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  1. According to Yoker Sec there's pay at the gate
  2. I was going to offer hearty best wishes but after that cheek ahm no sure now !!
  3. Surely could have got some of their u20s to play? Happy Chappy wouldn't have been pleased but at least this would've been avoided
  4. That makes a mockery of this level. I like the guys at Blantyre but that's an embarrassment
  5. Largs were well worth their win on Saturday. Competed well and although they got all the breaks that were going ( 2 of our goals being very avoidable and we hit frame of goal twice ) it's fitba. Well worth place in Premier next season
  6. Pollok deserved the win for the second half display. We missed Slattery when he went off and looked sluggish. Fair play to Pollok and my good pal Budgie. Some good work going on at the ground. Good season for us and we'll hopefully build on it next year
  7. Actually think that it's better for Bens to have some cover than seats - although if its all on flat then possibly not overly effective
  8. Thats where the seats were ... they've been bought by Buffs
  9. Doesn't seem too bright tbh. Will leave the guys to enjoy their moment. They've had a fantastic run and I certainly didn't see them pipping Talbot to it. Best of luck to them
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