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  1. Oh I'd like to be playing in SPFL and I expect that to happen before my dotage ( although some would argue that's already a bolted horse ). I'm not sure how many times I can repeat that survival is first target not the end aspiration. We've more or less kept squad from last year and added a few who'll need a bit of time to assess how much they bring. Recruitment has been very difficult this year with us not being able to compete with some budgets. We ( and indeed I ) will do our best to ensure we fulfil hopes and aspirations.
  2. 1st aspiration - didn't say I'd be happy with 4th bottom. Getting to that 35 point mark as quickly as possible has to be initial target. Given we don't have the GDP of UAE to spend, then it's realistic. Scottish Cup run again would be fantastic
  3. Safety is our 1st aspiration tbh. I reckon it may be around 35 point mark but there will be a lot of teams taking points off each other. Darvel already look good after their week 1 disappointment but everyone else has or will go through poor patches
  4. You can only beat the team you have on the park and it was very comfortable in 2nd half esp. We've been dreadful in 1st half last week and 2nd half yesterday. There are no gimmees in this league this season so points on the board are absolutely vital. A winless run can see you detached and it then becomes a real struggle.
  5. Really great start to season for Rabs who I thought would struggle but not yet it seems.
  6. I think it says much about our 1st half performance last week ( it was 2nd half yesterday ) that the Arthurlie team we gubbed 2nd half on opening day could beat you with 9 men. Both better start turning up in both halves or its a hellava long season.
  7. Aye Callum Graham. Didn't have to work hard for his goals it must be said but was in right place and finished well
  8. I sincerely hope this is going to be your MO going forward as one of the good things about having a full fixture list is that you can advertise games for sponsorship and hospitality way in advance.
  9. What kind of fixture ? All the league games have been scheduled
  10. Home tie against lower league opposition so pleased - although Bonnyton showed enough against us last year that nothing can be taken as read at all - need to turn up on the day.
  11. According to Twitter, Andy McFadyen has quit with immediate effect due to personal reasons. Not great timing but perhaps it was unavoidable?
  12. A hugely talented player. Think that's what should be focused on and seems to be so far to be fair. Condolences to Adam's friends and family
  13. Bankies away to Eglinton in 2nd round. Where do they play ?
  14. If SFA agreed then this would be a sensible solution - not only to the LL bottleneck but also to the population coverage inequity between HL & LL. Auto promotion from each league and decent entry to each tier 5 league
  15. Wee while longer. Meeting happening tomorrow re some options. Room for lots more mate.
  16. As long as the Junior Cup has no impact on our season i.e. we are having games cancelled or rescheduled as up against Junior Cup games, then who am I to be upset at clubs choosing to take part in the Junior Cup ? It may develop into a National non-league trophy but the clue is in the word National. It would need clubs from all over the country to be involved. Do SJFA really have the credibility to make it happen ? As for the proposal to make a new SJFA run Tier 5 sitting alongside HL/LL well that's just bonkers and flies in the face of reality. WSFL had a few teething issues last season with fixtures & clubs withdrawing from cups. The loss of 8 League games in Premier season should hopefully help greatly. The West Premier looks an absolute belter of a League. We absolutely need to gain some traction with teams starting to be promoted up the way - so the fact that 2 of the best teams ( the 2 best teams on last seasons form ) are in the Junior Cup - well you have to hope that they either don't win the League or they take promotion seriously.
  17. I'd be good with that tbh. It should be played at Hampden and as an SFA tournament - free to host.
  18. Definitely the 3 nil league win at Darvel. We were decimated by injury and unavailable players but turned in best league performance of the season. The Clyde game in Scottish was our best overall performance I think.
  19. Hardly extreme. They benefited greatly from a competition that only had around 15 or 16 teams in ? ( sorry if that's way out ). Their only realistic way into Scottish Cup in a hurry. See my post above. Cups need sorted - its who runs it that's the problem I guess.
  20. I was responding to your post comparing SJC and SDC. Vast number of clubs in both competitions would've made nothing out of them - as usual. Drumchapel don't ( I know they have plans to upgrade DD ) a compliant ground so other than sharing a compliant ground and going through quite a rigorous process - they didn't have licence route to Scottish Cup immediately. Also does SJC still have a place in Scottish Cup ?? I didnt think it did tbh. Even so - SDC was an easier route id've said and The Drum have a big day to look forward to. I'm keen on a National tournament at tier 5 and below but there's swathes of clubs that wouldn't trust SJFA to run a bath. If Northern and East Clubs don't want to know then its not National. If SJFA weren't near it & there was decent sponsorship then maybe these clubs would be interested - esp if early rounds were regionalised. Who to run it ? Not Lowland League anyway ... possibly a joint East / West / North committee? As for the trophy - use the current Junior Cup its beautiful. Or give it to Talbot in perpetuity and get another one. South Challenge Cup is a joke in terms of finances. WOS Cup was a laughing stock this year due to time of final and withdrawals. So cups need sorting. A competition run in co-operation with and including all the leagues can be incorporated into the season much better. It does need sorted
  21. Ask Drumchapel if SDC was a good decision to be in last season.
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