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  1. I thought this was a competition for West sides not in Junior Cup or Scottish Cup but I see the Drum are in it again. What's the criteria for taking part ?
  2. If you draw Hearts away ( as Talbot did twice I think ) then say you have 16000 paying average of 18 quid ( adult and concessions balanced ) then that gives gate money of £288000. After certain costs you get 40% as away team so at those figs you'd mibbee get a chq for a shade over £110k. Id contend that wouldn't cover Talbot's wage bill for 1 season never mind 10.
  3. Aye its only really a full house at Ibrox or Parkhead ( unlikely for a game v a non-league team ) that could be described as transformative. Absolutely thrilling to be involved with those games though I'm sure and very welcome income esp pre-Darvel.
  4. Well as I say there has only been 1 club in my experience. Just for info for sake of balance
  5. Well indeed. You probably could do work to get capacity up substantially for tens of thousands. To totally redevelop the place you'd start to talk hundreds of thousands or millions depending on the scale and nature of the work. A Scottish Cup run - unless it's daftly successful ( Old Firm away ) - doesn't cover the capacity work. It's great and welcome income but not life changing. Incremental work on priorities is definitely the way to go. You'd think upping the capacity would be a priority given the money that is being foregone with the gates being capped but Pollok are best placed to gauge that properly.
  6. We've never put checkers on any gate that I know of and indeed the only ones ive noted as doing it with us was when Talbot played us in WOS at Holm Park a few years back and stuck 2 guys on the gate who were a complete pain in the arse. Asking to see tickets and getting in people's road. They had the right to put people on to check but it was really annoying. I recall a cup tie v Glenafton where I did the return and Glens were perfectly happy with it. Counted gate again later and realised that in my rush to get done during game I'd undercounted. Sent them off a cheque to compensate and a letter of apology. That's how it should work but maybe Talbot had been stung in the past. If clubs do do it then they should be respectful of people trying to get in and work with home club or it leaves a bad taste
  7. Good point for Peasey. We still can't play 2 full halfs well at home
  8. Been very good when I've seen him. Pity he can't play tomorrow but starting to hopefully make the tweaks to get season back on track. 2 wins since our league game.
  9. Bankies sign 30 year old Danny MacKenzie from Pollok but will need to wait a week for his debut as Cup tied this weekend. I must say I'm very surprised but delighted that Pollok put him up for transfer and hope he has a distinguished Bankies career. Welcome to the Club Danny.
  10. Ha ha ... im going to blame autocorrect
  11. Holm Park iirc is owned by a trust made up of reps from Clydebank, Yoker & West Dunbartonshire council. It's run by a Community Co but - as has been case for many years if not always - its owned by W Dumbartonshire Council
  12. We encouraged our fans to purchase through Fanbase although not all by any manner are actually registered through the App. Some folk did turn up to PATG but the implication from Social Media was that there were very limited spaces so many just didn't go along ( lucky them ). Difference with Cup game was there was communication between the clubs for that but we were left a bit in the dark about what was happening yesterday at first. It's early days re the licence but as crowds at Newlandsfield seem to be holding up well, I trust the club will settle on a plan and make it widely known.
  13. Thought it was an o.g. tbh but if doubt then award to player
  14. Hearing there was bother today but nothing noted on here. Did it amount to anything ?
  15. Best I've seen at non-league level. Well deserved - hope the big man gets a turn.
  16. Some tricky ties I'll say Talbot aet Darvel Benburb Drumchapel to go through
  17. Well having watched the game unfold we should've won so his optimism was well placed. A lack of taking clear cut chances and some poor defending ( isn't that a classic combination ) were to blame. Well done Spartans they took their chances and we didnae - best of luck to them. Good guys as well.
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