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  1. Yes, I’ve been watching that. Can you explain how such a drop will affect domestic supplies, if at all. I find this all a bit baffling!
  2. No ducking from me. Yes, I did agree with the direction of travel but the ‘markets said no’ and that’s that, I’m afraid.
  3. Let’s just wait and see what the Judicial Review has to say in this case. Coming up quite soon, I believe.
  4. Dunfermline played Edinburgh and Alloa were at home to Airdrie on Saturday?
  5. Seems daft to subsidise people who can well afford to pay the market price. Sensible to target support.
  6. She had to take legal action. She won. She was cancelled.
  7. Can’t recall the exact details but she was deplatformed from speaking at a university. Strange as she is a lesbian feminist. You would have thought that would have ticked quite a few boxes.
  8. Putting aside the question of Scotland’s independence, are you really wanting to join the failing EU?
  9. You can get cancelled for saying that women’s gender is defined by biology. Just ask Julie Bindel or the abuse taken by JKR.
  10. Okay then. He pointed out that once the door was opened to paying customers in the NHS, it could well bring about a two tier system especially when resources are severely limited. Fair point. He did however agree that some elective procedures could be dealt with privately. So what’s your take?
  11. You do spout so much nonsense. Sunak wasn’t all that far behind and Truss won based on her policies which were much more conservative than Sunak and appealed to the membership. Cant really make any comparisons with the SNP as it just seems to be a one person party with never any opposition. Anyway, crack on as your rubbish seems to make you feel good and righteous.
  12. Quite a reasoned reply. You could well be right.
  13. NHS Scotland already pays for patients to be dealt with privately but it’s still not meeting demand. This could be expended or indeed, as suggested, there should be the ability to pay for elective surgery in NHS facilities. This would bring a lot more money into the system. A win win - patients pay less than totally private and the NHS gets more money to increase capacity.
  14. Not in my case. The surgeon was totally private with no NHS involvement and the hospital was independent.
  15. Absolutely correct. I was told at least a year for cataracts . I couldn’t drive so went private. Seen within 3days, both eyes done within 2weeks. Its a no brainer and will only increase. The NHS needs to be radically overhauled. They still mess about with masks and Covid restrictions. Private hospital- not so!!
  16. The Institute of Actuaries explains the pensions situation very well.
  17. Rubbish He said something like that but quickly retracted. LeftBackexplained it to the nth degree but was forced to give up. Likewise now with me.
  18. Well, in the cases you mention, they will also be paid by SG. Please address the central point? There is NO fund. Pensions are paid from current taxation and post independence the SG will pay Scottish pensioners. Very straightforward and fair!
  19. I’m talking mainstream state retirement pension. Please address the central point? On independence, the SG willpaypensions out of current taxation. The UK government will pay RUK pensions. Just hope that there will be enough high salaried individuals paying lots of tax to maintain your pension. London and the South East will no longer be subsiding.
  20. I've you are talking about the Advocate General for Scotland - that's actually an appointment of HM Government. Felt sorry for her. I think she knew she was on a loser.
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