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  1. Hopefully direct from the club and not one of the scam QR codes ? I think almost anything is possible re this game. Big crowd, vast majority Bankies ... if we start well and get the crowd behind us then it might be a difficult night for the visitors. Artificial pitch is decent quality but our record away from home is much better. West Premier is a really competitive league and is chock full of teams that are probably at least a Tier too low given its first full season in pyramid. I think we have a decent shout but obvs Elgin start favourites.
  2. Lok definitely don't have a big budget though
  3. Many travelling down for the Cup tie on 25th ?
  4. The capacity is currently 1040 due to a lack of multiple entrances and exits in the main. Game is almost a sellout so hopefully you managed to get a ticket.
  5. tbf I was choosing the more aesthetically pleasing angle
  6. The one with the trees in the background is a cracker. It's in a lovely wee setting Bellsdale
  7. Well that's his first of the season so our 2 actual Red Cards is superseded by the Lok in 1 game if you want to look at it like that ...
  8. Hope the lad is ok. He was getting messages of support and best wishes from myself and those I was standing with who he passed on the way round and on way out of the ground. btw given that there have been actual scenes of violence and banning of fans from Beith and Kilbirnie from games in the past or fisty cuffs at Glenafton etc etc etc then the hyperbole of worst fans ever is unjustified. I stood beside your dugout in 2nd half and there was merely a bit of banter and general moaniness passed between us - but nary a really bad word and more than a few laughs. I do enjoy going to Bellsdale although I miss big John and Maggie at the games. So there were a few shouts that will undoubtedly be embarassing to some but zero real trouble.
  9. Hibs games in league at Boghwad were ticketed I'm sure. That was after Low / Hall took over.
  10. That was further back still. Dundee Utd game may have been all ticket as well
  11. Long term, are there plans to increase that? I've never been to Holm Park, only driven past, so I'm unsure how much potential there is to upgrade? Yeah the current ground configuration and facilities was never meant to be the end point. Plenty of scope to develop
  12. Jings I thought it was. No the aforementioned games were ticketed. Before that I'm sure games v Hibs at Boghead may have been. Think games v Rangers and Celtic which were moved to Firhill in 96-97 were ticketed. Been a while anyroad
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