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  1. Absolutely agree with that. FSS was always a long term project. No doubt there will be ups and downs along the way depending on how we are doing and also the general economic position. No question there. What I want to know is how we are going to fill the known gap. Is there a benevolent soft loan giver out there? Are there new investors waiting in the wings? We just don’t know,
  2. I just feel that I thought we would have had more, taking into account how well the new management team have done with all of the problems from last year still on the books and costing a small fortune. The current BOD deserve enormous credit for that. Im just reiterating the known facts about the £400k at least black hole which needs to be filled to get through the season. Anyway, shouldn’t be too long till the AGM when all will be revealed.
  3. Easy to say but harder to implement. Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is not. I imagine you claimed tax relief on your pension contributions at the highest rate depending on your income. Your SIPP, perfectly legal affords you tax advantages. There are so many other things you can do if you are not under PAYE, as you must know, to mitigate your liabilities such as paying yourself dividends from your own company and avoiding N.I. Unless you want to become a communist basket case such as Cuba, in a Western country there isn’t a lot you can do. I can tell you from experience that HMRC spends a huge amount of resources on stopping tax evasion. Inevitably, some people will get away with it. What rules, precisely do you want to change to bring about this big influx of money. A lot of the problems come from trying to tax large, mainly US tech companies, who try to move their profits to the lowest taxed jurisdiction e.g Ireland, Luxembourg etc. To combat this sort of thing you need international agreements which isn’t easy. What you are saying is total nonsense unless you can be specific.
  4. Good work from those involved but still very disappointing. £80k per annum is great but barely touches our big black hole.
  5. No. I was just saying that it could, if it wanted to.
  6. It doesn’t control VAT, etc., etc., but it’s powers over IT rates, not allowances, give it sufficient powers to do things it wants to do. In addition the Barnett formula gives it substantially more per head than the average for England. So, what I’m saying is that if the SG wanted to pay rail workers more (I don’t think they should) they have the powers to do so.
  7. Scotland can, and does set its own income tax rates. Why else would Scottish taxpayers have an S in front of their Code Numbers?
  8. True Any idea what the average subscription is?
  9. Fine It should be a matter for individual conscience.
  10. Look Glennie, no ones forgotten what was said and done over the last 2-3 years, especially by governments and so- called experts.. You were always on the side of the freedom lovers, anti- maskers and folks who just wanted to live a normal life. We worried about our youngsters being denied an education and the harm it was doing them. Lets not get tangled up in vaccines. I went for the vaccines, my wife partly but if people refused that was also fine by me. Each to their own decision.
  11. He has every right to take that position. Just as everyone with a different view has.
  12. If I flout any legal requirements I am very happy to take the consequences. To be fair to Bad Wolf he’s admitted his criminal behaviour albeit he’s unlikely to be caught. I admire his industry in obtaining paid work but I don’t think it’s right to be taking benefits from the rest of us at the same time.
  13. This should be a matter which is left to individual conscience. Just daft that it’s a whipping matter. Wonder how the fellow ? Mason will vote?
  14. Okay, but why was he warned? Nothing wrong with having idiotic views. I thought the whole point of forums like this was to air views from all sides of the spectrum. If we ever reach the point where ‘idiotic views’ are banned, it’ll be a very sad day for free speech. As I said earlier I don’t agree with the Captain but I’m firmly with him in allowing him to state his opinions.
  15. I’d imagine the truth about this ‘euro’ story will come out in the not too distant future. Cant believe it should be too difficult to establish one way or another?
  16. Maybe you should join the Free Speech Union. Great organisation. For a small fee £25 per year they will support you if you are unfairly silenced or cancelled.
  17. I don’t think you’re in any position to be angry after confessing to your own shameless behaviour. I think the word might be ‘hypocrite’.
  18. I’ve had all the vaccines but am not totally convinced. My wife decided against the last one. Nothing wrong with being anti-vaxx. Everyone should make up their own mind. Regarding banning people, he’s nuts.
  19. Anybody heard of when the AGM is likely to be held?
  20. He’s not my cup of tea either but he and others have the right to their views just as you and I do.
  21. You’re getting a bit desperate. The sheriff heard the case and came to his verdict. If the authorities felt they were wrongly done by, then I’m sure they could appeal. I think we should just leave it there.
  22. So you think it’s okay to ban events that comply with the law? What an outlook!
  23. I’m merely saying that people have the right to hold events that don’t break the law. The principle applies equally to all. The sheriff was simply interpreting the law.
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