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  1. Once the HMRC portal is up and running (during April, I think) we’ll receive 80% of the furloughed staff normal wages. We are, of course, entitled to reduce the pay of staff to the 80% which would mean we would reclaim 100% of wage costs. Not sure how that would apply to player contracts? The club could also get some bank finance to tide it over at 0% interest for 6months. Not sure if any of the grants will apply. Rather think not.
  2. What did experts tell us? we needed to slaughter untold numbers of cattle during the swine fever epidemic. Proved to be wrong. Our economy would collapse if we didn’t join the euro. Wrong. I could go on.
  3. 20000 is very significant but that’s what we had from a bad flu year a number of years ago. We didn’t trash the economy then.
  4. It certainly goes through to August but there may be a further upsurge so not really clear to what time span the 250 k and 20 k relate to. I would imagine we’ll have a fair indication on the direction of travel within the next few weeks. Anyway, there’s no need to throw abuse about. Time will tell.
  5. Just read the summary of the Imperial report and they predicted that the initial policy would produce 250000 deaths and if we moved to strict intervention it would be 20000. Do you disagree?
  6. We were told by Ferguson that the best possible scenario with lockdown would be 20000 deaths. Agreed.
  7. Last year the UK had 14000 deaths from flu despite most at risk people being vaccinated. CV has recorded about 500 deaths so far with most of those being elderly (one was 105} or at risk. I rest my case. Anyway, we’ll soon find out whether it was worth it or not.
  8. You obviously believe everything that Neil Ferguson says who was completely wrong with swine flu. He is now throttling back because he knows his ‘end of the world’ theory was wrong. You should read the new Oxford report that states that a large proportion of us probably already have herd immunity. Lets see who made the most stupid post in a couple of weeks?
  9. There are a lot of special reasons as to why Italy is so bad. Anyway, let’s have this conversation in a few weeks time (hopefully we are both around) and we will see how correct each of us is.
  10. Yes- some social distancing is helpful but the doomsday scenario is way off the mark. In Scotland we currently have 51 cases in Intensive Care which doesn’t seem a lot to me for the whole NHS estate. Obviously, the deaths will increase as the total infected increase. In the Uk, annual flu deaths can vary between 3k up to 20k in a bad year and, in comparison cv deaths seem miniscule so far (Hundreds , I think). Also, how many of those would have died with normal flu? One person was 105. Rather than following so called experts I prefer to use instinct, which tells me that this cannot go on as the negatives will soon outweigh any solution to the disease.Recession or depression will cause more deaths than any virus. As often happens, I think Trump may well prove to be correct in the long run. Just my opinion.
  11. At least he appreciates that the cure can be worse than the disease. without a functioning economy deaths will spiral out of control. A new study from Oxford reckons that herd immunity may well have kicked in already. All I’m saying is that we need to keep an open mind on this. Just accepting everything politicians and flawed scientists (Ferguson) say won’t get us very far.
  12. Prof neil Ferguson now pulling back on his doomsday scenario. Now predicting that NHS can cope. He was the guy who screwed up over swine fever. Trump reckons we’ll be back to normal by Easter so - who knows?
  13. Brilliant day. At the time didn’t realise how bad the pitch was.
  14. So you are admitting that you were abusing KK with your vile language just because he may have been a Celtic supporter. He is a director and employee of FFC and, in my opinion, does a great job in bringing revenue in to the club. I like him a lot. You certainly are an obnoxious individual.
  15. What were you on about in your earlier post? Explain yourself.
  16. I’d love to find out what or whom BPM was abusing in his recent post. I just hope it wasn’t KK? Any ideas?
  17. Is this not the time for the Fan Ownership scheme to be resurrected?
  18. He was tremendous with an independent outlook on most topics. He never followed the herd. I wish!!!
  19. Maybe if you took a look at Wings over Scotland website you would get the picture. Fact!!
  20. You tend to get a lot of SNP conspiracy theorists coming out with such rubbish. Funnily enough I noticed that the Newmarket Bar and the pub at the west end of the High Street were both busy last night.
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