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  1. The NHS in Scotland is run wholly by the SNP SG and people are going private simply because they need medical care which the NHS can’t deliver. There is no great political conspiracy going on here. It is simply happening because of need. Individuals will always find a way to get what they want.
  2. The language seems to be from your vocabulary?
  3. Tbf, I can’t get out of my driveway. Completely frozen and treacherous underfoot conditions.
  4. Apologies. You are correct. Depends on residence and, if it’s Scotland, you get the deadly S.
  5. A few shots across the bow should do the trick!
  6. It’s all down to your definition of left and right. Anyway, glad I've cleared things up for you.
  7. No, it’s where your employment takes place.
  8. Yes. High taxes, High public expenditure, failure to stop channel crossings, net zero nonsense, I could go on. Will that do you for now?
  9. Was it the bad language which was the clue?
  10. Can’t argue with that. Yes, it’s down to the voters. Too late for me to move away but I’ll still use my right to state my views however much they are in a minority. Funnily enough, voters views change fairly regularly too. We’ve had the Tories in charge for quite a while(albeit a very left wing variety) and when things aren’t going well they want the current government out so no doubt Labour will be back in at the next election. Once socialism is shown to be useless, after another period voters will move back to the right and the Tories will be back. Thats how it goes!
  11. Yes, probably, so what? Very few people attended university in those days. The argument is about individuals paying for things they want with consequent low taxes rather than paying high taxes and being beholden to the state and all its apparatchiks.
  12. Just happy to abide by the rules of the government I live under. I paid school fees for the kids, private health insurance for myself and the wife so I’ve done my part in not being a burden on the state. If they chose to put £250 x2 into my bank account, fair enough. Likewise, if I prefer to do things privately, my choice. Things like the state pension, the £10 at Christmas (who dreamt that up), I had no choice about contributing into so I’ll take whatever they throw at me. The obvious solution is to increase choice by granting tax relief on school fees(abolish charitable status as a quid pro quo), health insurance (it was allowed many years ago) and by so doing we start to move towards a much better and competitive public sector. In fact some of our European neighbours have a mix of health funding which allows them to have far better outcomes. It’s time to move away from the current, failed statist model we currently operate. Yes, I attended Glasgow University. It was so long ago that I can’t recall how fees were paid.
  13. Yes, good idea. Always better to pay for your own things than rely on the state.
  14. I think that’s what they’re banking on. However, over an extended period this can only be a detrimental move. Okay, you're not going to get many settled Scots with families moving South but it makes it harder to attract highly paid professionals from abroad and also it will put off companies setting up here rather than in parts of England. Will take time but I think it’s a bad move and will harm our economy.
  15. Absolutely. They always forget that it’s the aspirational who produce prosperity. High taxes isn’t a good policy especially if you want to encourage business activity. Labour tried this in the 70’s and it ended badly. I would imagine it will be loudly applauded on here.
  16. Trying to look at this matter objectively, from an anti SNP standpoint, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong in him lending money to his organisation to get over a temporary cash flow problem. It just seems a bit strange!! Politically, it doesn’t look great and it’s no wonder the opposition parties are all over it. The SNP would be doing the same if it was the other way round.
  17. Very sad indeed. He did a lot of painting for us and he’d tell me piles of stories about his playing career. One of the best.
  18. Just shows what a bubble you’ve been living in. At least your mum seems to have some sense.
  19. Far too early to make assumptions like that. We all have our feelings about this most unlikeable person but you just have to let the wheels of justice grind on. I feel sure she will get her comeuppance.
  20. If private companies can run parts of the NHS and do it successfully, bring it on. The only point you need to worry about is whether the end user has to pay directly or through general taxation. As yet, I haven’t heard of any big push to change the funding principles so what’s your point?
  21. You can rant as much as you like about privatisation of the health service but it’s happening without any help from anyone. People, some of modest means, just want treatment whether hip ops, knee ops or eye ops.to get them about and start living again. If the NHS can’t do them, the only option is to pay for them privately. There is no big conspiracy here. It’s just people exercising their right to improve their lives in a situation where the state is useless. Sad, but there you are.
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