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  1. How many teams would realistically be covered within that area ?
  2. 3 point deduction from next season's total for every bit of cheek towards the FM
  3. Whether its us or not ( if anyone ) then you'd be extremely self-righteous not to want to take advantage of some of the stronger teams not taking part. Hard to say how much of an impact not playing for 18 months is going to have on the teams that pulled out. Id imagine its not exactly going to be helpful but the clubs will still be formidable. Having said that Glenafton will effectively be starting again so it could go any way with them I guess
  4. No way am I doing that trip. Forfar on an icy Tues in a minibus with nae seats left ... in my twenties ... was bad enough
  5. Indeed ... wouldn't bother me in the slightest that it was "tainted" 😄
  6. Its fair comment. Does Allan Wells think the less of his Gold in 1980 with all of the boycotting though ? It is what it is and what a first season. I dont blame any club for taking the decision they did that suited them. Mainly financial grounds IMHO but thats perfectly reasonable and understandable. I hope we can restart as its been going pretty well albeit the conditions are a bit Spartan and unusual. If not then we gave it a go and possibly in a better place than if we'd gone 18 months without playing. Best wishes to all ... stay safe out there.
  7. Fitness is again a huge thing with us. With Moff in charge it was never going to be different.
  8. A very even game ... 1st goal was always going to be important
  9. How very dare you 😒 ... Holm Park pitch had come on leaps and bounds. Its used 7 days a week now though and that couldn't have happened previously .
  10. They did indeed play well against us and the sending off was a turning point
  11. Great defensive performance from Vale today - well worth their point I thought
  12. Except it wasn't for financial reasons
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