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  1. I know we’re terrible but I didn’t think we’d reached the stage of being suicidal. Take a look at the website.
  2. He just never seems to learn from his mistakes. Its just the same old, same old , week after week. I would make the Forfar game his last chance as I would guess they’re fairly similar to Montrose who we JUST managed to beat. This cannot go on.
  3. You may well be correct but I think a little bit of accuracy is required. The directors and the MSG have a lot to answer for but some of them have been very generous with their funds and writing off or converting into shares approximately £200k is not insignificant in anyone’s language.
  4. As you would appear to be some kind of ‘oracle’ on things FFC, may I refer you to note 17 in the 2015 accounts where £166k of loans were waived and £37k of loans were converted to shares. No doubt as a shareholder and supporter of the club you will be able to check out my information?
  5. Not true. approximately 3 years ago, a substantial amount of loans were forgiven ( written off) which is the same as putting money in. I don’t have the accounts to hand but it wasn’t much short of £200k.
  6. Michael won the BfL first prize draw of £300 at yesterday’s game.
  7. I thought you had stopped going to home games in protest as you didn’t want to be ripped off.
  8. This must be one of the best ever ripostes to the most idiotic, moronic comment. Well said MT. i still wish you would disappear but fair dos for that one.
  9. He must be okay. He buys Cole Han shoes. Buy nothing else when I’m in America. They are the best. Welcome Mark.
  10. With Stranraer winning on penalties, do we have any chance of qualifying? Sorry, I don’t know the rules.
  11. Is this not the same situation as Dave King at Rangers where he was forced to buy out the minority shareholders?
  12. BPM -you seem to be well informed Fellow on here making serious aspersions about MC I would have thought our BOD would have carried out thorough background checks on him. Can you enlighten us?
  13. Very pleased with this but would like to know what % holding he’s buying. Seem to recall that there is a point where you need to offer to buy all the shares. As mentioned, it would be great if the fans and msg continued with a minority stake which would mean more of his investment would be available for investment in the team and infrastructure. Regarding the Btb bid, this will not be a wasted effort as, if this all goes ‘tits up’, either now or further down the line, we know that we can raise £800k from the fans to get us back on track.
  14. A brilliant piece of writing. Summed it up perfectly and written with style and panache. should be given full publicity.
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