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  1. I’ve just about reached the target you mention in your last sentence and yes, I , and my wife are quite reconciled to it happening anytime. We’ve had a wonderful life, great family, very few regrets, and are now doing everything we can manage and going on as many holidays as we feel up to. Covid held us back a bit in 2020 but having read some wonderful articles by the likes of Lord Sumption, Peter Hitchens and others, we decided to follow our instincts and ignored lockdown restrictions, mask wearing and all dehumanising rules as far as was possible. Our motto is ‘What will be will be’. So, until the grim reaper arrives, as inevitably it will, onwards and upwards.
  2. Absolutely Angus McNeill MP now wants them dumped. The whole thing is falling apart.
  3. Interesting that Burrell wasn’t brought on?
  4. In this age of equality, women in prisons are criminals, just like men. What’s the difference?
  5. I accept your point but if the individual has not yet received a GRC certificate then surely the individual must be classed as male bearing in mind that the individual still has male genitalia and male sex chromosomes. Guidance would be appreciated.
  6. She, and the Justice Secretary initially said they would leave the decision to the SPS who sent him to Cornton Vale despite ministers having the power to overrule the SPS. Only when there was a great eruption from the public was it decided to remove him from there. She refused to admit that he was actually still in Cornton Vale yesterday.
  7. Pleased to see that an SNP MP actually wrote to the UK Scottish Secretary asking him to block the bill on behalf of her constituents. After seeing Sturgeons flailing yesterday, the whole thing is falling apart. Thank goodness the adults are starting to take charge.
  8. The estranged wife of Bryson states that he never showed any signs of being in the wrong body. According to her, he’s just ‘scamming’ the system. Presumably, that’s what Spence is referring to.
  9. I have done but might switch to Reform UK next time
  10. I thought this thread was about NHS Reform? Of course I’ve paid masses of tax and NI over the years and I just want the NHS to work for the population. Obviously, it’s not and I thought we were looking for reforms to make it better? Sadly, more and more people are requiring to ditch it and go private to get the care and treatment they need. People like me are not doing anything to destroy or take it private. Its hastening it’s own demise by not meeting the people’s needs. So come on. Let’s have your ideas.
  11. Donaldson received a 2 match suspension so is out for the FCEdinburgh match.
  12. Was that in 1957 in the lead up to winning the cup?
  13. Problem though is I’d be happy to pay but only in return for good service which would mean relegating most others to an inferior service. Can’t imagine you’d agree to that. Its a two way street.
  14. Just one example is Sweden which has high pensions and wages. Another is Ireland - about 50 plus euros. Its not really about the money. It’s about making people stop and think or are they too stupid to do that?
  15. So you’re saying education is a non- starter. What then? As I say, plenty other countries charge for GP visits.
  16. Nonsense. Entrepreneurship, wealth creation, aspiration, productive activity. Amongst such a cohort, you’re obviously going to get some wrong-uns but that’s a price well worth paying. Amongst teachers, social workers, civil servants, you’re not going to find that sort of thing but plenty of other things.
  17. Just watched a clip of an interview between Kay Burley and a tax expert and I have to say, the whole Zahawi affair stinks. I spent a good part of my working life settling tax problems for clients with HMRC , at a much lower level I may add, but if he’s had a 30% penalty added as is suggested, then it’s quite serious. I love people starting businesses and making loads of money but please, please just pay your taxes. There will still be plenty left over.
  18. You talk about educating people but how? I totally agree with you about receptionists. The more crabbit the better. The sad truth is that the only thing that people bother about is money and that’s the only reason I suggested charging. If your ‘educating’ can do the trick, good luck.
  19. It’s probably because just about everyone on here is of a similar left wing socialist mindset where they don’t ever have to account for anything. The state will pay, why should I bother?
  20. You’re last sentence answers your question perfectly. The beauty of being a football fan is that you think you’re an expert. Thats what it’s all about!
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