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  1. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel sure ML stated at the AGM that they were able to trigger a release clause in Hartley’s contract which enabled them to fire him at minimum cost. No doubt you’ll correct me if you heard differently.
  2. My fear is that we’re on such a downwards spiral that no amount of new bodies will be able to arrest it. Maybe we might be better to accept the drop and regroup in Div. 1 and try to make a push upwards from there with a settled side looking for incremental improvement. what I don’t want to see is shedloads of cash being spent on an attempt at a short term fix which doesn’t work. Probably that’s what Ray and the directors are battling with just now. A tough call?
  3. Ray’s interview very revealing. a lot more open than in previous weeks. petra in Lithuania with a serious injury. made it plain that many of these guy will never play for FFC again. hopes to have most newcomers in by mid January.
  4. I liked the fan ownership scheme. In effect the current NAV of the shareholding is around 90p to £1. This new issue of 2.4m shares discounts this value down to 33p which dilutes and reduces the value of the existing shares. very pleased that the MSG have agreed to this. lots of mention on here that the MSG want out. I don’t get that as they are merely reducing their power and reducing the value of their shares!! No indication of them wanting to sell their shares. Martin Ritchie indicated that he will soon be stepping down from the Board. As usual the Accounts were lacking in any meaningful information albeit AT produced some interesting information regarding Other Income. Still cannot see why the Club can’t issue this data with the Accounts.
  5. Very noticeable that there’s no comment on here about the AGM. i think most of the usual keyboard warriors couldn’t be bothered going or are not shareholders. not real fans!! was a very long and interesting meeting although not much new came out.
  6. Wrong about Rhys Bennett. since leaving us, he has been a regular first team player in a number of decent English sides. currently, he is a regular with Peterborough.
  7. I note that Andrew Nelson scored 2 for Darlington today. He must be on loan with them.
  8. Heard he was charged with ‘breach of the peace’. what a farce!!?
  9. From what I was watching on Saturday, Kidd was being repeatedly skinned in that second half.
  10. Every time I’m given one of those cards, I chuck it in the bin. I will think what I like and treat others as I wish. nobody else’s business. The law is the law and, as long as I don’t break it, I can have my own thoughts.
  11. Muirhead wasn’t great. It was just that he was kept out of the danger areas!!
  12. Doesn’t give any details on income and expenditure.
  13. Received Accounts today. made profit of £163k in year ended 31st May 18. Had over £631k in the Bank.
  14. The same O'hara who's started 7 & came on in 4 in 13 league games? I wouldn't say that's struggling for games 9 How many goals has he scored?
  15. agreed. we actually got worse when the subs came on. a not 100pc fit buaben aside I'd have not put any other subs on. how we let ohara out on loan and gave Lewis playing baffles me. ohara ain't amazing but he's head and shoulders better than lewis Don’t think Ohara has scored yet for Stenhousemuir
  16. Big improvement today. Defensively, we were good and didn’t give Ayr much. Mitchell - just as bad as Fasan Kidd - really poor. Time must be up. McGhee, ,Harrison and Brough - very solid. Best combination I’ve see so far Robson - man of the match Irving - good but makes some terrible errors. What can you expect from a youngster McKee - diabolically poor. Bin please. Buaben - looks okay but far from fit. Petra - most dangerous attacker we have but not a natural goal scorer Rudden - gives everything but very inexperienced. Lewis - waste of space Haber - COMPLETE waste of space. Sammut - gives very little.
  17. Spoke to Margaret Lang at the start and she is obviously totally committed. Thought she looked very poorly. obviously feeling the strain!! She went through the process of appointing Hartley and after his successes in the second half of the season they felt confident that he would do the business this year. No fee paid for Mackin. Surely a lot more of the keyboard warriors on here attended!! please give details of the second half which I missed.
  18. Very good meeting. huge turnout. First half was all with Ray and his assistant. Came over very well. looking to bring around 8 in January. Muirhead out for about 6 weeks minimum. Paton suspended for 2 games. Big round of applause!! Asked about possibility of Nelson coming back. Looked as if that could be on the cards . Mitch brought us Jak which gave them some confidence. one of the consortium was asking a question when I had to leave for a dinner engagement. Over to someone else who was there.
  19. Good. i, too, would be up for that. We’re making progress.
  20. Punting players on CONTRACTS is costly! It wont free up funds.
  21. Agree with all this but maybe now, with everything so bad, is the time for all the groups to come together to support the common cause - the rescuing of FFC. i think the BOD should call a fans meeting, separate from the soon to be called AGM, at which they should lay their cards on the table, admit all the mistakes, and appeal for assistance from everyone who has the Club’s interests at heart. They should report the current financial position (dire I would imagine), announce a new share issue appeal, ask Ray to summarise his plans to avoid relegation and engender a ‘survival sprit’ with regular updates to fans in the sprit of ‘openness and transparency’ BfL should be asked to update their current financial position and perhaps it could be converted into a share purchasing organisation which would NOT impinge on its policy of giving funds to the Manager of the day at the January window (estimate for this January ) is around £20k, I believe. Just a few ideas but others welcome. No point on just continually moaning and sympathising with the chap who confronted the players. Action is needed quickly.
  22. Agreed - just watched. The word ‘highlights’is stretching things a bit as there were none as far as we were concerned! At their first it was a bit of typical, albeit occasional piece of Longridge skill as he beat his man beautifully and delivered a great cross. Those we’re the days!!
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