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  1. Todays scores

    well done to Perthshire who dug out a win today ... we had majority of game but a great goalkeeping display by the Shire last line of defence. Also hit the frame a couple of times but pretty poor defensively in the last 10 and Shire took their goals well. Best of luck
  2. Neilston Juniors Statement

    Nice and respectful way to announce as well
  3. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    No,they play at Tileworks Park in Stonehouse just outside Larkhall thanks mate
  4. Glasgow Perthshire

    They have a Twitter account g_perthshire you could try that
  5. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Stand out draw Glens v Lok think so
  6. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    I only noticed a link on our Twitter page just before it was due to start
  7. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    thanks lads - yeah Tileworks Park for 1st time in over a decade
  8. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    Royal Albert v Bankies. Are Albert sharing with Larkie ?
  9. Scottish Cup DrawTuesday

    I watched it live on Evening Times Facebook page and it was absolutely fine
  10. Today's scores 3rd nov

    That's really good of you to say that ... we were as good as I've seen us for a few seasons. Silverware may be another thing but a top 6 finish in the league is a distinct possibility. Coaching staff have brought together a good squad who are playing for each other. Portland Park is always a good day out although its not normally associated with a win ... think it may be our first.
  11. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    I guess there are some refs you just know you should just clench your teeth and walk away from the situation. This one seems like he has a reputation
  12. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    1st tackle is really high but looking to win ball ... tough one but you could see why he's given it. 2nd yellow for Gemmell ... seems awfy soft. Idve thought it fair that captain - after clearing everyone away - can ask a question.
  13. Yoker news today

    Can you see some improvement ?
  14. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    thanks ... v frustrating
  15. AS Roma supporting St Anthony's

    Referee bribing bassas arent the kind of support I'd be looking for ... but good result for the Ants