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  1. Premier league next season

    Id also suspect that Clydebank's future will depend on how the Juniors engagement with the pyramid develops
  2. West Region Fixture Update

    And on the subject of having a park ... we have been playing at Holm Park for 10 years now. We groundshare. From later this season both ourselves and Yoker will be tennants at Holm Park. People better get used to the idea ... both clubs will work hard to improve it over time and it will eventually become a park that hosts 2 licenced teams in the pyramid.
  3. West Region Fixture Update

    Look pretty much anybody would complain at having so many away games to start a season. So its a reasonable position to take.
  4. West premier & championship season ticket cost

    Same for Petershill, but now only valid for the 15 home league matches. Sectional ties used to be included but obviously had to be dropped as the gates are now split. Same Peasey ... good to have you guys back btw
  5. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    i dont think so but you never know how things work out
  6. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    id like to see a safe area set aside and am confident this will happen
  7. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    If people with disabilities have access problems to Lochburn, im sure dropping a line to either Maryhill or Clydebank will suffice. The Bankies value their disabled fans very highly and im sure would be happy to help. Im confident Maryhill would also adopt a helpful attitude
  8. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    McInnes still with you ... ? Rab O'Neill and Robbie ... all good guys who'll do well
  9. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    Yoker playing at Holm Park until work starts. We're moving at start of season to assist with fixture planning
  10. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    new enclosure required but may not be there from the off
  11. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    sorry ... its hard to tell on here sometimes
  12. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    We've applied to EOS league for season after next. Whether that happens or ( perhaps more likely ) a WOS league is set up , i think we're likely to move. Unless the Juniors move en masse to the pyramid of course. Playing home games at Bonnyrigg ? Not feasible.
  13. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    spot on
  14. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    No it doesnt. All thats required is best efforts, a willingness to learn from mistakes , not have perceived favourites and for honest and easy 2-way communication between Kennie and the clubs. That way trust is built and i must say its a pretty good start. If I were Kennie id not be on here every 5 minutes explaining myself to all the trolls but where there is some important decision made then it would be welcome as not all clubs are particularly forthcoming with information.
  15. Clydebank Fc thread 2016-2017

    wont be all season ... hopefully the comtractors can kick on quickly