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  1. yep ... Holm Park had a railway running around the back. New Kilbowie was right beside the railway too ( as was original Kilbowie - across the same line from new ground
  2. Footy ??? Its Fitba on here Mr Hapless ...
  3. Condolences to John's family and friends
  4. £1000 to sponsor a game at Townhead ? Can I introduce our commercial guy to someone at the club
  5. Excellent if true. Hard to get any concrete information but that's what i'd very much like. Keeping the current set up as a feeder system at tier 6 and below makes a lot of sense. Things wont change for most - although any licenced club will presumably get access to Scottish Cup.
  6. I sincerely hope we do well in the West but extending the season wasnt necessarily the point of that part of my post. If its to align with pyramid then im delighted. I of course know Talbot are doing well. If things are to be a more level playing field next season then perhaps any entrants to Scottish Cup will need to have access to lights - so they dont fall too far behind. All this said - is there still a possibility that we enter pyramid next season and top of Premier will play off for entry to LL ?
  7. i meant in top league ... forgot about Glencairn
  8. Largs, Bens, Rossvale, Cumnock and Ourselves with the lights now.
  9. Kennie can do better by explaining why stuff is happening. He can also try not to have teams finishing whilst other teams have 8 games left. I look forward to joining the pyramid and having more clubs have lights to fulfil licencing requirements.
  10. That wasn't made clear no and would make much sense. If its the reason then its v positive - although still an awful discrepancy between our finish and Talbot's ...
  11. aye ... its all likely to change of course. 2 things though :- - we just all of a sudden see our season end on 11th March with no real explanation given for such an early date - as we finish with a game v Talbot who still have 8 league games after that. As with last season we have some teams finishing much earlier ... it doesnt make for fairness i think ( not that we'll trouble the top 3 this year ). Would be good to know the context and if it is for a specific reason. If to align with pyramid then its good news.
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