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  1. Would hope that most artificial pitches will be ok. We're due to play at New Tinto tomorrow and the temperature isn't due to go below freezing overnight.
  2. R5 exit 47250 R6 102000 Semi 177000 And no I refuse to print any more
  3. Our away record is phenomenal and it'd be less work so any Premier team that has won a European trophy that's not Aberdeen.
  4. Aye they won it that year. We really rummelled them up. Dublin was announced on the Monday I think
  5. Did that not happen to Clydebank Fc as well? Being a fudd isn't necessarily the look you think it is
  6. Got a bloody cold so head bursting but not through the evil bevvy
  7. Crackin. A great result although one you could see coming a mile off.
  8. Don't even fucking contemplate it. Nothing short of Rangers or Celtic away please
  9. Just had a wonderful wee phone call from Andy - one of my Clyde pals from what seems like last week but was more like 35 years since we went to see the Bankies and Bully Wee together. Him and Stan and Phil and Jimmy and the others were at the game. I'm real sorry you were disappointed but also dead chuffed you were there and part of one of our biggest days. I'm just sorry I didn't bump into you guys to chew the breeze some. Real fitba guys and real smashin fellas. Hope to catch up with you soon and that you manage to get something out the season. Take care guys
  10. No replays from the 4th round onwards. Ahhh of course
  11. No they played at the Shystery Excelarator or whatever the eff it's called
  12. I'm just leaving the park. Going up road for a few shandies. Absolutely made up. just like to say thanks to all associated with Clyde, who were great. Also the folk on here who've been pretty dignified tbh. You just don't know how made up we are, the journey has been long and difficult. All the very best folks.
  13. Fantastic. Will be a nice wee throwback for us and me in particular to see us play Clyde again. think my first time seeing a Bsnkies v Bully Wee was a Spring Cup tie in 1976. A similar 3 nil scoreline to the Holm team would do me tomorrow
  14. The idea is there will be voluntary "segregation" with Clyde fans encouraged to stand together in the area next to their dugout. As Holm Park is a work in progress, there is a lack of the infrastructure necessary to allow direct access to a segregated area and have the necessary facilities to host away fans in situ. We have to fund improvements ourselves so if you allow us passage to R4 and an away tie at Ibrox or Parkhead then we'd be very grateful
  15. There's a huge catering van that does a range of stuff ( although not enough veggie options for my liking )
  16. Would not be a wise man that was particularly trenchant about predicting this one. I'll be content if we get a fair crack of the whip re decisions and leave nothing out on the park. We can't really lose this one.
  17. Yeah we will be doing ppv. Details will be posted nearer the time. Probably same price as a match ticket
  18. Clydebank Bowling Club and The Station Bar aren't too far. The Lovat is closest but will be rammed
  19. £9500 for R3 and £19500 for R4 ... wasn't really thinking much further tbh
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