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  1. New changing facility for match officials in place at Holm Park and ( hopefully ) ready for start of season.
  2. Right you are. Most folk are trying to very sensibly suggest that sticking to the guidelines will most likely see us back playing - if not normally at least sustainably hopefully. We'll get on with it.
  3. To TS and CF ... no not forever. There will be a point where the prevalence is down to a level that so few people have it that we can go back to normal and jump on any outbreaks individually like a ton of bricks. Until a vaccination is available, we need to maintain travel restrictions from abroad and even from rUK if things look like running out of control. The guidelines given by LL and WSFL mean that if we can prove our house is in order and people stop acting like fannies, then we can try to go back. We won't be able to do everything right away im thinking ... catering, social clubs and standing beside your mates might be curtailed for a while. It'll be worth it though - whilst trying to keep things safe for everyone. You don't want to catch it at the fitba then take it home to the family. It's not nice.
  4. Aye its all just a big political game and the SFA and SPFL should grow a pair eh ? At least one of our fans has died already and numerous others will have been dealing with having relatives and loved ones with symptoms that often leave a lasting unpleasant health legacy. The fact that we haven't had huge outbreaks ( yet ) is partly because of a cautious attitude and a willingness to make things tighter if the government deem it necessary to control things. Fitba isn't a bigger priority than the economy or people's health or education. We're at the Coo's tail not because the SNP are trying to prove how strong or in control they are ... but because in the grand scheme, our watching guys kick a ball about a cpl of times a week isn't as important as people's health. So if we want it back we need to stick on the Big Boy pants, suck it up, dae as we're tellt and hope naebody else fucks it up.
  5. Ross Co also largely dependant on multimillionaire to sustain a level of spending and build infrastructure. We've seen it countless times in Juniors and I think has also been the case in Highland League - someone comes in with a pot of cash, sinks into the team ( conveniently forgetting in some cases any spectating facilities almost like they are an afterthought ) wins things ... old committee are sidelined and move on ... money person gets fed up punting pots of cash for ever decreasing returns ... walks and club left high and dry. In lower leagues if lucky. Of course in case of Ross Co the commitment is long term and saw club rise to prominence and national trophy success. Who's to say this wont be case with Darvel ?
  6. Yeah ... that's a precedent to rely on for sure 😉 Umpteen Junior clubs had HMRC go through them like a dose of salts and forced to make back payments and fines. Perhaps everyone has learned from it and are now puting all payments through the books and paying tax and NI and issuing payslips etc incl for signing on pyts or other such "arrangements" that suit the player and the club. Orrrrrr... perhaps not.
  7. Good luck with it. Seems like an awfy small amount to be doing all that work with though
  8. As I said ... if a team is cheating by being able to pay more by avoiding paying tax then its everyone's business. Hopefully the days of brown envelopes are behind us but I fear not.
  9. I suggest HMRC would think otherwise. If teams are paying players through the nose and avoiding tax etc then its everyone's business. They are getting an illegal advantage over other teams
  10. Sorry that was a comedy red ... will give you a green yin on another post to cancel it
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