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  1. Interesting? My moaning is only based on public information as I am certainly NOT itk. As you say we should learn a lot at the AGM.
  2. I don’t know if we’re going bust or not. All I can say is that, based on the information put out into the public domain by the Directors, unless we get new investment from the Patrons, existing shareholders or loans, we must be sailing into a tricky situation around now or the next few months. So far I’ve heard no news on that front. Maybe it’s under control but until we find out at the AGM, we won’t know. As to the football, today was desperately disappointing as the game was there to be won. As mentioned earlier, I would start Allegria over Burrell if he’s determined to play just one striker. Regarding McGlynn he’s easily the best we could have got under the circumstances. Some folks have a short memory as to what we were suffering last season. It may take another year but that’s indicative of how bad we were.
  3. Again, the ‘bleeding’ obvious. At least KK tried to break us out of this cycle of growth stagnation but he and LS went about it far too stridently. A shame.
  4. Fair enough. Lets just get the AGM and all will be revealed.
  5. The freezing of bands is the biggest stealth tax that could ever have been conceived. Or am I reading you wrongly?
  6. Trouble is that things aren’t returning to normal. So many undiagnosed serious diseases are now coming out of the woodwork showing that the so-called cure was worse than the disease. As I recall you were an apologist for the repressive policies meted out by the UK and SG’s. I can well understand why you are keen to dismiss the terrible damage which was done.
  7. Pleased to hear that finances are in such good shape that they can do that. Can’t imagine that would entice any extra people to come. Anyway, keen to get the paperwork for the AGM which should be coming out soon. I hear they are also trying to sell 25 ST’s at £5k each for 10 years with some extras attached. Now that is a decent idea for raising cash rather than giving it away.
  8. Is there anyone in public life either of you 2 gents actually like?
  9. I certainly know plenty of people who caught it but none who could considered to be ill in the true sense of the word. Anyone who tells me in recent times that they’ve had it , my first response is ‘How did you find out it was Covid? I usually find out that they have a massive stockpile of Covid kits from earlier times. Pathetic!!
  10. Absolutely. I don’t know what more they want under the circumstances. Everyone is going to be worse off. That’s a given. Its certainly not a Tory budget with the highest earners paying the most. Its a case now of managing our personal budgets in the most efficient way possible - energy use, food and household supplies purchasing, cooking, leisure activities, cutting out non- essential motoring, you name it. Batten down the hatches!
  11. What do you mean? i do those jobs willingly. Theres always a quid pro quo.
  12. My wife would never dream of putting the bins out nor filling up the car with fuel nor bagging up the leaves nor doing so many other things she considers ‘man’s work’.
  13. Good for you. There will be a special place awaiting you in heaven.
  14. Is that actually true? The vast unearned income will have borne tax somewhere- India ? Her fathers IT company will have created plenty of prosperity and employment in India and possibly worldwide so, good for them, I say. Lets also not get all righteous about these things as how many of us know whether our window cleaners or gardeners declare their earnings if we pay them by cash?
  15. A case of stating ‘the bleeding obvious’. Actually, I would have thought the gap between the low income and high income homes would have been greater.
  16. You may ‘raise your eyes’ but during my professional career the worst offenders I came across were the middle class people who would go to any lengths to avoid their parents ex council house being sold to pay for nursing home care. Any hint of that happening brought our relationship to an end. Why? I didn’t need their business. You get corruption everywhere but, at least, if you’ve got a ‘bob or two’ you can tell people to get lost. That was the point I was making and the plumber taking cash for a homer is just as bad as a millionaire doing a dodgy deal.
  17. You make fun of my views on private healthcare but the situation within the NHS, especially for elderly people, is now becoming past a joke. Forget about my going private for cataract surgery but we have friends, a couple in their eighties, who are totally constrained as to what they can do due to the woman being crippled by a diseased hip.She had surgery on one a few years ago on the NHS which improved her mobility but now the other one requires attention. She has been quoted a couple of years but, at 80 plus, can she wait that long? She has now got an appointment privately with the surgeon who she had under the NHS to start the ball rolling for a private operation at the Murrayfield. These people are not particularly well off and the £20k will take a big chunk of their savings but they consider it to be worth it for the quality of life the op. hopefully will bring. There’s the dilemna. Is it wrong? Should she suffer in silence or should she take matters into her own hands? Its easy to moralise when you are not confronted with the reality of painful twilight years.
  18. What’s wrong with billionaires? Bezos, Musk and the rest helped to make America a great, prosperous country. I just wish we had some. BTW, Mrs Sunak didn’t do anything illegal whereas those operating in the cash economy are. Personally, I like leaders to be wealthy as it makes them less open to corruption. If you were to throw out all the non-doms you would lose far more by way of the fees they pay and the economic activity attaching therefrom.
  19. I think I might just about agree with you on that one. Probably, a first and likely the last.
  20. Mrs Sunak can’t help being the daughter of an entrepreneurial businessman. Totally irrelevant.
  21. Respect your fervour but can’t see it happening. Ill bet you £100 that there isn’t even a referendum before the end of 2023.
  22. Wouldn’t be so sure about that. What about the cash economy? Gardeners, cleaners, tradesmen, it’s huge. Okay, maybe not huge but the principle is the same.
  23. Can’t stand any of those political badges, scarves, colours, pinholes, whatever. Football colours are fine for me.
  24. The more you earn, the more you pay in tax and NI towards it. So it is means tested. Only problem is, it’s so poor that more and more people are going private and paying twice.
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