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  1. Nonsense. Absolute nonsense. I mean imagine anyone from the Candy giving someone a 2’s on a joint. Never going to happen. Roll yer ain.
  2. I'm sure it will be a very young Celtic side but nonetheless the club will make a few Bob out it that's for sure Peter It will definitely bring in a few quid on the day mate and will hopefully bring in some more longer term by attracting a few more regular attendees. Only need to look at the growth in support from outside the local area in the last year, especially from the South Side, through word of mouth and Twitter. A game like this could help in a similar way. Mon the Candy.
  3. Be a few with divided loyalties that day. But enough about the players. Mon the Candy.
  4. I like it. Preferred the option with the dog though.
  5. The church is in Venice, not Vienna. I hunted it down last year.
  6. Enjoyed my day out down there although the drive down not so much. The locals were a lot more friendly than most and their onion pies were fantastic. The big keeper frightened the life out of me before the game but had a good bit of banter with him, nice big fella. We could have nicked it at the death but I thought it would have been a wee bit unfair on the home side who I thought deserved their point. Team is a bit flat just now, it’s end of season stuff with nothing to play for (hopefully).
  7. Absolute nonsense. Not one bit of trouble today. Largs fans gave out a power of abuse (none of it sectarian). St Rochs fans responded. (none of it sectarian). A great atmosphere at a good old fashioned Junior Cup game. Nobody “got done” or is claiming a “result”. Made up shite.
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