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  1. So Mark Reynolds is at cove rangers, one of many we will lose out on this window. Can see us not signing anybody at this rate
  2. His brother Antonio would even be better than our current goalkeepers
  3. That lineup makes me sad and angry. Totally seems like a very bang average squad. Here's hoping we can keep it under 4 goals for cove. On another note, Sean Kelly has a contract at Livingston
  4. It's not going to be a manager. It's going to be a coach. I'm going for Paul sheerin, Tony docherty and James mcdonaugh as coaches.
  5. Nothing but excuses. The whole country knew the hectic schedule when the league would restart. Yet we bring in 3 young kids on loan as reinforcements. That beggars belief. Add Laverty, Cantley, Devaney and Sneddon. We still have a squad of 16, 17 including Connolly. Injuries and blips were always going to happen. And when the going got tough we needed someone who knew what they were doing. If it was a full season we would have been battling relegation. Deans and Holt should take most of the blame for the disaster that unfolded in front of us. Actually sick of what's happened to our club
  6. when was Luton in a friendly. i mind Charlton too right enough and Alan shearer. cannot remember the full time scores
  7. right i havea random question. in the 90/91 season we played luton banik ostrava and Southampton in friendlies. players like le tissier, moravcik, miklosko,shearer etc. who was it that hit the bar with a screamer from Bout 30 yards?
  8. please don't remind us of he who shall not be named
  9. the Italian trialist is sebastien ruberto. goalkeeper
  10. Are you completely ignoring the fact that Kerr is the manager at Ayr, a club who are second in the Scottish championship? Or are you deluded enough that you believe he'd leave that to become an assistant at Falkirk? No im not ignoring that fact. I think kerr would and will be good for Ayr. But that's the management team i would like. In reality you and I both know it'll be someone poor. I hope not.
  11. it doesn't matter who we get in really, he'll need to work miracles with the current squad. if we even get a half decent manager in to kick them up the arse and get this team going it could be top 3 at least. but no to Coyle, Hughes, McCann, McIntyre. Id like to see it given to McDonaugh, give him a shot. Backed up by kerr and miller.
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