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  1. I thought the meeting went well last night. Gary Deans was excellent and addressed most of the problems. Please remember that he had no part in the debacle which has befallen us. we are basically starting again from rock bottom and he is open to any changes which can improve the club including installing some kind of youth system. John Park has offered to assist at no cost. No point in raking over all the past disasters. Was very impressed with McCracken. His presentation about the change in daily routines with the players was excellent. Really open and inspiring. I, for one, will give this new administration a fair chance.
  2. Looking ahead to next week, Raith have 2 of their better players suspended.
  3. Must agree. His use of the word ‘stuff’ becomes terribly wearing. It shows a lack of vocabulary or maybe just a West of Scotland trait.
  4. I’ve been banging on about this to AT at the last few AGM’s with no great support. Hopefully, it might change this year!!
  5. None whatsoever. Drummond Laurie are the Auditors but it is up to the Directors to decide how much information they reveal.
  6. I have raised this point at the last 2 or 3 AGM’s and have been stonewalled every time. you are correct that we used to get a decent amount of analysis but since AT took over dealing with the Accounts, they have reverted to providing only the statutory minimum. worrying!
  7. Yes - seriously worrying and, as usual, virtually no detail within the Accounts. This AGM should be a humdinger!
  8. Absolutely correct as can be seen with his record at Cove. Actually, when we had Longridge,Nelson and Jakubiak it was a pleasure to go to the games. It was Mitch who ruined it for him.
  9. Yes - fair point. The current BOD have squandered incredible amounts of cash on useless projects. Its painful just thinking about it.
  10. Back in 2015 or 2016 he, along with MR wrote off around £200k of loans given to FFC its important to get the facts correct unfortunately, I can’t find my accounts from that year but I’m sure that others will confirm this.
  11. Grossly unfit and over the hill but suuuuuuublime. Far too good for us.
  12. You must be joking! Are you a real fan? what was it that Bill Shankly famously said?
  13. I agree that it’s a good money earner for the Club but for a fan it’s a no-no. Having to be sociable when there are more important things at stake, especially after a disastrous performance is just torture. After the game, I just wanted to disappear but, as I am not a rude person, I stayed on for a short time and had suffer partaking in a daft general knowledge quiz. Just imagine, after yesterday, suffering the torture of a pub quiz. I even felt that the quizmasters heart wasn’t in it. To a true fan who feels the pain, try to avoid hospitality at all costs.
  14. Agree totally. unfortunately, when you are invited, it would be churlish to decline. As an example, I had 2 young guys sitting behind me who spent the whole game chatting loudly about their careers and friends from Uni. For a dedicated fan this is desecration of the airwaves when you’re going through every level of pain and suffering watching the current FFC shitfest. Hopefully, no more invites to hospitality.
  15. That was just so awful. i was invited to hospitality today which was crap. Three sausages on a splurge of mash. Ugh!!! You are then forced to sit amongst people who have no real interest in FFC. Much better to be amongst real fans who care. Our Manager is clueless and continues to put out formations which are useless against decent teams. Today our only creativity came from LL and what happens - he gets subbed. As for Dixon he is well past it. Maybe a central defender but a left back - no way. Ive tried to be supportive of McKinnon but really - he’s got to go. Lat week was bad despite winning 4 nil but today was horrendous. Our BOD are useless as they cannot make up their minds on MC and continue to inflict terrible Managers on us. This is a miserable Saturday evening despite having been out for a great meal which helped make up for the sh....t served up at hospitality. Nothing, however, can make up for what I witnessed this afternoon.
  16. The Gornik game was an evening game and, although we were smashed, what I recall was the brilliance of their passing and interplay which cut us shreds. Truly amazing. i may be wrong but I think one of our few successes was Jim Shirra although time plays tricks. can someone tell me what year this was?
  17. Sure I saw this game. They hammered us They had a guy called Lubanski, I think.
  18. Watched on FTV. Dominated the whole game. should have been 10 but I’m not complaining. Sadly, missed the Gomis one as the screen froze just before it.
  19. Heard he’s training with us and could be signed if we get a couple out on loan
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