehmet (29) Defenders Aaron Comrie (25) Kyle MacDonald (22) Matthew Todd (20) Rhys Breen (22) Josh Edwards (21) Miller Fenton (18) Midfielders Joe Chalmers (28) Graham Dorrans (35) Paul Allan (22) Forwards Lewis McCann (20) Kevin O’Hara (23) Nikolay Todorov (25) Craig Wighton (24)
  11. What kind of formation was preferred by McPake. 1 or 2 up top, back 3 or 4. One holding midfielder or double pivot?
  12. I think we basically have what was the Fife Elite players. Don't know what standard of player came across but we're not starting from scratch. All for giving them a chance if they show potential but not getting shoe horned in for the sake of it. Our board are always banging on about youth but we are terrible at producing any good ones.
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