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  1. Agreed. Calmer heads are required. Whatever has gone before doesn't justify the scorched earth approach. There has to be some sort of a compromise found or the consequences could be dire.
  2. What an absolute sh!tshow. I'd rather be commenting on the so far slightly underwhelming recruitment and getting overly worked up about bad pre season results. I don't know where the blame lies and I really don't have the desire to get involved. The relationship between the two boards seems to veer between hostile or non existent which doesn't bode well for any positive resolution. Instead of hiding behind obvious holes in the articles of association, this needs both sides to show a wee bit of common sense, get round a table and resolve the differences. Unfortunately, it's hard to see how we get to that point.
  3. I'm not convinced that unrest behind the scenes is a major factor in signings or lack of. Doesn't seem like our recruitment is that different to the other teams in the division. Not that it helps anything though. It would obviously be better if everyone was on the same page. I doubt it has a positive effect on season ticket renewals.
  4. The squad so far looks OK and a couple more decent signings we should be capable of a playoff challenge at least. But..... I think that every year before the inevitable disappointment. Its really going to come down to if DY can coach the team a bit better than the previous incumbents.
  5. The club has been a serial disappointment for years. Managerial appointments have all turned sour. We seem to accumulate what looks like a half decent squad of players for this level most seasons and then seem to chronically underachieve. A new manager comes in and the process is repeated. Other than having cash in the bank, it's hard to say how the board are doing a good job.
  6. hopefully we can find a little bit of form but its hard to be optimistic. taking in the back end of last season and the beginning of this, its been quite a long run of poor form in the league. I'd be well happy with the draw you predicted. there aren't a great deal of options to freshen things up with Barr and Smith still out.
  7. i don't think the support are mostly deluded at all. we finished in a playoff position last year and I can see the same for this. trying to draw any conclusions from one game is pointless.
  8. 1. Clyde 2. Peterhead 3. Stirling Albion 4. Queens Park 5. Edinburgh City 6. Albion Rovers 7 Cowdenbeath 8 Annan 9 Elgin City 10. Berwick Clyde and Peterhead both look like having decent squads at the moment. feel we are looking a little light in the centre of midfield and up front. still should have a squad good enough to make the playoffs.
  9. It isn't a bad point you are making. I struggle to see what a club of this size needs 600k for and even more struggle to see how it could ever pay back the loan. the problem being that even if it was used to enhance the squad and possibly gain promotion, there is no guarantee that this will bring increased revenues. in fact, getting promoted could well see player costs go up further without an associated increase in gate receipts to cover it. we've been higher in the league structure than this before and gates didn't increase substantially. For me, it's all backwards. You begin with a vision of where you would like to get to, develop a business plan and cost/benefit analysis of how you might get there and then you start working out the costs of it and how it will be funded. You don't borrow 600k and then decide what to spend it on...........
  10. that really is a shame. Hopefully he can resolve whatever has caused that decision. It definitely leaves us looking a little light in the centre of midfield.
  11. agreed. Having McLaughlin and Jardine back is the best news of the summer.
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