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  1. Wow - great technical response. Fair enough. Out of interest, with your knowledge do you have any ‘off the wall’ ideas which might prove helpful?
  2. Please read what I said to BoA. I am in the front line so what you are saying is nonsense. You seem to refuse to look at anything other than the perceived wisdom.
  3. Calm down I appreciate your situation but I’m just suggesting that some other strategies are worthy of looking into. People losing their livelihoods is also very devastating and must be considered. Anyway, all the best to you and your family.
  4. You may well be correct but I just think we should at least consider the alternative. Like most things in life, there are swings and roundabouts, and we must weigh up the pros and cons of all the possible strategies. No point in just ‘following the herd’, no matter how qualified they may be. There needs to be an open debate on this.
  5. Okay, here goes. I expect to get bucket loads of shit but there comes a time when, someone needs to speak up. I was struck by a letter in Saturdays Telegraph by a 93 year old retired GP who stated that in the 50s and 60s nobody would have known anything about coronovirus and the uptick in flu and related deaths would have been put down to a ‘bad year’. There would have been no disruption to normal life, no stock market crash, no businesses going burst, no millions of redundancies. Basically life would have gone on with a higher than normal death rate. Maybe I’m missing something, but the number of deaths don’t seem to be all that high. I appreciate that the main reason for the restrictions is to alleviate the pressure on the NHS but surely we could bring in emergency premises. I thought the idea of bringing in to service grounded planes to use their oxygen facilities is worth considering. At the end of the day, I just don’t think it’s worth trashing our way of life to save a few lives. I am 75.
  6. Read a great article today by Professor Karol Sikora where he says that fear, panic and over-reaction will kill even more people than going about this in a proportionate and responsible manner. Cool heads, please.
  7. Your theory is equally nonsense as work and services need to carry on which means that the fit need to go about their business. The basic point is that everyone is responsible for their own family circle. Too many people seem to think that it’s someone else’s (the governments) responsibility. With some common sense this can be managed as the death rate is not much greater than the normal flu. If you are vulnerable stay out of circulation but to ruin the economy and put people out of jobs is daft. Surely, we’re made of sterner stuff. I agree with Andreas
  8. Mainly because they are trying to eliminate the spread of the virus and having footballers, officials etc travelling all over the country gives it a path way to spread. No logic in that. You seem to be saying that you want to halt all travel. Might as well stop living altogether??
  9. About the official reaction from the authorities of shutting lots of things down, ive been fairly sceptical but if it’s the right thing to do, then fair enough. However, as someone who doesn’t just believe anything that’s put to them I happened to be on a busy train today and I would say that I was much closer to people than when I’m in my seat in TFS. Question is - why is public transport still running? Already, people are losing there jobs. I would guess that in a few weeks when the economic havoc is realised that the powers that be will start to take a more pragmatic approach.
  10. I’m sorry about your family and friends but obviously you must take special precautions because of your personal circumstances. However, the experts seem to think that banning football matches won’t do much good. It’s therefore a situation which is worthy of debate bearing in mind we’re all responsible for our own health and well-being.
  11. Please do not use the language of the gutter. The advice is that banning large gatherings does NOT do any good but that the reason for it is to limit the use of ambulance, police, etc. My point is that, in lower league games, the use of police and ambulance is minimal. Now, please give us your view.
  12. Apparently, the scientific advice is that banning large events doesn’t do any good but it stops the use of ambulances, etc. Being required. Cant remember the last time that an ambulance was called to FFC?
  13. If all that happens is that people pack in to pubs, then that will be much worse.
  14. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think Boris is banning games in England. Is it just in Scotland? maybe someone can clear this up?
  15. Still think the best move is to carry on and let folks get it and take the consequences. All the alternatives seem fairly useless.
  16. What a wimp!! Any excuse to close schools and universities. Just when China is starting to return to normality. We need to be proportional about this. Those in the most danger are old codgers like me, not the young and healthy.
  17. Actually, am I not correct in stating that the prematch interviews are conducted by an FFC employee?
  18. I don’t know why the club bothers putting up an interview each week with either of the 2 managers. The interviewer has the most boring voice, the questions are the same , the answers are the same and there is never anyone injured. Utterly pointless!!
  19. Surely, we should just let people catch it and take the consequences. Okay, the death rate is a bit higher than usual flu but all the disruption isn’t worth it. if you get it, you get it!! Life must go on.
  20. Again, we had Alex Scott in his final years along with Alex Duchart both of whom did a good job for us.
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