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  1. As I say, you may well be correct. Lets see.
  2. Too young as with voting and getting married.
  3. At least it’ll open the debate up to the general Scottish public most of whom didn’t really appreciate what was being done in their name. The whole thing will now be opened up for scrutiny in the media and, I may well be wrong, but I just feel that the Scottish public, whatever their political affiliations are socially conservative. I welcome this intervention.
  4. Any time I’ve been at Cappielow they give you the choice of behind the goals or the stand. Always seemed fine to me?
  5. Only thing is, the state needs to get involved in issuing the certificates. Agree about the state staying out of peoples private business. Just let them get on with it.
  6. Question to all the SNP/NS fan boys on here. Do you actually agree with this GRR stuff or are you just being loyal?
  7. For someone not very techsavvy, what VPN would you recommend? Thanks
  8. Would be great for me whilst at home. Fortunately, was abroad yesterday. In fact, I wouldn’t object to paying over and above my ST just to watch in warm conditions.
  9. George Monbiot- fine piece- The Guardian Says it all, really.
  10. Not on Facebook or twitter I come to my own conclusions.
  11. Why is that? He was correct about all the nonsense that was spouted about Covid. If we had had no lockdowns we would have been in a much better financial position with the same number of deaths. It was like trying to hold back the tide. Never a good idea.
  12. Surely no sensible person would ever have believed anything Sturgeon says? Its not going to happen.
  13. It’s complete madness. What they’re saying is that as we reduce our oil and gas production we increase imports at the expense of Scottish jobs. Yes, increase green energy but it will be decades before we can exist without fossil fuels. This is beyond belief!!
  14. God, she gets larger every time she’s on. Hope health isn’t her responsibility.
  15. I think he’s great along with Neil Oliver, Fraser Nelson, Andrew Neil and lots more. All a matter of opinion.
  16. No need for DIY kits. You can get it done privately for a modest cost and they will tell you if there is anything serious. Its a bit like going to the dentist where, even under the NHS, there are fees for certain procedures. Its time we started taking more personal responsibility for things like that.
  17. Very impressed with Rowe. Quite a personality and a good talker. Just hope he does the business where it counts,
  18. Getting your ears cleaned out is hardly worthy of being classed as an essential health procedure.
  19. You can get that done privately at the high street hearing shops. Not very expensive. I thought the NHS had stopped doing that, quite correctly too.
  20. Brexit wasn’t just about trade deals and such like. Primarily, it was about sovereignty and being able to steer our own course in the world. I would liken it to how the nationalists feel about an independent Scotland. There is no economic case for tearing away from your next door neighbour and biggest market. Its sovereignty, nothing more, nothing less. My country is the UK, the nationalists see their country as Scotland. Its really quite simple.
  21. A Happy New Year to one and all, friend or foe alike.
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