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  1. I actually agree with you totally about freedom of speech. Dissenters from the norm must always be allowed to be heard. Thats why I joined the Free Speech Union.
  2. You’ll wait a long, long time for that. In fact, I was a bit disappointed she didn’t manage to fit in the Covid figures during her bible reading today.
  3. Not a patch on the Empire biscuits my wife makes, I bet.
  4. You are correct. Just read about this on BBC. It does indeed appear to be a major breakthrough and certainly not a good idea to be living in a heavily polluted area if it can be avoided.
  5. The whole point of a constitutional monarchy is that you don’t DO or SAY anything. To that extent she’s served the country well. Something that Charles will need to learn to do.
  6. Appreciate all the work folks have put Into this thread. What fascinates me is how all the wives, girlfriends and mothers are reacting to all the casualties? Apart from the deaths there must be a huge number of wounded back in Russia being treated. Any info in how this is all going down?
  7. Sounds a bit how people behaved during the Covid pandemic with some still affected.
  8. Couple of years ago we stayed at Dumfries House in Ayrshire which seemed to have built up quite a few litttle cottage industries within it. Whether this was down solely to Charles I don’t know but people there seemed to talk well of him.
  9. I disagree with your wife but she sounds a nice person.
  10. I have sent an email to the SPFL regarding this. I would suggest that others do the same.
  11. Actually, where is all this stuff coming from? It does rather remind me of the pandemic when Governments were scared to do anything that might be looked upon as being ‘uncaring’. One organisation blithely follows anther. Cant believe this comes rom the Royal Family? Where do the SPFL/SFA take their lead from?
  12. Certainly not me. Im a Unionist and moderate supporter of our constitutional monarchy but this is just madness. Al that was required was a minutes silence at all games (maybe not a good idea forCeltic fans) and that would be fine by me. Looking ahead, presumably there will be a State Funeral and what will that bring? The loss of GDP must be considerable.
  13. As someone who has a great respect for our constitutional monarchy, I think this is a terrible decision. All that was required was a minutes silence at all games. Where does this end? Looks like we’re in for another Princess Di mournfest.
  14. I’m on holiday just now and my wife is getting annoyed with me spending time on this. Ill be back in a week or so.
  15. Full marks to Kate Forbes for following her beliefs. Nothing to stop her doing that just like Coffey or Rees- Mogg.
  16. Regarding Coffey, she is opposed to abortion and gay marriage as she is a practising RC. Thats fair enough but she also states that she respects the law. All she is doing is following her chosen religion which opposes these things. Its always struck me as strange that the countless numbers of RC SNP supporters are quite happy to drop those parts of their religion which don’t suit current trends. Weird!!
  17. Wrong again. It will be the SG paying the pensions of Scottish pensioners, not the UK government. It really isn’t hard to understand. No wonder Left Back has given up.
  18. I think that’s what I’ve been saying. The last point about economic downturns is probably the important bit.
  19. One last go. Yes, of course you’ll get your OAP. The only point is that post independence, the SG would pick up the tab as pensions are paid out of current taxation and the SG will be collecting all the tax revenues from Scottish taxpayers. For the umpteenth time, there is no fund like you have in a company scheme. If you retire on 31st December, from 1st January your OAP is paid from taxes collected from taxpayers from 1st January onwards. The only consideration for the SG and it’s finances is whether it has enough sufficiently high earning and therefore tax paying individuals to meet the ever increasing retired population. The demographics could be costly but I’m no expert on these matters or indeed Government pensions but I do believe the position as outlined is true. Good evening all
  20. He has, as have i. We seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall. Better just let it rest for now.
  21. Read a great article the other day by Lionel Shriver where she bewails the ease in which Governments throughout the world completely brainwashed their citizenry into accepting lockdowns when there was absolutely no need. In fact they managed to do it to the extent that people were crying out for more. Scary stuff.
  22. That pension entitlement would be paid to you by UK taxpayers but as Scotland has left the UK it is up to Sotttsh taxpayers to take on the liabilities. If you think it through it makes sense. Maybe it’s time for an expert to explain?
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