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  1. All young players that have improved with age. Sounds like you are a bit out of touch with football at our level.
  2. That slavering shite would put me off football for life.
  3. Smell the strong scent of sarcasm in this post. Never seen the other two but surprised Keena has not been a success. Quite like him when he was with us.
  4. He's been excellent for us. He's filled out now and can handle himself, as well as some great touches and skill. Only 23 still.
  5. Dundee fans who watched him have been complimentary about him. He was in good form at Dundee when he took the deal in A-League. Certainly plays deeper these days, but we need somebody sitting deep more than attacking players anyway, Our attacking options are the best outside the Premier League.
  6. That's is an excellent number. Didn't realise Arbroath could pull those sort of numbers. Guess you will have 1000 plus in the home end when you add walk up fans when they are allowed back.
  7. Dorrans is a quality signing. Jealous c**t.
  8. Don't think we need a winger. Especially when we're currently playing with no wingers. I know it's about options but surely Dow, Thomas and Kennedy would be enough of an option if we sometimes want to play with two wide now and again.
  9. Graham Dorrans signs for Pars on a 2 year deal.
  10. He's been superb so far. I thought he might be a big lump to aim the ball at, but he's actually a good footballer as well.
  11. Got to say I think the team would benefit hugely from having somebody like Dorrans in the middle keeping possession and using his experience with so many under 25s around him. Really hope we can make that one happen. Not too fussed about any more signings if we get that one done. I know we have no back up to the front three with McCann injured, but we could adapt the formation and have Thomas, Dow or Kennedy working alongside the remaining two strikers if one was injured or suspended.
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