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  1. Have to agree with you. For me, it’s the weather (cold) which I find difficult to withstand. I was seriously considering not going on Monday depending on the weather so having the option of a stream (however good or bad) is a fantastic plus.
  2. Completely daft decision. Probably more to do with politics than ‘the science’. It won’t last long.
  3. I am in favour of Voter ID. However, to get an Oyster Card over 60’s require a passport or driving licence. A big difference!
  4. Listened to a very sensible take on this earlier by Prof. Carl Heneghan on GB News. According to him, absolutely no justification for restrictions. He was one of the few heroes of COVID.
  5. Where does it state that Dr Kennedy is a Tory?
  6. You actually make a decent point. We have to accept that all political parties have failed miserably. Time to take politics out of it (if that is possible) to try to find the solution. There must be a better way as most other Western countries have better outcomes than we have and it is outcomes that count. We really do need some blue sky thinking as, by default and not by design, we are heading towards a two tier system.
  7. You got a problem with white people?
  8. I’m not a lawyer but I think the AGM is meant be held within 6 months of the accounting year end I.e. 30th November but a 3 month extension can be requested if the Accounts are not ready I.e. to 28th Feb 2023. Whatever is the case it can’t be too long before the papers are sent out. Just need to be patient, I suppose.
  9. Sounds great if correct. Presumably the concert £100k will be June 2023 I.e, next year’s Accounts?
  10. Exactly. Im sure Zbairn will be correct which means that there should be no impediment to proceeding with the AGM.
  11. I think it’s reasonable to know if someone who constantly opines on Scottish and UK politics actually resides here and has a vote. Surely not a big ask?
  12. Do you actually have a residence in Scotland or do you just stay abroad for most of the year? Would be interesting to know?
  13. Good news. when do you reckon the AGM papers will be coming out?
  14. We had the choice of him or Robertson who’s doing okay at FC Edinburgh. We took Wilson!!
  15. Interview in FH with Paul Smith where he states that Henderson is back training again.
  16. I think you’ll find my ‘daftness’ will prove to be correct in the end. The football people were idiots and would have been quite at home in China. Anyway, I have no issues with you. Courteous and fair.
  17. Really sorry to hear about Oaksoft. He was one of the few people I could relate to, albeit he and I didn’t agree much on politics. He was quite left leaning. He did a great job on Covid and very much supported freedom of the individual against the lockdown policies of both the SNP and UK governments. All that’s going to be left on here are the SNP, left wing, woke fan boys which is sad really but there it is. Ill probably just stick to the Football Forums, if at all, as there isn’t much room for dissent from the perceived norm.
  18. If you set a rate of tax too high and make it uncompetitive then you end up bringing in less money. Whether the 6% is too high, remains to be seen.
  19. I think we would agree that if you have an accident or an emergency then, yes, I too have had no problems with the NHS. The problems relate to elective surgery and the enormous waiting times which are totally unacceptable.
  20. The SG, if it so desires, can keep increasing taxes as we have just seen. Bear in mind, through Barnett it receives much more per person than most of the other countries and regions of the UK. Sorry, far too easy to blame the Tories. A good friend of ours is seeing a surgeon today privately because she can barely walk due to requiring a new hip. She is NOT well off but waiting 2/3 years on the NHS is not an option at the age of 80.. If she opts to go ahead this will cost her £15 to £20k, a good part of her life savings. What is your idealistic socialist solution for her, today?
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