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  1. We encouraged our fans to purchase through Fanbase although not all by any manner are actually registered through the App. Some folk did turn up to PATG but the implication from Social Media was that there were very limited spaces so many just didn't go along ( lucky them ). Difference with Cup game was there was communication between the clubs for that but we were left a bit in the dark about what was happening yesterday at first. It's early days re the licence but as crowds at Newlandsfield seem to be holding up well, I trust the club will settle on a plan and make it widely known.
  2. Thought it was an o.g. tbh but if doubt then award to player
  3. Hearing there was bother today but nothing noted on here. Did it amount to anything ?
  4. Best I've seen at non-league level. Well deserved - hope the big man gets a turn.
  5. Some tricky ties I'll say Talbot aet Darvel Benburb Drumchapel to go through
  6. Well having watched the game unfold we should've won so his optimism was well placed. A lack of taking clear cut chances and some poor defending ( isn't that a classic combination ) were to blame. Well done Spartans they took their chances and we didnae - best of luck to them. Good guys as well.
  7. When we were televised v Elgin in 2nd round last year we had an LED advertising board which brought in a fair amount. If Pollok were into that then even more lost. It seems very unreasonable
  8. Scott Anson was playing against us. David Cox was one of the players sent off if that helps
  9. Assume ( dangerously ) that the Scottish Cup will be put back a week and that our league game will also be cancelled on 24th.
  10. It was worst I've ever seen it. Really needs a spruce up. It does appear that there are fewer folk involved so that may be the problem. Real pity as I've always enjoyed going there
  11. Discipline all shot, Somervell worst I've ever seen, virtually no home support. It's always been a tough trip but not this time
  12. Didn't seem the happiest of camps on Saturday
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