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  1. I agree with all the points being made here and I think we can all accept that the Board made their decisions with the very best of intentions and all of us fans really bought into it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out. what do we do? i think we’ve got to start again accepting that we need cash and lots of it. As a suggestion, all ST holders should be invited to pay again for their tickets (I accept that some won’t be able to afford it) and that is fine. The Board should be asked to resign and offer themselves for re-election along with some new faces as there is no point in giving cash to the same people who got it so wrong , albeit with the best of intentions. The newly elected board should also be asked to put in loans of around, say, £25k each to show intent and give them some motivation to get it right. i appreciate that we can’t do this overnight but something along those lines is needed to avoid us sinking into oblivion. what do you think?
  2. What we need now is solutions. i think we have gone on enough about the problem. I would say there is 100% agreement on that. unforunately, any solution is going to need money, lots of it!! Ideas, please.
  3. Today was the absolute pits in terms of football. Like most on here I went along with the pre season hype regarding all the new players coming in. unfortunately, it’s been a total failure and we’re now in a real shithole. What can we do? I would guess our finances are stretched to capacity and the ability to fund the removal of the Manager and the worst of the dross must be severely limited. As this is our Club, I for one would be prepared to put my hand in my pocket for a few hundred pounds along with others to provide funding to try to rectify the situation in return for shares. The position is really so serious that drastic and quick action is required. I think,also , that the CEO and Chairman, whose plan has brought us to this point, must resign and a new Executive is needed to take us forward. Time is now of the essence .
  4. Am I correct or not that Hartley signed Phil Roberts from us for Dundee.
  5. Sammut started yesterday , was totally anonymous and hooked at ht.!!
  6. Absolutely agree. i thought our fitness guy Tam ??? was supposed to be top notch? Mackin should not reappear until he has lost a stone and improved his fitness 100%
  7. Did you see Mackin today? Can’t believe you attended.
  8. Really terrible performance today. the team selection and first half were beyond belief. Muirhead. Gtf Paton gtf Petra gtf lewis gtf Mackin gtf Sammut gtf Mcghee at lb gtf Hartley gtf only decent performances were Irving and Harrison The subs made a huge difference which shows how clueless the initial team selection was. I’ll calm down after a few drinks!!
  9. We must have a large squad now. Just hope there are plans afoot to dispose of McKee, Shepherd and Harris. Apart from the cost involved, it must be difficult to keep all these guys happy.
  10. Quite by chance I met Forbes’s father a few years ago. Lives in Edinburgh. He couldn’t speak highly enough of FFC who offered fantastic support to his family despite the fact that he had been away from us quite a while before his death. He feels so strongly about FFC that he comes to games from time to time. really nice to hear.
  11. Well, you must be a leftie snowflake student type. 55 for me.
  12. Okay, BIE, you’re obviously not a leftie student. I apologise. 1969 - was that around the Ferguson , Roxburgh era? Seem to have mislaid my Michael White books.
  13. Yes, it was a great trip totally deflated by a lousy performance. Went on the official FFC package which was great and allowed some free time in Zurich. Only brought it up as my credentials seem to be questioned. You can hate my views but NOT my dedication as a lifelong FFC supporter. there seems to be a kind of ‘groupthink’ on here which doesn’t like alternative views. Probably a bunch of ‘snowflake’ student types!!
  14. It seems to be that anyone who makes a constructive comment is accused of being a troll. Strange!! Were you all at Vaduz?
  15. I was watching Falkirk under Reggie Smith, Tommy Younger and Sammy Kean. Twat!!
  16. I agree we shouldn’t take too much from these games (as per last years experience) but this year is entirely different in that the pre-season PR and hype generated by the Club has been phenomenal. I mean that in a good way as it has generated great enthusiasm for the purchase of ST’s. we have all been going mental about the new signings and probably the level of expectation reached too high a level Ihave only seen the Airdrie and Montrose games and tbh I have been a little underwhelmed by the standard of the new arrivals. i agree it is early days and the only true test will be on 4th August against ICT. it is still worth while monitoring our challengers and I was impressed with the defence and midfield of Dunfermline but NOT their strike force. Time will tell!! BTW, as a new contributor I have been unimpressed with the standard of posts on here. I rather expected better but hey ho!!
  17. You may be correct but I felt it was of interest to see how one of our competitors competed against a higher league side. For what it’s worth they played a 532 formation against which Dundee made no impression. Craigen and Hippo looked good but Louis Longridge was anonymous. Their wingbacks Longridge and Williamson were excellent and, as mentioned earlier their defence were never troubled.
  18. Pains me to say it but the Pars are totally dominating Dundee in the first half at Dens.
  19. Yes, first half was good. Dallison was immense. 2nd half was awful with too many midfielders going backwards The striker trialist was awful with the right back nothing special. the trialist no. 11 had something about him but we need something extra up front. Lewis was okay but looked a bit off the pace. Paton is a good organiser but Froxylias was poor. was impressed by TOE and Petravicius Well done England.
  20. Typical Scottish cringe and inferiority complex. I always support a Home Nation when Scotland is not there. C’mon Arry!!
  21. On two separate days this week, I have seen Alex Harris entering the stadium at 9.45 all on his lonesome. tbf he was exceedingly pleasant and returned by smile .
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