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  1. Steven Mill tells Paul Watson that it a massive club and Watson agrees. Contradicts Watson about 10 seconds before hand when Watson laughs that you can easily get all the Pars fans in EEP and still socially distance.
  2. How not? Nostalgia is exactly what we want from Dunfermline! If that's the case, then do it properly and get Hamish French to dust his boots down. Followed by knocking the stands down and rebuild the terracing brick for brick as before. Oh and sack off Stephens the bakers and bring back 007 catering ''licence to grill'' just for the hell of it.
  3. Cardle? No way Craw will spend a part of his budget on a player who has not been at it for years and would be nothing more that a bit of nostalgia
  4. Crawford was taken off furlough a month ago, so he could speak to the released players.
  5. Aye, I meant potential loans too. I thought he was better than Kiltie to be honest, so I don't hold out much hope.
  6. Looking at the key areas still to fill and looking at players released or out of contract around the Premiership and Championship I have compiled a wee list for the Craw to have a look at- I think we at least need a GK, x2 CM, x2 Strikers (If Nisbet stays), X2 wingers. So looking around, I don't know how realistic some of these are but- GK- Danny Rogers, Jamie McDonald, McCrorie or Ross Doohan CM's- Blair Alston, Iain Vigurs, Stephen McGinn, Reece Cole or Andy Murdoch Winges- Dom Thomas, Nicky Cadden, Danny Swanson or Cammy Smith Strikers- Danny Mullen, Declan McManus, Afolabi, Craig Wighton or Bruce Anderson Too bored, too much time the now....
  7. Dog eat dog world little teamer. That's why we are a much bigger club than Rovers.
  8. Might be a bit of an issue that he was one of the Falkirk players banned for mocking Dean Shiels a couple years ago. Not sure how welcome he would be made by the fans either.
  9. Paton did way better than I was expecting but had very limited ability as a footballer. Stevie clearly though he could replace the old head in midfield role with a better player. Time will tell if he's right. My hunch is that he's got it bang on but you can never tell when a player hits 36. In terms of bad treatment I don't get that. He was paid to the end of his contract that he agreed. What if Paton left for another club when his contract ended. Would he have treated the Pars shabbily? I wouldn't say so.
  10. Think you're trying to convince yourself that these are shite signings. Watson had a very good season with the league champions last year. Whittaker moved into a midfield role at Hibs and did well. Hibs fans also think this will be a very good signing for us. Promising start to rebuilding a team I would say.
  11. Reading Crawford's comments on the new signings, it appears that Whitaker has been signed as a midfielder. Think he's has taken the Paton role. Looking at Hibs fans comments, they seem to think he will be a very good signing. Apparently too slow for wide areas but plenty footballing ability to offer still in midfield.
  12. United fans seem to think Watson is a very good signing.I would take their word before a bitter Falkirk fan. Paton did pretty well for us last year. Nothing fancy but we got the best out of him, not the first time we've done that with cheap Falkirk dross. I'd more concerned if I was Falkirk fan watching my club rot in the seaside leagues.
  13. Lang and Edwards need to perform better than than Watson and Whittaker when given the chance then. From reading Craws comments last week, the youth approach wasn't mentioned and he did say that getting experience in was on his cheklist. I think our policy might be to start getting into the play-off spots, regardless of players age.
  14. Lot of folk saying Craigen, as he's commenting on a lot of Pars Twitter stuff. Thoughr he was OK for filling gaps but didn't have any standout features to his game. Watson alongside Murray at centre half will be a really solid partnership. Martin and Comrie in the full back areas makes a really good back 4. Just need a good keeper behind them.
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