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  1. I thought you had stopped going to home games in protest as you didn’t want to be ripped off.
  2. This must be one of the best ever ripostes to the most idiotic, moronic comment. Well said MT. i still wish you would disappear but fair dos for that one.
  3. He must be okay. He buys Cole Han shoes. Buy nothing else when I’m in America. They are the best. Welcome Mark.
  4. With Stranraer winning on penalties, do we have any chance of qualifying? Sorry, I don’t know the rules.
  5. Is this not the same situation as Dave King at Rangers where he was forced to buy out the minority shareholders?
  6. BPM -you seem to be well informed Fellow on here making serious aspersions about MC I would have thought our BOD would have carried out thorough background checks on him. Can you enlighten us?
  7. Very pleased with this but would like to know what % holding he’s buying. Seem to recall that there is a point where you need to offer to buy all the shares. As mentioned, it would be great if the fans and msg continued with a minority stake which would mean more of his investment would be available for investment in the team and infrastructure. Regarding the Btb bid, this will not be a wasted effort as, if this all goes ‘tits up’, either now or further down the line, we know that we can raise £800k from the fans to get us back on track.
  8. A brilliant piece of writing. Summed it up perfectly and written with style and panache. should be given full publicity.
  9. Today just shows we vulnerable we are with our small squad. i suppose Durnan will serve his suspension against Berwick?
  10. Been busy since the EGM but my post meeting thoughts are very positive indeed. The Board and msg won the battle but LOST the war. Very much a Pyrrhic victory. The Board individually and collectively admitted they were dysfunctional which makes a nonsense of the major shareholders voting against the resolution. I very much applaud the people who called this EGM as the glare of publicity will undoubtedly see big changes. I expect to hear within a week to 10 days (as promised by CL) as to who the preferred bidder is and I would guess it will be the ‘fan ownership’ scheme and I would think that Andy Thomson will resign along with MR and ML. I was impressed with Gary Deans who will take on the AT role although he was correctly told to zip it due to him not being involved in all the cockups. I would suggest that a good move would be for the Board to extend the early bird ST offer to the end of July and to put out a proper statement giving a full apology for all the well documented disasters, announcing the Board changes and giving the go ahead to the fan ownership scheme. It was pleasing to hear SA state that he had no problem with diluting his share stake. It was quite painful to watch the Board being skewed by KJ who had all the correspondence and timelines at his fingertips. I think we should be able to move on from here. Apologies for the delay in giving my thoughts.
  11. I think the EGM on Friday is going to be extremely interesting. it will be very difficult for the Board NOT to explain what has been going on and why fans are being kept in the dark. Im keeping my powder dry till I hear what they have to say. In the meantime all this boycott stuff is very premature.
  12. I totally agree with all the points being made about the deviousness of the Board after what was agreed at the last AGM. I just don’t think that boycotting the team is the right way to go about it. I shall attend the EGM and listen to what is said and then make up my mind as to the honesty or otherwise of the Board and msg.
  13. Relatively impressed today. Much better than last year. It will take some time to gel but looks good so far. Maybe some of the idiots on here should start supporting the team rather than getting bogged down in politics. ill be at the EGM.
  14. Just hope that Boris is half as good as Trump. American stock market and economy is at an all time high. Whats not to like
  15. Heard that Margaret Lang might not be at the EGM next Friday.
  16. I’m a shareholder and haven’t received any notice regarding the EGM. have they been sent out?
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