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  1. Afraid not but my thoughts and sympathies are with them.
  2. Not getting to me at all. Ive been getting the garden up to scratch. pleased to hear you’re busy. I apologise.
  3. We should be paying the full whack and encouraging the forces of darkness to lift house arrest. You are just so negative. Too much sitting around doing nothing.
  4. Nice one. Well done. Youre obviously feeling a lot better.
  5. The WHO said there was nothing to worry about. You're always wise after the event. Trump was the first to act banning flights from China but, in hindsight, he should have gone further. IMO, you haven’t a clue, never had, and it’s a bit rich coming out with all those ‘wise’ remarks now.
  6. NZ is a very sparsely populated country with very little international movements. No comparison with UK and all the international movements through London.
  7. I have always maintained that there has to be a trade off between lockdown and economic activity. Lockdown in itself produces health issues through poverty, depression, etc., etc..and that has to be weighed against restarting economic and social activities. There is also the question of allowing the state too many powers to suppress individual freedom. Dangerous.
  8. Not trying to give an opinion but if things start up elsewhere, you only have to look at what’s kicking off in Trumpland. No way will Scottish football fans want to be wimps. I can see economic reality starting to be seriously considered along with all the other undiagnosed diseases which are building up. There is a trade off which needs to be considered.
  9. Please, tell me more. i actually buy the Herald every week but I haven’t a clue about this. probably, because I tend to major on the Death Notices.
  10. It’s up to the American people who they elect as President. Thats democracy.
  11. All you lot can do is carp. Absolutely no answer to the great successes he oversaw. Markets up, pensions up, what not to like. Obviously a bunch of leftie losers.
  12. Trump is not most folks cup of tea. Very sleazy like Clinton, but so what! Most great leaders are imperfect. But He got the economy booming The stock market was at all time highs and it will return. He has reduced illegal immigration He greatly increased employment amongst the blacks and Hispanics. He got the US out of many foreign conflicts. He showed solidarity towards Israel which is one of the few progressive Middle East states. He has reduced pc nonsense He recognises the hopelessness of the EU which is a political union without fiscal or monetary union. Impossible to work.
  13. Just had a look at the Forth Valley figures. 78in hospital and under 5 in ICU. And for that our economy is paralysed, people are losing jobs and income and cancer and other health matters are being ignored. Plus the vast majority in hospital are pensioners, like me, most of whom are willing to take their chances. Sorry, not a good trade off.
  14. Looks like the lower end of the spectrum will be about right - 20000. He was giving himself huge amount of wiggle room. Trump was on the ball when he banned flights coming in from China in January. otherwise things could have been a lot worse. You may recall that all the lefties were accusing him of xenophobia and racism at the time. America will soon be back working again as should we. Sweden has kept on pretty much as normal with no worse results. Hope you’re all having a good lockdown. Madness!!
  15. To change the subject, just watched highlights of a game in the 90’s where we lost 5-3 at Motherwell. Great entertainment. what a shot John Clark had plus those thighs! Also, saw a Frank McAvennie goal. Totally forgot we had him for a while. Great stuff.
  16. Eh, wee Burney seems to want to keep us under house arrest much longer.
  17. Looks like this has a long way to go. Pleased that Rangers are going to take this further.
  18. I consider you to be one of the prats on here but, I’m sorry to admit, I agree.
  19. Alex Taylor was a superb player. Very underrated. Cody looked as if he was going to be quite good but faded out very quickly. I think he may have come from Stranraer?
  20. Yes. I don’t know the terms of the lease between FFC and SA(SSDL). Would be interesting to know?
  21. I think we played them twice. Fabulous team and I agree about Lubanski. I recall that one of our few successes was Jim Shirra but I may be wrong.
  22. South Stand Development ltd is Sandy Alexander and, because he is a major shareholder of FFC, we are required to make a note of these rent payments which are £75k per annum. Apparently we were due £22500 at the year end. Just a timing matter, no big deal.
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