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  1. Do you know if the Duke is okay? Used to see him around Tropix in the High Street but not for a while?
  2. I do recall Tommy Younger being terrible. He was also our Manager!
  3. I see Andy Nelson has just had an operation and is starting recuperation. might be someone to consider for January?
  4. You’ve got a reasonable point there. Actually, no reason why the funds couldn’t buy shares, and with the Boards agreement , be also used for player contracts up till the end of the season. Solves both problems!
  5. Completely agree with you. we have nothing in midfield and, as a consequence, the defence is overrun.
  6. Just watched the highlights video and both goals are horrific to watch. The first was a complete goalkeeping error and on the second he seemed to be in an okay position but how he was unable to save it beats me!!
  7. All you ever seem to think about is MONEY. Pathetic!!
  8. When you are asking the fans for ‘help’, are you including cash support? If they were to make a cogent case then I wouldn’t be averse to putting ‘my hand in my pocket’.
  9. Just watched the highlights. Fasan was terrible on the 1st and 3rd. Has to be Mutch next week. i recall he played a blinder against St Mirren last season.
  10. At the present time, being a Falkirk fan isn’t easy. anything that gives us some hope is a blessing. You are probably delusional but then, so am I.
  11. Okay, not so bad then. i was just going on what McKinnon said in an interview.
  12. I think you should also factor in that McGhee has a long term injury.
  13. I don’t mind doing that. we all bought in to the plan thinking it was a great idea. okay, the implementation was terrible . I view this as a fault by all of us, and as someone who cares about FFC, I think we all have a cumulative responsibility to put things right. Im sure the BOD will be chipping in quite significantly and so indeed should we!
  14. BBC report we have signed Zak Rudden on loan from Rangers!!
  15. As someone said earlier, he is a very pleasant and well mannered person. Ive been down at the Club a few times over the last few weeks and, for some reason, have always walked past Alex Harris and, on each occasion, he made eye contact and said ‘hello’. Agree his football prowess has been poor but he’s certainly a nice young man.
  16. Is Sheeran not the father of Hartley’s partner?
  17. Okay. I agree that’s the starting point. only problem is - Who is going to select the new Manager? Our BOD haven’t been too successful to date!
  18. Agree. i think that’s about the best we can muster
  19. Totally agree. No point going over the same points over and over. we now need to regroup and come up with a plan.
  20. I am trying to come up with something practical. its no good going on an on about ‘the blooming obvious’ which we all know. regarding directors’ loans - yes, they would be returnable once the club had been stabilised both on and off the pitch. i think you would be surprised as to the number of ST holders who would be prepared to dig deep to save the Club.
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