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  1. It really depends who's in the final. The Bankies / Talbot final a few weeks ago attracted an attendance of approaching 2000 ( kids didn't have to pay ). If today's final had been same teams or Pollok or some of the other better supported teams were involved, then it would've been similar. Also for some folk this isn't a holiday so shooting in foot perhaps. A very successful season for Spartans. Was very disappointed to go out to them in the "Big" Scottish as they weren't in it until we handed them a goal. However given what they've managed to do then its mibbee we did quite well.
  2. We're no agreeing. You guys deserved the win and will leave it at that
  3. I want to be playing as high up the leagues as we can. I dont think Colt teams should be in the leagues, but if they are then if we have to be playing them to progress then so be it. It obviously goes eithout saying that we have to be in a position to win things first. Penalty scored and a red card to Talbot - I'm told the lino advised the ref to send him off and it was right in front of him - change the game. There wasn't a huge amount between the teams on the night. We need to be more consistent and 4th place then 4th or 5th place finishes suggests we're not all that far away.
  4. I'm referring to the squatting comments. You're either ignorant of the facts ( incl if we hadn't moved when we did there wouldn't be a Yoker or that the ground is council-owned and is leased from them ) or you're trolling. Don't be that guy. FWIW im confident there was no OF angle.
  5. We were close to the card incident and it was a definite red. I have no complaints about the result as have virtually all of the Bankies on here. You can't miss penalties in a cup final and not expect to struggle. We had a fantastic support again and it's a real pointer to a brighter future that I'm sure will come.
  6. Aye that sums things up nicely. Just a pity the Talbot guys on here aren't able to win with a wee touch of grace about them.
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