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  1. He was a superb player. Just a shame that we got him in his twilight years. Played also for Crystal Palace.
  2. Falkirk HS women’s hockey teams played there in the 50’s and 60’s and you could sit on your bike against the fence and watch the girls do their stuff on Saturday mornings
  3. Everyone to their own, I say. i was at the 57 final. TBH, it’s too late in the day for me to make ‘gestures’. Just glad to be able to go. The atmosphere last night was really good. The attitude of the players permeated through to the fans who were willing them on to score the equaliser. Can’t wait till the next game.
  4. Like lots on here I’m pretty hacked off with the Board but the current BOD are just the current custodians of FFC and, hopefully, whilst Directors and shareholders come and go, FFC, the company will continue. Therefore, to me, I can’t see the point in withholding support as things will change for the better, albeit it might take time. Everyone to their own opinion but really, we need all the support we can get and, realistically a few dissenters makes no difference. Ive had a meeting with Gary Deans and am impressed but, obviously, time will tell.
  5. Wow, I almost forgot. He was just so terrible. Came from Dundee, I think.
  6. I’m sure there must be a story here. Mckinnon signed him and didn’t play him much. The new team didn’t seem to fancy him. Definitely something weird here!!
  7. He’s certainly a trier. Constantly gets himself crocked by ‘never pulling out’ but that’s a plus. I agree that the jury is very much still out but definitely not in the sh..... category.
  8. I think there is a decent player there. He needs a bit of coaching and, with that, I think he could become decent. He has certainly got pace.
  9. If he could avoid silly yellow cards and needless injuries there could be a place for McLean in that lineup. He looked good when he came on at Airdrie
  10. McHugh was hopeless. A real diddy. Pleased to see him go. Muirhead?? what are you on?
  11. No account taken of cup run. anything we get is a plus. Dont know about league position!
  12. It was reported at the AGM that we are currently trading at break-even and that was before the report that we are getting an add-on for Gallagher.
  13. Who are the 2 suspended? Thought Telfer and Gomis we’re back?
  14. You’ve just shot yourself in the foot again. what a moron.
  15. Only because it started in September 2017. First payment was in January 2019.
  16. Politics forum for this pish I didn’t bring it up. Just remember, lots of Tory voters support FFC.
  17. What’s your problem with Tory voters? since the election the stock market has done well, Brexit will get done and Corbyn will be binned. Nothing to be upset about.
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