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  1. Why do you say that? Surely you realise it is normal to be retired from a family business yet retain some interest. Always thought you were a man of the world with some knowledge of such things. I have never made any attempt to have him cancelled. My only gripe was the appalling level of abuse which he displayed which seemed completely wrong for a supposed public servant.
  2. Fair enough. If what you say is correct then I don’t see the logic in it. One last question to you. After the vote and prior to leaving was there not a period within which you could sort this out? Probably wrong here but just going on memory.
  3. Why can’t the parents take out UK citizenship if they’re committed to being here? Maybe if I used the term ‘the company’, that might keep you happier. You're starting to fall back in to your old ways. Im sure you get the point but you’re just being awkward.
  4. Well, I import goods from a number of EU countries and there isn’t much difference other than a bit more paperwork. I pay import VAT on goods which were formerly exempt but that can be reclaimed off output VAT so no change. Don't know about the citizenship business but surely if they take out UK citizenship, then their kids will be British. Or is this just a case where people were playing the system?
  5. BTW- I still think Brexit will work. Before the vote I said I’d happily be prepared to take a 10% hit on my living standards. That never happened and all the doom- mongers were proved wrong. The current problems are world - wide and not Brexit related. Out of interest what has Brexit cost you?
  6. Okay then. What do you reckon is a reasonable top rate of tax such as to bring in the ‘dosh’ but not kill the golden goose? What say you- 45%, 50%, how about 60%, 70%, even better?
  7. I think you should calm down a bit. Cant imagine this anger is doing you any good. I can assure you that, as a long standing right wing unionist that I’m not too happy about the current mess either. Truss was democratically elected by the Conservative party members (btw- I’m not a member) and tried, albeit unsuccessfully to enact the policies which she stood on. She failed, she resigned. What else can she do? Its obvious that there are deep divisions within the Conservatives and they may split. Who knows? It would probably be for the better just as the more radical separatists formed the Alba party (maybe, you’re one?) Anyway, relax a bit as there are interesting times ahead. Just a wee tip. Throwing abuse at people is not a great vote winner.
  8. Your point about the number of higher rate tax payers is spot on. It also affects the ability to pay the lowly, I agree, state pension which will be the responsibility of the SG as the document admits. The only plus is that Scots die younger than the UK as a whole which helps the costs. Regarding green energy, the vast bulk of ownership is foreign with the bulk of the manufacturing taking place overseas. Decades ago, the SNP promised 100000 green jobs. Never happened. They always say that we will grow our way to prosperity. How? Liz Truss tried that tack and look what happened?
  9. Wow!! They've certainly got you indoctrinated. I don’t think anyone has ever denied that Scotland could be independent. The point is, as to whether the tax rises, restricted public expenditure, borrowing (markets permitting) are worth it? I just don’t see the plans as outlined passing the test of scrutiny that will happen prior to any referendum, even if it were to take place.
  10. Maybe you should have a read of John Mclaren’s article in the Scotsman regarding the SNP economic plans?
  11. He was very big for the independence movement in 2014. If he doesn’t like the plans, there must be a big problem. I would think this story will run.
  12. Yes, I’ve been watching that. Can you explain how such a drop will affect domestic supplies, if at all. I find this all a bit baffling!
  13. No ducking from me. Yes, I did agree with the direction of travel but the ‘markets said no’ and that’s that, I’m afraid.
  14. Let’s just wait and see what the Judicial Review has to say in this case. Coming up quite soon, I believe.
  15. Dunfermline played Edinburgh and Alloa were at home to Airdrie on Saturday?
  16. Seems daft to subsidise people who can well afford to pay the market price. Sensible to target support.
  17. She had to take legal action. She won. She was cancelled.
  18. Can’t recall the exact details but she was deplatformed from speaking at a university. Strange as she is a lesbian feminist. You would have thought that would have ticked quite a few boxes.
  19. Putting aside the question of Scotland’s independence, are you really wanting to join the failing EU?
  20. You can get cancelled for saying that women’s gender is defined by biology. Just ask Julie Bindel or the abuse taken by JKR.
  21. Okay then. He pointed out that once the door was opened to paying customers in the NHS, it could well bring about a two tier system especially when resources are severely limited. Fair point. He did however agree that some elective procedures could be dealt with privately. So what’s your take?
  22. You do spout so much nonsense. Sunak wasn’t all that far behind and Truss won based on her policies which were much more conservative than Sunak and appealed to the membership. Cant really make any comparisons with the SNP as it just seems to be a one person party with never any opposition. Anyway, crack on as your rubbish seems to make you feel good and righteous.
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