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  1. Such sad news ... a man who devoted so many years to his club. Condolences to Frannie's family and friends - and to all at Lok
  2. Bankies players and coaches have volunteered to give up their Apr and May salaries. A lovely gesture
  3. Looks like a clear foul for first and a deflection for second. Having said that it was a deserved win for our visitors in what might end up being the last ever Junior game played. Historic indeed.
  4. im just high on anticipation of the Bankies' bright future
  5. agreed but fairs fair - Buffs have more points than we do
  6. No meant to be funny but rather a pragmatic way to round off the season.
  7. Given the imminent moves to pyramid its the right thing to do to award titles to those currently in top spots and withhold the Junior Cup. Let me be the first to congratulate the Buffs - a worthy title win and Pollok as runners up.
  8. fair dos ... Stevie Higgins' good game
  9. Yep that was what I was thinking. Around 300 there on Weds ... poss double at weekend. We have Talbot this Weds ... in fact im not sure the last time we had a home game against them on a Saturday.
  10. We were told at a members' meeting that it was sanctioned by SFA and by implication the LL had bought into it. If the reps were told the same thing then its hardly surprising they went for it. S fresh start should also mean the new league being run by folk not tainted by disemblance and poor decision making
  11. Aye no complaints ... well asides from our defending
  12. poor performance from us. Lok first to most balls and took full advantage of piss-poor defending. Well deserved win ...
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