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  1. Any chance this game will be streamed to UK residents? There seem to have been quite a few recently.
  2. Anyone who is articulate, sounds educated and is aspirational doesn’t cut it with these guys.
  3. Very sad to see that Sammy Wilson has died. Great player. One of a few Northern Ireland players we got around that time. Tommy Lowry and VicMcKinney come to mind.
  4. I accept the invitation and unreservedly apologise to Scottsdad for my remarks which were insensitive to say the least.
  5. Well, if you’ve been happily married to the same woman for 55 years, you do tend to be of a similar mindset.
  6. Probably not on reflection but he does try to be a smart arse and fails.
  7. You worked hard on getting that one out. Did you do that on your anti- depression walk?
  8. For what it’s worth my wife had business dealings with her in the 90’s when she was selling silicone implants for women to insert into their bras to give them a bigger bust. They were quite expensive and not great to wear but my wife recalls her as being the most pushy rep she ever encountered. The business was left with quite a few unsold items and my wife didn’t deal with her again. Not really surprised she’s currently in this situation but time will tell as to whether she can ‘clear her name’.
  9. Okay, what’s your view on the veracity or otherwise of the Telegraph articles? I just don’t know and that’s being as honest as I can be. As I said, I’ve listened to Kate Barker whom I found to be credible but that’s about it.
  10. Oh dear If you don’t mind me saying, you seem to have one hell of an interest in these matters. I think I’ll just let you batter on and see what happens. Not a topic that interests me that much.
  11. Well, Fair Cop and the BLP have been blocked by the LGBT + network. Why? Apparently, some police forces are investigating and no doubt we will soon know the result. Is that incorrect? Saw Kate Barker of the LGB alliance being interviewed and she seemed quite convincing.
  12. Are the stories factually incorrect?
  13. Firstly, I have no knowledge other than what has been put out at the meetings early in the season, the podcast and the statements put out. Forecasting finances of football clubs strikes me as being fairly straightforward as the income comes from supporters, advertisers, sponsors, hospitality and occasionally player sales. Costs are mainly fixed with wages making up the bulk. We started the season knowing there was a loss of at least £400k and it is probably higher as we haven’t moved any players on. Attendances have probably been better than forecast so that would help a bit. Sponsorship income, etc. - probably better than forecast. Anyway, a big gap to fund. To fill this, we have FSS which is great but lower than what was hoped. There is the Patrons investments which again is great but not enough. From all that, we have the delay in the AGM which rings alarm bells. Yes, I’m sure the Directors are working hard to get soft loans, increase the Patrons, sell ST’s for years ahead etc., etc., As yet we don’t know the result of their endeavours and, you’re right, we’ve no reason to be told. What I don’t want is a last minute announcement that there is a problem and urgent help is needed to avert a crisis. I would have thought that it would be better to announce now the current state of play and how much is required to see us through to the end of the season. If I knew the exact position then I for one would offer help at the level I can manage as I’m sure would many others. Obviously most folks can’t manage £100k plus sums but a lot could manage more modest amounts. Anyway, that’s where I stand and I will certainly give the BOD credit for at last appointing a real football manager.
  14. All they have to do is issue a statement outlining the facts. They will need to do that anyway for the AGM.
  15. Surely this upcoming game v Dundee is a chance to experiment a bit? Why not try Burrell and Allegria as a front two? Hogarth/Martin Williamson Donaldson Mackie McCann Kennedy Hetherington Lawal Nesbitt Burrell. Allegria Giving McGinn a rest might be a good idea. Any thoughts?
  16. That is very true. Whats your point?
  17. I disagree with you on some of your political beliefs but boy, you’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. These people with those cultist beliefs with no scientific basis - where do they come from? Are schools teaching this stuff or is it just the latest fashionable trend? On the trans debate and the cancelling of people who challenge the current perceived wisdom, it just seems that the world has gone crazy. Back in 2020, my wife and I had a conversation and decided that we would NOT go along with the Covid restrictions and lockdowns and that, in our opinion , these would do more harm than good and the more we witness now, the more convinced we become that we were correct. Apart from the medical arguments I well remember the articles and essays by Lord Sumption which articulated how human beings are social creatures and to stop or restrict contact would end badly in terms of mental health and general wellbeing and would have long term bad consequences. Just look at China at the most extreme end of the spectrum. Maybe I’m just too old for this?
  18. Whatever turns you on, I suppose? If it brings in some cash for the club, be my guest.
  19. Something along those lines is what’s needed if indeed we don’t have the necessary funds in place and I’m sure many loyal fans will put their hands in their pockets but we must have the facts. In this case, ignorance most certainly is not bliss.
  20. Nobody knows the true situation other than the Directors. Reasonable assumptions can however be made based on the Podcast and the delay of the AGM. If the situation is serious and they are having difficulty raising the cash to allow the Auditors to sign off the Accounts, in my opinion they should come clean NOW and ask the wider fan base for help. At the end of the day we aren’t going to allow the club to go down but we need the true position put to us.
  21. Also have no idea as to the truth or otherwise of this story but I have always recognised that the Auditors were going to be the means of bringing things to a head one way or another.
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